10 Effects Of Whole Body Vibration On Human Body

If we pay more attention to our bodies, we can feel that we are shaking every day. Whole body vibration became concern overtime. If we are driving a car or a bicycle, even if we are working out our body is shaking. Maybe some people think that the whole body vibration is not something we need to be thinking about, but actually, it can cause many different problems to our health. The whole body vibration has its own side effects and this was identified almost 100 years ago.

Even though the whole body vibration is acknowledged dangerous for our health, some people still do it on purpose. Many of us today are fighting their weight, some want to gain it and some want to lose it. There are several different technologies, which are marketed at the social media as easy ways of losing some weight. One of them is a best vibration machine for weight loss that became very popular in recent years.

Vibration forces our muscles to relax and contract dozens of time in a second while we are standing, sitting or lying on it. Can this be very safe? The whole body vibration has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, the whole body vibration has side effects that are not always taken into account while exposing out body to long-term vibration in the different forms.

How whole-body vibration works

This is considered one of the easiest workout methods where you would not be required to do anything but stand on a platform with your knees slightly bent. Once you stand on a platform and switch on the machine, it starts to vibrate. Although there are multiple variations in speeds of vibration, the usual machine is set to vibrate at 30 per second.

Whole body vibration machine side effects

This is also known as VPS.

Once the machine starts to vibrate at 30 VBS, your brain sends a panic signal that triggers a stress reflex signal. This in turn causes the muscles to contract that are instrumental in the whole-body fitness through vibration.

1. Lower back pain

It has been shown that when the body undergoes chronically to whole body vibrations spinal degeneration is likely to be one of the deleterious outcomes. Most of the times industrial disability is caused by low back pain, especially under the age of 45. It has been linked to whole body vibration exposure encountered in some industrial settings.

2. Muscular injuries

In an interview with “USA Today,” biomedical engineer Clinton Rubin reported concerns that chronic, high levels of vibration could result in muscular injuries or damage to cartilage, depending on the level and frequency of exposure.

3. Brain damage

Clinton Rubin, a biomedical engineering professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook, is concerned about the long-term exposure to vibration and says there is the risk of brain damage. This concern stems from the chronic exposure to vibration, which is different from the occasional workout.

4. Headache

Most of the people who have ever ridden a roller coaster remember the headache they felt after the ride. This happens because of the same reason as the whole body vibration. It has been researched and learned that whole body vibration tends to cause headaches from all that shakiness. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, people who have repeated exposure to whole body vibration, such as school bus drivers, are more likely to have chronic headaches. Although, headaches are mostly short-term especially at the beginning of the exposure to whole body vibration.

5. Impairment of vision and hearing

The whole body vibration can also have negative neurological impact or vision and hearing changes, Rubin noted. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulate workplace exposure to vibrations for these very reasons.

6. Stomach problems

People who are exposed to whole body vibration may experience stomach problems such as gastrointestinal upset, changes in the rate of digestion and a general queasy feeling. The stomach problems and nausea that occur from whole body vibration are similar to the effects of motion sickness on a train or a boat, states the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety. The severity of the stomach problems can increase with increasing duration of whole body vibration. Excessive use could be harmful to internal organs such as the digestive system, according to another “New York Times” report in 2012.

7. Motion sickness

Motion sickness can be felt while swimming and it is never appealing. Some people have reported experiencing motion sickness while attempting vibration-based exercise, according to a study published in 2005 in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine.”

8. Improved strength and balance

Whole body vibration has its own advantages too. Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic states that whole body vibration can improve muscular strength and balance over time. He explains that these benefits are especially helpful in elderly women, who are at a greater risk of falling and being injured. Elderly women who have regular exposure to completely body vibration, through their work or the use of a vibration machine may even recover from conditions like knee osteoarthritis faster, according to the Mayo Clinic.

9. Increased Bone Mineral Density

 One of the benefits of whole body vibration is the potential to increase bone mineral density. The researches have shown that young adult women who used whole body vibration machines for exercise increased their bone mineral density over time. An increase in bone mineral density can help to prevent osteopaths and osteoporosis.

10. It can really be one of the easiest ways to exercise

Whole body vibration machine fools your body that you are off balance. Your body will make a huge number of involuntary muscle contractions every second, in fact the number of contractions have been calculated, it’s about 3000 every minute while standing on the plate. Your body is fooled that you are off balance and all you have to do is to find it back, this is easy and effortless exercise.

Talking about the benefits of the whole body vibration machine, many brands started selling them and we should know that not all of them are trustworthy. Cheaply and low-quality vibration machines can harm our bodies the most. I will try to guide you to find the best machine that will fit your demands the most.

Some of the people who should avoid are the one with some of these common medical conditions:

  • Avoid using a vibration machine while pregnant
  • Cardio-vascular diseases
  • Knee or hip replacement procedures
  • Acute Thrombosis
  • Migraines
  • Recouping from a surgical procedure
  • Pacemaker fitted to the body.
  • Presence of tumor or cancer
  • Epilepsy

Finding the best vibration machine for weight loss:

Although there are many vibration machines around the world, only a few of them are said to be as effective as they promise to be. These vibration machines for the whole-body come from different manufacturers in different prices that you can see online with different websites. However, any vibration machine, which comes under $200, should be avoided.

These machines, which come under $200, are often made with shortcuts and can break down after a short period. Always choose to go for the best vibration machine in the market that can last a long time and give the benefits that it promises as well.

ancheer for walking and jogging

Doing a little bit of research on the internet can give you great results when it comes to vibration machines. Reading customer reviews, user testimonials and other information about vibration machines can be considered to throw some light into the best ones that are available in the market that you can choose to purchase.

  • Ancheer Whole Body Vibration Plate

 Ancheer Whole Body Vibration Plate is one of the best for weight loss. It’s neat and compact. The device comes with a remote control for ease of use, plus resistance straps for added exercise potential, and is very simple to use with straightforward controls. Although, it’s not the cheapest model it’s one of the highest rated plate by Amazon and other different sites.

  • Rock Solid 3D Full Body Vibration Platform

 This plate is compact and fully featured. The brand can be trusted because it has lot’ of satisfied customers from all over the world. The machine offers all the features you want with a vibration plate and is designed with the home gym user in mind. Where it stands out is that it provides you with 3 different vibration modes in one simple to use device. It is at the upper end of the price range and is totally approved by many different sites, and us, Amazon.

Final Verdict

Always remember that a machine that promises things that are too good to be true is not the one that should be trusted. This is because things that are too good to be true often are that way. So, always be wise with your selection with choosing the best vibration machine for weight loss. This way you can ensure that you are not wasting your money and making a wise investment with the hard-earned money. Remember to also consult with your physician to know if the usage of this machine is appropriate for you. After the entire last thing you want to have is medical complications after using a vibration machine for weight loss.

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