The 10 Best Smartphones Compatible with Spectrum Mobile in 2023

Spectrum Mobile is one of the few choices you could consider if you’re looking for an affordable Verizon service. It usually resells the network from the CDMA carrier, including the 5G Ultra for faster gaming, streaming, and downloading. Anyway, in this article, we’re going to share with you what phones are compatible with Spectrum Mobile in case you’re thinking about joining them.

Well, the reason we’ve decided to do this topic is for a lot of people have had problems bringing their phones to the network. Spectrum Mobile is pretty picky when it comes to device compatibility. But, of course, you can still enjoy your favorite brand if you have the right unlocked cell phone and our simple “bluffing”  trick.

What to Know Before You Switch to Spectrum Mobile

Technically, what we said earlier about Spectrum Mobile as an affordable option for Verizon’s speeds is the truth. As a mobile virtual network operator, it leases the network from the CDMA carrier, just like Straight Talk and Total Wireless. Then, resell to its customers at a slightly lower cost since it doesn’t have the extra perks Verizon offers to its direct subscribers.

Even so, you can only be able to join Spectrum Mobile if you have Spectrum cabled internet. Once you join, you can now continue using the cell phone service even after you cancel your residential internet package. However, your monthly bill will attract a $20 surcharge fee, plus also you might be unable to add additional lines.

If you can remember our previous talk on Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon Wireless, the Comcast brand has a similar setup. That’s you must have the residential Comcast internet to join, then there’s an additional surcharge fee when you remain with only the phone service.

In fact, Spectrum Mobile has monthly plans “By the Gig” and unlimited, just like Xfinity Mobile. You also have the freedom to switch between the rate plans anytime, which can come in handy when you know your data usage will be higher than usual. Then, you have access to unlimited WiFi hotspot points across the country at no cost. Thus, allowing you to save on your monthly data allotment while at home, as well as when on the move.

Types of Phones Compatible with Spectrum Mobile

Once sure Spectrum Mobile fits to be your next cellular provider, you can now go ahead and prepare for the switch. One of the crucial steps in the preparation process is on the cell phone you’ll be using.

Luckily, Spectrum Mobile does support Bring Your Own device (BYOD) nowadays. So, you can choose to join with either a new device from Spectrum or the current one you have. If it’s the latter, your device has to be compatible with the carrier and also unlocked.

That said, though, Spectrum Mobile is a Verizon MVNO. So, an active SIM card should be able to work even before you unlock your Verizon phone.

In any case, there are about four different types of cell phones that are compatible with Spectrum Mobile. They include:

  • Factory unlocked cell phones: these are the devices that usually come from the manufacturer when already unlocked. So, they have the original firmware and none of the network restrictions or excessive bloatware.
  • Verizon branded cell phones: Usually, MVNOs can work with branded devices from their main carrier. So, in this case, you can use a Verizon-locked phone with a Spectrum Mobile SIM card.
  • Carrier-unlocked CDMA phones: these are the branded phones from other carriers that use CDMA technology. That includes TracFone, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, Xfinity Mobile, et cetera. However, the devices from these providers must be fully unlocked and with the right (Verizon) frequency bands.
  • Spectrum Mobile branded phones: well, this one is straight forward and there’s no need to explain.

Comparing the Features of the Various Phones Compatible with Spectrum Mobile

Even though either of the four types of phone can work, Spectrum Mobile is still picky when deciding on which devices to approve on the BYOD program. In fact, the Spectrum device ID (IMEI) checker is only limited to four manufacturers- Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG. Hence, the reason the brands are the only in our recommendation list for now.

Anyway, here’s a quick peek at the main features and capabilities of some of these devices.

Cell Phone BrandCellular TechnologyVideo RecordingKey Features
Apple iPhone 135G4K@60fps6.1” capacitive display, A15 Bionic chip, & 128GB built-in memory
Apple iPhone SE 4G LTE4K@60fps4.7” capacitive display, A13 Bionic chip, & 64GB built-in memory
Samsung Galaxy A12 4G LTE1080p@30fps6.5” capacitive display, fingerprint reader, 128GB internal memory
Apple iPhone XR 4G LTE4K@60fps6.1” capacitive display, A12 Bionic chip, 64GB built-in storage
Samsung Galaxy S9 4G LTE4K@60fps5.8” capacitive display, Snapdragon 845, 64GB built-in memory
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 4G LTE4K@60fps6.2” capacitive display, Snapdragon, & 64GB MicroSD card
Samsung Galaxy S10 4G LTE4K@60fps6.1” HDR10+ display, Snapdragon 855 chipset, & 128GB built-in Memory
Samsung Galaxy S21 w/ 5G8K@24fps6.2” HDR10+ display, Snapdragon 888 5G chipset, & 256GB built-in Memory
Google Pixel 5 w5G4K@60fps6.0” HDR10+ display, Snapdragon 765G, & 128GB built-in Memory
LG V30 4G LTE 4G LTE4K@30fps6.0” HDR10 display, Snapdragon 835, up to 400GB MicroSD card

what phones are compatible with Spectrum Mobile

Well, the iPhone 13 here is a Spectrum Mobile branded model. So, you’ll just need to insert your SIM and proceed with the activation. It’s a new release in the market, which means you can get up to 5G Ultra and 5G Nationwide signals if you’re within the supported areas.

Furthermore, the smartphone supports both the CDMA and GSM frequency bands, including the old 2G, 3G, and 4G. So, you might not need to purchase a new device in case you decided to switch from Spectrum in the future.

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 has the latest and fastest A15 Bionic chip, bringing you seamless and powerful capabilities in your palm. Then, the main dual-camera system delivers vibrant yet natural Ultra-HD videos and also super-slow-motion in full HD @240fps.

Even though it lacks a 5G modem, the iPhone SE is still a decent smartphone and a piece to cherish. It uses the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11, which means the performance is pretty much similar yet it’s a hundred bucks cheaper.

Furthermore, the display of the device has the True Tone balance, which ensures the images appear natural and easier to the eyes. It also has a powerful rear camera that can capture in 4K@ 24/30/ 60fps. So, the videos won’t be just super-clear, but also super-smooth and with every moment of the motion. Even better, you can record super-slow-motion in 1080p at 240fps.

Similarly, the smartphone supports up to 4G LTE. So, it’s not the best option if you wanted to enjoy the superfast 5G experience. However, LTE speeds are still pretty enough for fast downloading, seamless streaming, and smoother gameplay.

Furthermore, the Galaxy A12 is a mid-range smartphone, which means it’s perfect if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Despite its affordability, though, you can still enjoy a cinematic experience on the road using its 6.5-inch HD display.

The rear quad-camera system of the phone is also not bad off as it can record in full HD at a frame rate of 30fps. Then, there are a few of the latest technologies including VoLTE support, fingerprint reader for quicker access, and NFC for contactless payment.

Just as the name, the Samsung Galaxy S21 here comes from the manufacturer when already unlocked. So, it should be a breeze to activate your new Spectrum Mobile line or swap your SIM card if you’re an existing customer.

The smartphone is already 5G-capable, whereby you can use it on LTE or the Ultra and Nationwide with no issues. It also has a superior Snapdragon 888 processor, with so much great power to help unleash your creativity.

Best of all, Samsung kind of innovated the Galaxy S21 for you to live and relive your moments year-round. The main 108MP quad-camera system has the power to record up to 8K@24fps or super-slow-motion in 720p@960fps. Then, the front/ selfie camera can handle dual video calls, as well as record videos in 4K@60fps.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 here’s a perfect example of a Verizon branded phone, which you can use to activate your Spectrum service. Indeed, it’s a little old on the market, but still has a decent vibe of a high-end smartphone.

The Samsung device runs on the snapdragon 845 that Qualcomm designed for premium smartphones. So, you can play high-graphic games and multitask without lagging issues. Also, the high processor is very crucial in the camera capabilities, which, by the way, can record in 4K@60fps and slow-motion in 720p@960fps.

More to love, the Samsung Galaxy S9 does support NFC function, fingerprint, iris scanner, and Qi wireless charging. It’s also IP68 weatherproof, which is to say you can even scuba-dive with it up to 1.5 meters with no issues.

The Google Pixel 5 is also a newly-released 2021 smartphone, which could be perfect if the idea is to upgrade to ultrafast 5G service. It comes with the latest Android 11 operating system and has the Snapdragon 765G processor. So, you should experience about the same level of performance as the previous Pixel 4a 5G.

However, Google has added the upgrade model with a slightly better display, which now refreshes at up to 90Hz. Also, the ultra-wide camera has a slightly larger field of view to capture even more of the scene at once. Then, the operating memory (RAM) is now 8GB and the whole device is IP67 dust/ water-resistant.

Last but not least, we have another Verizon branded Android phone, which you can also use to activate your Spectrum service. Of course, the device is also a relatively old model, but the company had crafted it for premium users.

If it’s the performance, the LG V30 relies on the Snapdragon 835, which is powerful enough to handle millions of operations per second. It also has a large display and Dolby Vision support that lets you stream movies on the go in even crispier quality.

Moreover, the LG smartphone has various latest technologies for an even smoother experience. That includes a sturdy IP68 rated design, video recording up to 4K@ 30fps, face id unlock, voice recognition, and NFC for contactless payments.

Key Takeaway: Incompatible Device With Spectrum Mobile

As we mentioned in the beginning, Spectrum Mobile is pretty picky when it comes to device compatibility. In some cases, you can have a phone that works on Verizon but it fails to pass the online device ID (IMEI) checker from Spectrum.

If that happens, there’s a simple trick you can go about the issue and be able to use your desired device. In the hack, the idea’s to find a temporary device compatible with Spectrum and use it to activate the service.

Once you activate, you can then remove the SIM card from that device and insert it in the phone you want to use. In case the phone accepts the SIM card and can call but can’t connect to data, the issue is just with internet configuration. So, you’ll only have to set up the APN settings in your phone manually.

Final Thoughts:

Spectrum Mobile is a great cell phone service if you’re within the coverage map. Of course, it can become expensive if you’re on a By the Gig phone plan and forget to monitor your data usage. But the overall pricing is relatively lower compared to its carrier network, Verizon.

In the article, we’ve covered the various types of phones compatible with Spectrum Mobile if you would like to switch to their service. Of course, the ten are not the only, but the few we’re sure will work.

Even so, a handful of people has been unable to activate their Spectrum service on the latest Google Pixel 5 5G device. They say the online device ID checker doesn’t recognize the IMEI, but as we’ve mentioned above, that shouldn’t concern you.

If you already like the device, you can bluff the carrier by activating it with a temporary compatible device. Then, after you’ve activated the service, you remove the SIM card and insert it on your Pixel device.