Where can I buy Metro PCS Phones?

Metro PCS is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that is under T-Mobile that provides internet services to millions of Americans. Metro offers a large variety of plans for different pocket-friendly prices. The data plans offered by MetroPCS include data saving features that make sure you do not suffer any overages or any hidden fees. It also offers more budget-friendly phones. You are probably wondering, ‘ Where can I buy Metro PCS Phones?

You need to note that MetroPCS offers data plans that include additional features such as Google One Storage and Amazon Prime if you choose the unlimited plans. You do not want to miss out on this! Metro specializes in budget devices, meaning that you will be able to find a couple of flagship phones and other decent smartphones at a cost less than $200.

This article will provide you with the information that you need about buying and owning a Metropcs phone. You will also get to find out if MetroPCS offers mobile phones for free.

Why should you choose MetroPCS?

Most prepaid cell phone carriers that are in the market do not offer such a wide and great selection when it comes to the best phones. Do you want the latest Samsung or Apple phone? Be sure to most probably find it at Metro.

Also, when it comes to the pricing, out of all other carriers, MetroPCS is the better choice if you are looking for bargain prices on phones. This can be attributed to the fact that out of the 34 mobile phones on offer by MetroPCS, 25 have tags that are less than $200.

However, if you are not very minimalist, you do not have to worry since MetroPCS also has flagship mobile smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S series, S8, that are also available for purchase. The iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE are available too!

What phones does MetroPCS offer?

MetroPCS, just like any other provider, offers equally the same phones with some of them being the best smartphones that you can find in the market. From the latest flagship phones such as the upcoming Galaxy S21 and the latest iPhone models to the best budget phones.

Where can I buy Metro PCS Phones

Metro offers some of the best no-contract, prepaid phones.

Here is some of the best MetroPCS mobile phone that is available:

  • iPhone SE 2020- Metro is offering the 64GB iPhone SE for just $49 for new customers who are switching from other carriers. Grab this offer before it is too late
  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G- a good budget phone that offers some premium features
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max- this is by far one of the best devices that Metro offers
  • iPhone 11
  • Samsung Galaxy 20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  • Moto C stylus
  • T-Mobile REVVL 4
  • Moto g play
  • iPhone 12 Mini

And so many others that are available that you check out from their website.

Where can I buy Metro PCS Phones?

MetroPCS phones are easily available in Metro stores that are available across the country. You may also check out other stores and online shopping platforms below:

1) Walmart

Walmart is a multinational American retail company. It offers a wide selection of MetroPCS mobile phones that are available at very competitive and discounted prices. Walmart stores are available across the country; you are most likely to come across a store just by walking down the street.

Walmart also gives you an option to shop online and there is a new free shipping offer that is available with no minimum order restriction. Look out for this offer.

2) Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping platform that focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing and so much more. There is also a wide selection of Metro phones that are available for purchase here. Amazon offers safe and fast shipping of products and also has a return policy in case of anything. The phones offered here also have discounts that you can take advantage of.

3) Best Buy

Best Buy is a consumer electronics company that offers some of the best electronics, appliances, cellphones, computers and so much more. Items at Best Buy are available for in-store pick-up and enjoy free 2-day shipping on your selected item. The best part about purchasing your MetroPCS phones from Best Buy is that it comes when it is fully unlocked.

4) In-store

Shop some of the latest promotions and deals on cell phones from any MetroPCS stores. Enjoy huge discounts and even get free phones if you are switching to MetroPCS mobile network. All the phones that are no-contract prepaid mobile phones. Find a metro store near you today and grab these amazing offers while stocks last.

5) Target

Target is a retail store that offers both in-store and online shopping options. You also get to save big on all the top deals that are available on offer as well as enjoy free shipping on orders. Some of the MetroPCS mobile phones that are available in Target are pre-owned and others are new. The phones are also unlocked and compatible with the network.

Does MetroPCS offer free phones?

Some of the phones are even free, especially if you are switching to MetroPCS from another carrier. This is, however, only an in-store offer. Free cell phone no money offer available for you here.

Can I get a free phone upgrade?

Getting a phone upgrade for existing MetroPCS is not free. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of the on-going promotion sales and grab a discount for the cell phone you are upgrading to.

The best part about this is MetroPCS new-customer-only deals are also available for existing customers which is an excellent opportunity to secure the MetroPCS upgrade phone deals.

Bottom line

A crucial consideration of the network technology needs to be taken when upgrading your cell phone. For instance, you might find it quite hard to get a MetroPCS phone upgrade if the device that you intend to upgrade to runs on a different platform let’s say, the CDMA network instead of the GSM technology.

You also need to be very keen to ensure you purchase an unlocked device from a certified dealer.