What Phones are Compatible with TAG Mobile in 2023?

The government provides a free cell phone to make communications services more affordable. This free cell phone program is Lifeline Program. Lifeline program gives a chance for those people in need to get a free cell phone or free service plan. It all depends on the providers that participate in this program. The lifeline program covers every state, territory, commonwealth, and Tribal lands.

It ensures Americans have the benefits that phone service gives. Many providers provide Lifeline Program. One of them is TAG Mobile. If you are going to choose TAG Mobile as your provider, you have to know first what phones are compatible with TAG Mobile. Then, you can enjoy your Lifeline Program with TAG Mobile without any regret.

What is the Qualification to get Lifeline Program?

You can get a free phone or free service plan if you’re qualified for the Lifeline program. There are several qualifications to get the lifeline program. First is your income. Lifeline Program is for someone that has a low income. It should be at 135% or less than the guidelines from the federal poverty level. The second is participation in Federal Assistance Program. You can apply to get Lifeline Programs if you are participating in one of the programs below:

  1.  Medicaid
  2. Veterans Pension and Survivor Benefits
  3. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  4. Federal Housing Public Assistance (FHPA)
  5. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  6. Tribal Programs (lived on federally-recognized tribal land)

How to Get Lifeline Program?


To join the Lifeline program, you must apply by completing an application of the program. It can be done through the website of the providers or in-person with an authorized agent or dealer. You can find and fill the online application here. The other option is to send the application to Lifeline Support Center. P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742. But don’t forget to attach the eligibility proof along with your mail. You can also contact the phone or internet company to ask about the program.

Wait for the Approval

Before you can experience the benefits from Lifeline, you have to wait for the approval. The process depends on how you apply to the program. You may receive immediate approval if you are applying online. It may take a little bit longer if the Lifeline Center can’t prove your eligibility. They may contact you and ask for additional information from you.


Once you get the approval, it means that you are qualified to get this program. Now, you can choose the phone or internet company to enroll in this program. Choose the services that they are providing. To enroll in this program, you can visit a phone or internet store, online or via phone.

Read our complete guide on how to get a free smartphone from the government here.

Rules of Lifeline Programs

There are several rules if you are qualified in the lifeline program. You are allowed to get a lifeline program for phone service or internet service, but only one of them, not both. You can take a look at the following rules below:

  1. The benefits of phone service are for one mobile phone or one home phone only.
  2. The benefits of internet service are for one mobile phone or one home connection only.
  3. The benefits of bundle phone and internet services are only for one. Either one mobile phone service or one home service.
  4. Only one provider is allowed in one household.
  5. The benefits that you get are only one per household, not per person.
What Phones are Compatible with TAG Mobile

There are more than fifty providers that participate in the lifeline program. Their availability is state-by-state and different offers in numbers of minutes and texts. Do some research and compare each provider to make sure that you are getting the best plan for yourself. One of the best providers that provide a lifeline program with a wide range of coverage is TAG Mobile.

TAG Mobile

TAG Mobile is one of the communication providers that provide the Lifeline Program. It offers free or discounted cell phone service to eligible low-income families. Every month, customers will get benefits of free minutes and free texts. Customers will also get 1000 minutes of free voice calls, unlimited free texts, and 3 GB LTE data every month. It is for all eligible customers across 19 states in America. You can apply for this program in the following states:
1. Arkansas
2. Arizona
3. California
4. Colorado
5. Iowa
6. Kentucky
7. Louisiana
8. Maine
9. Maryland
10. Minnesota
11. Michigan
12. Missouri
13. Nevada
14. Oklahoma
15. Pennsylvania
16. South Carolina
17. Texas
18. Wisconsin
19. West Virginia

For customers in California, they will get a free cell phone along with unlimited talk time. They will also get extra 1 GB data LTE for global messaging. As the cell phone is only provided in California, the other states only get the free services plans.

Different people have different needs. The difference in needs leads to the different types of phones that they use. Are these types of phones eligible for the lifeline program by TAG mobile? Is there any special specification of the cell phone to use TAG mobile? What cell phones are compatible with TAG mobile? Let’s find out!

What cell phones are compatible with TAG mobile?

GSM Phone

First, we must know what network works with TAG mobile. There are 2 kinds of network technologies that support cellular device, which is GSM and CDMA. GSM and CDMA are different and aren’t compatible with each other. GSM is more users around the globe, with availability in more than 200 countries. The main difference is a GSM phone usually needs a sim-card to connect to the network, while only several CDMA cell phones have the sim-card built into them.

It all depends on the age and brand of the phone. It is important to know that a CDMA phone won’t work on a GSM network. The frequency is different, but now there are many GSM phone works on CDMA phone. Since TAG mobile runs on the GSM network, GSM cell phone is more compatible to use with TAG mobile.

Unlocked Phone

If you already have a GSM phone, check if your phone is unlocked. When the phone is locked, you won’t be able to use it with a different provider. It works only with the provider it comes with. To find out whether your phone is locked or not, you need to insert a SIM card from TAG mobile or any other than your current one. Then, see if the name of the network appears on your handset. You will find out whether you can use your phone or not. If your phone is locked, it won’t become unlocked automatically, even when the contracts between you and the provider end. You need to ask your previous provider to unlock it. You will also have to pay all your monthly bills so that your phone can be unlocked. Also, you have to fully pay off any outstanding phone finance or phone installments.

3 Phones That Are Compatible With Tag Mobile

If you are not living in California, you can’t have a free cell phone. And you can only get the free service plan. To get the free service plan, you have to bring your own phone, or as it is usually called: BYOP. As we know, TAG mobile is a GSM carrier, so you must have a GSM cell phone to get approval. The same goes for those who want to change providers from the CDMA network to GSM. You have to have a GSM cell phone if you want to use TAG mobile services. You don’t need to worry about what phones are compatible with TAG mobile. We have the list right here!

1. Moto G Fast

It is one of the best options for you if you want to have a GSM cell phone affordably. Actually, it is better than you expected, because both GSM and CDMA networks work without a hitch. So it is compatible with all carriers. It is also very affordable despite what they offer. There are three cameras on the back, including a 16MP primary camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, and 2MP macro camera. The camera shots are very detailed and vibrant in color. Battery life is a plus, with the 4,000 mAh battery. With this, you can have up to two days of battery life. The cons of this cell phone are the low amount of storage and RAM. But if only for daily use and with the outstanding build quality, it is one of the cell phones you have to consider.

2. Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11 is one of the best Samsung cell phones and yet affordable for most people. If you have a low budget but eager to have a nice build phone, it is one of the options. It has an impressive display and has a large screen at 6.4-inches. There are a total of three cameras, consisting of a 13MP primary, 5MP ultra-wide, and 2MP depth sensors on the back. The quality is pretty enough for social media users and daily use. It also offers the storage you can expand. The battery is 4,000 mAh and can be charged through the USB-C port. And of course, it is a GSM cell phone that compatible with TAG mobile.

3. Xiaomi Red mi note 9S

Still wondering about what cell phones are compatible with TAG mobile? Here is one of the choices you can’t resist. It is built specifically for the GSM network so it is suitable when you are using TAG mobile. With the affordable price, you can get the 6.67-inch display, with a crisp 2400×1080 resolution. You also get 20:9 aspect ratio. Enjoy the slim bezels and a tiny hole-punch cutout for the front camera. There are also four cameras around the back, including a 48 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, and 2 MP depth cameras. It serves with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor, 4 or 6GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB of storage, and a massive 5,020 mAh battery. It’s hard to believe that you will get a lot by paying less.


TAG mobile is one of the telecommunication providers that offer a lifeline program. With the wide range of coverage which covers 19 states, TAG mobile is now nationwide used. It offers free cell phones or free service plan for a low-income consumer. But the free cell phone services only available in California. It means people in other states cannot get a free cell phone. They have to provide their own phone to get the free service plan. To use the plan, make sure your phone is compatible. TAG mobile only works with GSM cell phones and unlocked cell phones. So, if you have to buy a new one, you can consider buying the phones we mentioned above. These cell phones use GSM networks, very affordable, and answer your question about what phones are compatible with TAG mobile.