The 10 Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible with Assurance Wireless

A while back, we mentioned that you can put your assurance wireless SIM card in another phone compatible with its network. So, are Virgin Mobile phones compatible with Assurance Wireless? And if they’re, can I use my lifeline SIM card with the LG Tribute HD?

Well, first of all, we’ve decided to cover this topic as retailers like Amazon currently have devices locked to the Virgin Mobile network at over 50% off. So, you might come across a great deal, but then, you’ll need a compatible network since the Virgin Mobile service is no more.

Can I Use Virgin Mobile Phones with Assurance Wireless?

Before all else, Assurance Wireless used to be under the Virgin Mobile USA, which you should know was a Sprint brand. However, Sprint decided to retire the Virgin Mobile brand as the merger with T-Mobile was about to complete. All existing customers of Virgin Mobile were moved to Boost Mobile, a prepaid phone provider under the T-Mobile network.

When it comes to compatibility, T-Mobile and almost all of its mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have a very friendly policy. They are mostly GSM, in which case you can insert and operate their SIM card with most unlocked cell phones.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is also the carrier network that hosts Assurance Wireless nowadays. Nonetheless, the free government cell phone service is very strict on the device compatibility, something they had while still under the Virgin Mobile brand. In fact, they don’t have the “bring your own phone” (BYOP) option. So, you’ll have to stick with the phones they provide, which, to be honest, are usually a bit outdated.

Regardless, some Virgin Mobile phones are compatible with the Assurance Wireless service. These are the payLo phones that the brand introduced some years back for the users who needed affordable unlimited voice plans.

The 10 Virgin Mobile Phones compatible with Assurance Wireless

Some of these Virgin Mobile PayLo phones that could work with Assurance Wireless include:

Important Notes:

All the Virgin Mobile PayLo phones compatible with Assurance Wireless are entry-level models and pretty old ones. The whitelist includes no iPhone or any decent smartphone that we could say a digital native or zoomer will be proud to use.

However, the Virgin Mobile devices do fit the bill if you’re looking for a simple, basic, and functional device for a senior. Or otherwise, if you’re okay to own an old-school tech without the extra bells and whistles.

Comparing the Features of the Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible with Assurance Wireless

Here’s a summary of the ten Virgin Mobile phones that you can use with Assurance Wireless lifeline program.

Cell Phone BrandType of input InterfaceInternet/ EmailKey Features
Samsung Montage BlackDual keyboardYES2.4” color display2.0MP rear cameraBluetooth connectivity
Samsung Entro Flip PhoneNormal KeyboardYES1.8” TFT display128MB memoryM4, T4 Compatible
Kyocera Jax Slim PhoneNormal KeywordYES1.8” color displayDownload itemsSocial networking sites
Kyocera 2300 PayLo PhoneQwertyYES2.2” color displaySocial networking accessM4, T4 compatible
Kyocera Oystr Flip PhoneNormal KeywordYES65,000 color displayDownloadable contentBluetooth connectivity
Kyocera Contact Black PhoneDual keyboardYES2.4” TFT display2.0MP rear cameraBluetooth connectivity
Kyocera Kona Black Flip PhoneNormal KeyboardYES2.4”& 1.44” display2.0MP rear cameraBluetooth connectivity
Kyocera Marbl K127Normal Keyboard 
LG Aspire T40C Touchscreen PhoneTouchscreenYES3.2 capacitive display2MP rear camera32GB MicroSD slot
LG LG200 PhoneQwerty keyboardYES2.2” color displayMP3 music ringersUSB/ Bluetooth support

Samsung Montage Black Bluetooth Wireless Phone

Key Features:

  • 2.4” colored display
  • 128MB operating memory
  • Up to 32GB MicroSD card
  • Dual layout keyboard
  • Email, MMS, and web access
  • Up to 600 phone book capacity
  • Music player and Real-music ringers

The phone is one of the best basic models that you can use with your free Assurance Wireless without any issues. It has a colored display and mid-size menus that are easy to identify for even those with poor eyesight. The same applies to the main (normal) keyboard, whereby it has large buttons and bold numbers. But there’s also a slide-out keyboard with a qwerty layout if you wanted to type faster.

Furthermore, the phone has Bluetooth connectivity for sharing files to and from other phones. Then, it has internet capabilities, whereby you can browse the web, email, and download content like music or games.

Speaking of downloading, this phone has 256MB built-in memory, but you can expand with up to 32GB MicroSD card. It also has M3/ T4 HAC rating, which means you can use it with hearing aid devices without signal interference.

Samsung Entro Black 128MB Virgin Mobile Flip Phone

Key Features:

  • 1.8” colored display
  • 64MB processing memory
  • 600 phonebook capacity
  • MMS and Web access
  • 2G/ 3G cellular technology
  • M4, T4 hearing aid compatible

The Samsung Entro is more like a light version of the Montage model above. Some of the features like the phonebook capacity and the processor (Qualcomm QSC6155) are alike, but others are unique to the make.

For instance, the Entro has a slightly lesser internal display (1.8 inches), but it’s a TFT and colored. Since it’s a flip phone, there’s also an external display that can show the time, battery status, and who’s calling without having to open it up.

Furthermore, the phone is compatible with up to 3G networks and has web access in case you needed to look something up. You could also download stuff like graphics or real-music ringers and send picture texts to another device.

Even so, the Samsung Entro has a limited storage space and there’s no slot to insert a MicroSD card. Thus, you might find yourself getting frequent alerts to “free up space”.

Kyocera Jax Bi-Lingual Cellular Virgin Mobile Phone

Key Features:

  • 1.8 inch LCD display
  • 250 phonebook capacity
  • 2G/ 3G cellular technology
  • M3/ T4 hearing aid compatible
  • MMS, EMS and Web browser
  • English and Spanish support
  • Social networking sites

The Virgin Mobile phone is yet another you can continue to use with your Assurance Wireless with no issues. As you can tell from the summary, it mostly has basic features but there are also some extras to kill some time.

If it’s the social networking sites function, you can get to Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. The device is already internet-capable, which means all these, and even web browsing won’t be an issue.  It also has a full messaging suite that includes SMS text, instant messaging, personal email, and MMS pictures.

Moreover, the phone has a bi-lingual interface with English and Spanish languages. Then, it’s HAC compliant and TTY/ TDD enabled for the users with hearing impairment.

Kyocera 2300 Black Colored PayLo Virgin Mobile Phone

Key Features:

  • 2.2” TFT display
  • Social networking sites
  • 500 phonebook capacity
  • 2G/ 3G cellular technology
  • Email, MMS, & Web browser
  • M4/ T4 hearing aid compatible
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Although it’s not the most famous, the Kyocera 2300 can deliver everything you’d expect from a basic phone. You can receive or make calls, which, by the way, includes voice dialing with speaker-independent recognition. It also has a full messaging suite that includes instant messaging, MMS pictures, and emailing.

The phone supports up to 3G cellular network and has internet access if you need to browse the web or even share data with another device. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity if you needed to share files to or from a computer.

Furthermore, the mobile phone is HAC compliant and TTY/ TDD enabled to support the hearing impaired. You can also set it to display its menu and texts in English or Spanish, plus you can customize the ringtones with real-music ringers.

Kyocera Oystr Black + White Virgin Mobile Flip Phone

kyocera oystr virgin mobile

Key Features:

  • Rugged, flip design
  • Hearing Aid Compliant
  • WAP/ Web browser
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 65,000-color display
  • 2G/ 3G wireless technology

The Kyocera Oystr is a simple, yet stylish basic phone that is largely for communication. It has a compact, flip design that’s easy to hold and carry around in the pocket or purse. Then, the exterior comprises tough plastic to compact accidental drops and ensure durability.

As for the performance, the phone doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles, but, you can make clear calls and also message with ease. It has the normal keyboard layout with large and bold numbers, as well as dedicated keys for volume control and on-screen menus.

Moreover, the Kyocera handset has integrated voice commands that you could use to control various functions. Then, it has the option for customization with the wallpapers, screensavers, and ringtones of your desire.

Key Takeaway:

As shown in the brief reviews, all the Virgin Mobile PayLo phones support up to 2G/ 3G cellular network. However, T-mobile is planning to end the 3G UMTS and 2G service by next year December. In simple words, this means all the devices that are limited to the two bands will no longer have service after the shutdown.

Since we are already on the Assurance Wireless topic, it’s worth noting that the service’s compatible with select T-Mobile devices. But again, that will be a topic of its own for another day as currently we only know about the Wiko T-Mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

In general, Assurance Wireless is one of the most talked-about providers of the lifeline assistance program. Of course, there are those who may have a different opinion, but it provides qualified users with up to unlimited voice minutes and texts (varies with states) for free.

As for the devices, Assurance Wireless will give you a free basic or touchscreen phone when you qualify for the program. If that device gets damaged or lost, you can order a replacement from them by calling the customer care number 888-321-5880.

Alternatively, you can use your Assurance Wireless service with one of the Virgin Mobile phones we have highlighted above. However, all the phones are the entry-level models the Sprint’s brand released for its PayLo sub-brand. So, they might not be for you if functions like streaming, video calling, or contactless payments are crucial.