Easy Steps How to Unlock Xfinity Mobile Phone Successfully

After Spectrum, Xfinity is the other company that lets you save on mobile service if you have broadband cable internet. It also offers some pretty decent phone deals, with up to $500 off on high-end phones. And once you know how to unlock Xfinity mobile phone, you could take one of these deals but later enjoy them elsewhere!

Even so, the unlock process isn’t as friendly as it may sound. There are various requirements you need to meet and six different steps to follow to the letter.

Get a Free Cell Phone Deal with Xfinity Mobile

In a nutshell, it’s pretty common to find amazing phone deals from Major Carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. But it’s quite the opposite for mobile virtual network operators (or MVNOs), as many are small companies reselling Major Carriers’ networks.

The list of MVNOs you can get a free device usually has only four names while excluding those of the free government cell phone companies. But today, Xfinity Mobile has made it to five as they currently have the Google Pixel 6a for $0.00/ month, saving you up to $450. There’s a catch.

The Xfinity Mobile deal is more or less like the free phone when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile. You must add a line to your account and port a cell phone number from an eligible carrier.

Note: Apart from the free switcher promo, Xfinity Mobile phone deals include up to a dozen latest smartphones with partial discounts. You can save up to $500 on high-end brands such as:

Latest Update: Xfinity Mobile Now Supports eSIM!

Early this year, eSIM was just an optional perk you could easily forgo with your carrier. But for those who love tech, iPhone 14 (US version) doesn’t have a physical SIM card slot.

The latest Apple device relies on an “embedded SIM” (eSIM for short) to connect with the preferred network. And this has had many MVNOs rush to launch support of the feature, or else they lose some of their loyal users.

Xfinity Mobile is one of the said MVNOs, whereby they launched the feature in early September. So, it’s now possible to activate a new service instantly or use multiple lines on single-SIM phones.

Sadly, the list of phones eligible for eSIM activation with Xfinity Mobile is pretty slim. It only includes Apple options currently, including iPhone XS/ XS Max, iPhone XR, or later models.

But, to be honest, this shouldn’t be surprising at all. It’s the same for the smartphones compatible with Spectrum Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and other MVNOs that added eSIM support recently.

eSIM or Not, the Xfinity Mobile Phone is Far More Useful When Unlocked

Like most carriers, Xfinity Mobile sells phones locked to its network. It’s more of a precaution to make sure you, the user, don’t take the phone to another operator right after redeeming the discount.

As you might know, a carrier-locked phone is usually slightly cheaper than a factory unlocked phone. And considering it’s possible to switch phone carriers and keep your phone nowadays, you could take advantage of the deals. It’s how many people upgrade to the latest phones, anyways.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to unlock your carrier-locked phone before using it with a different provider. It’s not always the case since phones locked on Major Carriers are compatible with their MVNOs. But the compatibility rule doesn’t apply the other way around.

How to Unlock Xfinity Mobile Phone
How to Unlock Xfinity Mobile Phone

For instance, you can’t activate a locked Xfinity Mobile phone with Verizon. You have to unlock the device first before you could use it with a SIM from another cellular provider. And when we say SIM, we mean the physical cards, plus the eSIM.

Remember, eSIM is like a digital SIM built-in into the phone. If you’ve applied for the free Google Pixel with the hopes to use it on another carrier with eSIM, you’re out of luck. You still have to remove the Xfinity Mobile lock first.

It’s worth noting many brands of phones in the market still don’t support eSIM. In particular, for Android devices, it’s only Google Pixel you’ll find nearly all models with eSIM support. Samsung and the rest only have the feature on high-end phones.

So, your Xfinity Mobile Pixel phone has a couple of bucks on eBay. Then again, you’ll make more bucks off your eSIM-supported device when Carrier-Unlocked.

Step By Step Guide On How to Unlock Xfinity Mobile Phone for Other Cellular Networks

The process to unlock the Xfinity Mobile phone is pretty straightforward. It’s also free if you follow the proper channels- become eligible for the unlocking policy. But in the end, this is the Federal Communications Commission law as long you’re an existing or former customer of the Comcast brand.

Meanwhile, the first eligibility rule to unlock a network-locked phone for free is usually to pass the conventional lock period. Xfinity Mobile has a lock period of sixty (60) days, the same as its carrier network, Verizon.

However, with Verizon Wireless, you can unlock your phone if you still owe money on it, something unavailable with Xfinity. The current Xfinity Mobile rule requires that your phone must be fully paid off before you can unlock it.

So, devices purchased via a payment agreement will be eligible to unlock after the final payment. And that applies to our discounted and free phone deals since you must checkout with the 24-month payment agreement to qualify.

The three other requirements you’ll want to meet to unlock your Xfinity Mobile phone are:

  • You must have an authorized Xfinity Mobile account- this means you must be the Account Holder, Primary User, or Manager.
  • Your Xfinity Mobile account must not have any past-due balance- perhaps fees on By-the-Gig service
  • The Locked Xfinity Mobile phone must not be red flagged- shouldn’t be reported stolen, lost, or involved in fraud

Early Xfinity Mobile Phone Unlock as Military

Similar to other carriers, Xfinity Mobile has the option to unlock your phone early if in the military. You won’t have to wait for the standard 60-day lock period or have paid off your financed phone.

The carrier says you can have your phone unlocked immediately if you have deployment paperwork. And in case your phone isn’t fully paid off, the paperwork must have the orders to deploy outside the U.S. for 90+ days.

If the deployment papers still put you within the U.S., you can also unlock your Xfinity Mobile phone early. But you can only qualify to unlock an owed phone when the deployment has a permanent change of duty station.

FYI: even with the military qualifications, you still have to be an Account Holder, Primary User, or Manager to unlock your Xfinity Mobile phone. The device must also not be flagged.

Xfinity Mobile Doesn’t Unlock Phone Automatically as Verizon

In a nutshell, there are exactly six steps on how to unlock Xfinity Mobile phone:

Step 1: Meet the Unlocking Requirements

As with any other carrier, the first step to unlocking your Xfinity Mobile phone is to meet the eligibility requirements above. However, the MVNO doesn’t unlock your device automatically- say like Verizon usually does it.

You’ll need to do a few other things to initiate the process. And the first “other thing” you have to do is get the details of the locked phone you wanted to unlock.

Step 2: Get Your Locked Xfinity Mobile Phone Details

The details required to unlock your Xfinity Mobile phone are the Order Number used during purchase and IMEI. You can find the IMEI in the box that came with your device, dial *#06#, or the “About Phone” tab under settings.

As for the Order Number, you’ll find it on the invoice that came with your Xfinity Mobile phone after purchase. If you shop online, the Order Number will still be available under the purchase history of your Account.

Step 3: Get Your Xfinity Mobile Phone & SIM

Now, insert your SIM card into the Xfinity Mobile phone you want to unlock. In an iPhone XS or later, you can download the Xfinity Mobile eSIM card and activate your service with it.

Step 4: Contact the Xfinity Mobile Support Team

Once you have your locked phone with the SIM, contact Xfinity Mobile or via Virtual Chat. The customer representative will ask for a few details to verify your account. Then, she will need the phone details we mentioned in Step 2: IMEI and Order Number to confirm your eligibility for unlocking.

Step 5: Check Your Messages for an Unlock Code

When the Xfinity Mobile team confirms you’re eligible for unlocking, they can unlock your device remotely. At other times, you’ll receive a message (email) with a unique code to unlock.

Step 6: Confirm Your Unlocked Phone Works with other Carriers

Finally, insert a non-Xfinity Mobile SIM in your previously locked phone. If the carrier unlocked the device remotely, you should get connected to the new carrier instantly after it powers on.

Alternatively, the Xfinity Mobile phone will ask you to “Enter the Unlock Code” to access the non-Xfinity Mobile SIM. And in this case, you’ll now use the unique code you received via email.

Use Third-Party Mobile Unlock Services

In conclusion, the six steps are how to unlock Xfinity Mobile phone for free. The process is pretty easy as you just need to get the locked phone details and contact the carrier. But the part to call the provider is still a little inconvenient compared with how others do it.

If you wanted to unlock your Xfinity Mobile phone early and you’re a non-military, there are third-party services on this line of work. They will charge you $25 to $50 for an unlock code, depending on the brand and urgency.

Nonetheless, be very careful when using third-party phone unlock services. It could void your warranty in case anything happens. And we’ve seen others get the IMEI permanently blacklisted for attempting “illegal” unlocking before clearing payments.