How to Transfer Service from One MetroPCS Phone to Another

If you’ve ever tried it, MetroPCS agents charge $20+ when you request to swap your SIM card with another phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the local dealer or you’re using the customer care number. However, in this article, we’re going to show you how to transfer service from one MetroPCS phone to another online at no cost.

We won’t lie Metro agents will be happy about it, but, here at Free cell phone locator, we’re all about teaching this kind of hack. And in this case, you’ll get to know the tricks on how you can swap phones as many times as you want at $0.

Speaking of $0, by the way, you can get a free phone when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile (the new name of MetroPCS) or else add a line. It’s a limited-time offer thing that you can take advantage of to upgrade to that iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy you’ve always desired.

MetroPCS Self-Service and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Policy

Just as its new name, MetroPCS is under T-Mobile, and using the same carrier network to serve its subscribers. This also means the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is using GSM technology. So, you can use the SIM card with most unlocked cell phones, considering they have the right frequencies and bands.

Besides, Metro BYOP policy does say you can bring your device, including 5G models for as long it’s compatible. We could say this is really great as a provider like Cricket Wireless doesn’t accept 5G-capable devices from other carriers. Even worst, Assurance Wireless, a leading free government cell phone provider, doesn’t have BYOP support until now. So, you’ll have to stick and rely on the entry-level devices that they provide.

Anyway, back to MetroPCS, the network operator also has a reasonably priced individual phone plan structure, and all plans have 5G access. You could also get a family plan of up to 5 lines, and, of course, save few bucks along the way.

But again, MetroPCS is still a subsidiary, which means it doesn’t have the extra sweet perks of T-Mobile. That includes features like free Netflix HD, unlimited Mobile hotspot data, and 4K UHD streaming.

Can I Use My Metro SIM card on a T-Mobile branded Phone?

When it comes to the BYOP policy, different carriers have different criteria around it. In some cases, you can just insert the SIM card in the other (carrier-unlocked) phone and get a connection. But other times, as with MetroPCS, you may need to activate your service on the new phone.

As for the case of branded phones, an MVNO can’t share its device with other carriers, not even the parent company. As we showed with Simple Mobile phone on TracFone, however, most MVNOs can use their branded handsets and those of their main carrier network.

So, yes, you can use your Metro SIM card on branded MetroPCS or T-Mobile phones, as well as most carrier-unlocked phones.

The 5 Things To Consider When Transferring Service From One MetroPCS Phone To Another

First of all, MetroPCS doesn’t limit the type or brand of phone you can bring to their service. You can opt for a smartphone or flip phone and from any of the many manufacturers out there.

Even so, T-Mobile, the parent and hosting company of Metro, is planning to shut down some of its old network bands. In a recent T-Mo News Report, the giant telecom will be phasing out its 3G UMTS and 2G GSM services in October 2021 and December 2022 respectively. This means you might need to upgrade your flip phone soon/ sooner, considering many are usually on 2G and 3G frequencies.

But, anyway, there are five key things you’ll need to do to successfully transfer service from one Metro phone to another. They include,

  • Unlocking the new phone: As was just mentioned, you can easily interchange SIM cards on GSM networks with other carrier-unlocked phones. So, you might need to contact the previous carrier if the device is still locked.
  • Verify network compatibility: various phone carriers usually operate on different frequencies and bands. The new device that you want to use needs to support at least one of the main bands the carrier network uses (4, 12, 71 bands for T-Mobile). Hence, the purpose of the online IMEI checker tool.
  • Check SIM card compatibility: before 2012, MetroPCS and other phone carriers were using the Standard SIM card. However, the new era of smartphones has inspired Micro and Nano-SIM cards. So, you might need to get the Metro universal SIM card kit if you feel what you have is too big for your other phone.
  • Get the SIM/ ICCID number: this is like the unique ID number of the SIM card you’re trying to transfer to the new handset. You can find it on the back of the card, usually 19 or 20 digits.
  • Have a working Metro Phone: to start using your Metro line on the other phone, you must activate it. So, you’ll need to have a working phone that browses and or make calls. Alternatively, you can use a laptop or desktop machine if it has an internet connection.

How to Transfer Service from one MetroPCS Phone to Another online

First of all, you can carry out the SIM swap process online or offline. However, the former is the easiest to do as you won’t need to call any service number. Even better, the online activation is the one the MetroPCS agents will use when you call or visit them on the issue. So, it’s a guaranteed success.

In any case, here’s a breakdown of all the seven steps you’ll need for the process.

1. Back-Up Your Old Phone

The idea here is to ensure you have the data and settings of the old Metro phone in your new handset. However, different phone brands have different ways to go about it. For instance, you’ll use Google Drive to back up your data between android and android devices. Then, iCloud or iTunes if the handsets are both Apple products.

In case you’re upgrading from iPhone to Android, or vice versa, you’ll need to download and register with the Google Drive app on your Apple device.

2. Get Your New Phone IMEI

Technically, the IMEI is the unique ID that best describes your phone. It’s how carriers are able to analyze the firmware and band technology to ensure the device will be compatible with their network.

To find the IMEI number, you can either look underneath the battery or by dialing *#06# of that particular phone. Alternatively, you can open the app tray and go to Settings>>About Phone>>IME.

3. Switch Off the Phone

Once you’ve gotten the IME, you can power off your phone now until the final step. This will help ensure a successful SIM transfer and avoid issues like not being able to make calls.

4. Sign In to Your MetroPCS Account

In this step, you’ll now sign in to your Metro User Account with the phone number and PIN of the line you want to move to another phone. Once you’re in, you’ll notice the info of your current (active) phone. Click the “Upgrade” button shown there.

5. Check Your Device Compatibility

The link after you click “Upgrade” will redirect to another page to check if your device is compatible with the network or not. So, on the input box shown, enter the IMEI number from Step (2), then hit the “Check” button.

6. Confirm Your SIM Identity

If Metro approves your new device, another input box will pop on the right side. Here, you’ll now enter the SIM/ ICCID number of the line you want to use on this new phone. The SIM card can be the same old one or the new one that came with the phone (if purchased from Metro shop).

Now, you’ve to be very keen when entering the ICCID number as many tend to forget about the last letter. No, not the last digit of the SIM ID, but the capital F that Metro demands after the nineteen other digits. In other words, the number you input on the ICCID box should look like 1122334455667788990F.

After entering the SIM/ ICCID number followed by capital F, click the “Check” button.

7. Confirm Again and Complete the Transfer

After that, a bold “Confirm” tab will appear at the bottom of the page. You can still edit the IMEI of the phone or the ICCID of the SIM card if you feel like you made a mistake. But if everything is okay, you can go ahead and click the “Confirm” button. The link will redirect you to the confirmation page that shows the new device with your MetroPCS service.

Meanwhile, the service on the previous (old) phone will automatically disconnect. So, you can now remove the SIM card, insert into the new phone, and power it on.

Common Related Questions:

Can I put my metro SIM card in another phone?

Metro is on the GSM network and also does allow you to bring your phone to their service. So, yes, you can put your Metro SIM card in another phone, considering it’s compatible and carrier-unlocked.

Can you activate the metro phone online?

Be it replacement or upgrading, you’ll need to activate your MetroPCS line on the new phone before you can use it. Fortunately, you can easily activate Metro phone online without involving customer care. The process is also absolutely free!

How do I transfer service to a new phone?

It’s very easy to transfer your Metro service to a new phone any time, at no cost. You just need to make sure the phone is unlocked, then back up your data to Google Drive, iCloud, or iTunes. After that, you can now log in to your Metro account (online), confirm the device IMEI and SIM/ ICCID number. Then, click the Confirm button.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s how you can transfer service from one MetroPCS phone to another online at no cost. It’s pretty simple, fun, and also very convenient compared to using an agent, whereby you’ll waste time (waiting). The Metro agents will also ask you to pay the service transfer fee (between $20-$30), yet it’s something you do by yourself free of charge.

As we conclude, we should mention that you can also transfer your Metro service to another phone offline. In this method, you’ll only need to call the customer service number *228, then follow the automated voice instruction ‘til the end. However, be warned, the method isn’t always effective, but it still works.