Top 10 Free Cell Phone For Seniors And Disabled

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Getting the right free cell phone for seniors and disabled could be tough. Every senior has uncommon needs & interests. Other seniors are tech-savvy, while others are quickly overwhelmed with touchscreen smartphones.

We have rounded up the top picks to the best cell-phones for seniors and disabled. If you own parents or either grandparent who require a more advanced phone, these choices are excellent for a broad range of older citizens.

The 10-best Free cell phone for seniors and disabled

1. Jitterbug-Flip

Jitterbug’s large appearance on this record shows their commitment to the older community & the Jitterbug-Flip is no exemption. The four-point seven-ounce device gives an exterior one point four inch 128 by 128 layout that has essential information so as incoming-call notifications & date & time. Inside the machine, you will find a three-point two inch 480 by three hundred and twenty display that is bright though still offers excellent outdoor clarity. Its text is large & easy to understand and there is a simple, designed menu that is navigated over the directional-arrows alongside “yes” &“no” selection switches.

The extra of 5Star changes the Flip inside a particular safety machine device that is customized especially for an aged audience. Among one-button touching for emergencies & agents standing on 24/7, there is plenty of sympathy of memory for the smartphone owner, as best as their parents and friends. Also, the LED-flashlight on the outside of the machine doubles as a section magnifier to assisting with the little print version in dimly illuminated areas. The added GreatCall-Link app enables family among staying up-to-update among your health & safety when not intruding upon your freedom. This is my first choice free cell phone for seniors and the disabled.

2. Motorola-G6 Play

With a cost tag that would not scare everyone away, the Moto-G6 Play is the excellent choice for maximum seniors. Equipped toward the and tech-savvy, this phone’s sequence of a large sample and extended battery life give it a stylish buy.

Right off, the five points seven-inch display grasps your application. Its seven hundred pixel resolution assures that fonts remain easy to study and below the display is a Quadro-core processor that allows more apps to operate concurrently with none slowdown. That is great for elders who need to do any mobile purchasing or view online. The back of the machine is adorned among a 13-mp camera that captures sharp, detailed photos. It is perfect for holidays or for photographs of that grandkids.

The important highlight of this Motorola is the four thousand mAh battery. Also for power clients, that battery measurement is more than adequate to get in a day. For everyone who may use the Free cell phone for seniors and disabled considerably less, energizing every extra day is a sincere possibility. The phone too has Amazon-Alexa capabilities, implying you could ask about travel or either weather using sound commands.

free cell phone for seniors and disabled
Cell Phone For Seniors And Disabled

3. Nokia-3.1 Android-One

Strip any of the extraneous bells & whistles & leave just the things you actually need and one end up having the Nokia-3.1-Android One. The aluminum-frame looks great but too helps with phone reception, & the plastic rear is suitable to hold & use.

Its hardware remains powered on a processor that could move quickly into multiple applications. The five-point two-inch 720pixel display is compressed but still big enough that font-size can be improved and icons obviously are seen. A rear thirteen megapixel-camera captures best photos for the cost and there is a front-facing camera for video chat. The two thousand nine hundred and ninety mAh battery is fairly large for the machine’s size & will give at least a complete day’s charge.

As an Android-One device, there is the assurance of regular safety updates. That provides the Nokia at smallest two guaranteed years of lifespan, that is good knowledge for seniors that may not happen inclined to update their telephones as frequently.

4. Nokia-3310

Among the most common devices are smartphones were always a thing, this remake of the Nokia-3310 didn’t go unrecognized for seniors. Fit with AT&T & T-Mobile on with various paid carriers, this free device is anything special. There exist 3G-data speeds for quick browsing on the small 320 by 240 display. The two megapixel-camera feels extra like an add-on related to today’s flagship-devices, but it is there. It is paired with one hundred and twenty-eight MB of device concept and a MicroSD-slot for taking photos when traveling.

For elders who do not want to have more of call or either text, this cell is a contoured solution. The exploration button, below the display, runs in four directions to selecting every icon-based table function. Dedicated-send and end switches make it simple to pick up or either end calls. The number of keys is very large, and the one thousand two hundred mAh battery could add a maximum of up to twenty-two hours of talking time. That is almost twice what today’s flagship-smartphones suggestion. This is a free cell phone for seniors and the disabled.

5. Jitterbug-Smart2

The Jitterbug-Smart2 is an easy-to-use cell phone with any updated characteristics that give it an excellent choice for extra than only texting & calling. The cellphone’s 5.5-inch display makes everything simple to read, plus the simple house screen menu should large switches for basic purposes like making cellphone calls, reaching the phone’s camera, and forwarding emails. You could also download extra apps, eg Skype or either Google Hangouts, in the Google-Play-store. The Free cell phone for seniors and disabled arrives with 16GB from built-in storage including the capacity to increase to 32GB utilizing an SD-card.

The Smart2 too has a speech typing characteristic that performs texting simpler. Every user owns to do is squeeze a button & speak their text communication instead of holding to touch-type it out. Also, this cellphone gives 5Star service as a security precaution — with a switch of a button on this phone’s home display, users could access urgent emergency help. The cellphone is too hearing-aid compatible & comes amidst the GreatCall-Link app which updates the family group about one’s health & safety. The best free cell phone for seniors and disabled.

The bottom-line is that the Jitterbug-Smart2 is specially engineered among seniors’ requirements in mind. & with a big screen, a path to apps, & voice typing, all can appreciate the advantages of up-to-date tech on a device that is also simple to utilize.

6. ASUS-ZenFone

While older citizens may not drain the phone series utilizing Snapchat as quick as the remainder of us, but having them powered is also a matter of security. The ZenFone-3 Zoom has a high-capacity-5000mAh battery that would deliver an improbable performance. Unity self-proclaimed necessary user remarked on Amazon that “After utilizing this cellphone for the week or either two, the battery life is truly as important as they speak.

7. Doro-PhoneEasy-626

Harkening backward to the times when flip cellphones were each the rage, this Doro is equipped specifically to senior citizens. GPS-positioning guarantees the dedicated-Assistance button could help determine the phone customers in an extremity. Along with learning aid agreement, the Doro incorporates an additional loudspeaker. This comes in convenient during both speakerphone-calls as best as for incoming call-rings.

8. Samsung-Galaxy-S8 Active

Among their flagship-devices, Samsung’s Galaxy-S8 needs no installation. When it occurred unveiled, this cell phone was the crème-de la crème-of Android-devices. For the tech-savvy-senior who needs a go-anywhere, do-anything machine, this the one — there is no deficit of characteristics here.

The Galaxy-S8 Active is considered IP68 that means it could be submerged below the water up to 5ft for up to thirteen minutes.

9. Apple-iPhone-7

The iPhone requires no induction and it is often regarded as one of the best machines for seniors. Added are extras like “voice-dial,” which enables users to ask Siri to call anyone without involving the machine. Apple’s current addition of Medical-ID is an often-overlooked role that can save time. iPhone owners could add allergies, prescriptions, blood-type, emergency connections and extras that can be reached by emergency staff if necessary.

Each that is on the top of the extra traditional characteristics Apple has just included. There is a multitude of document measurements to pick from. Volume to notifications, alerts & incoming requests is easily fixed.

10. Samsung-Galaxy-S8

Section of what gives the Galaxy-S8 a great option for elders is the addition of “Easy-Mode.” An arbitrary setting on Samsung smartphones, this method reconfigures the home screen with a simplistic layout & larger fonts. There is still passage to the great features of the Galaxy-S8, just in a further user-friendly ability. Bixby’s-voice commands remain also a bonus, acknowledging menu shipping with sound control.

The Galaxy-S8 display is beautiful both in Easy-Mode and Samsung’s extra traditional interface. Appearances are bright & vibrant and simple to see yet in direct daylight.

The 12-megapixel camera takes beautiful photos and besides 64GB of memory available, storage is questionable to remain an issue. A 3000mAh battery adds a maximum of up to 30 hours of time before needing a recharge. This is my last free cell phone for seniors and the disabled.

What to view for in a Cell-Phone for a Senior-Citizen

Display – For elders who have an app for anything, a big screen is a requirement. Around five inches, measured slanting shall do the deal. A good presentation, around 1280 by 720 or either higher, will start viewing communications a pleasure. Although if apps & media streaming get a back chair to texting & calling, a little display on a lower decision will imply just fine. That will also preserve your money and get you better battery life.

Keyboard – If typing is a first priority, a source for a cell phone that has a conventional keyboard. That may be a subjective character, but for more, it means a digital QWERTY keyboard among no physical buttons. Essential phones generally own a keypad that twice as a keyboard, though that may slow one down.

Camera – No requirement to pull school photos from grandkids out of one’s wallet anymore; a cell phone with the best camera can work as a full photo album. These best phones own rear-facing cameras about 13 megapixels and any even highlight a front-facing camera to selfies.


We have rounded on our top choices for the greatest free cell phone for seniors and the disabled. If you’ve parents or grandparents who require a more modern phone, these choices are excellent for a wide variety of senior citizens.