The Top 10 Best Free Calls Online Without Registration

Have you ever been in a position where you desperately needed to make a phone call but didn’t have access to a phone? Maybe you’re all out of minutes on your mobile plan or you simply don’t own a mobile phone at the time. But sometimes, you simply need to make free calls online without registration. Fortunately, technology has come a long way in terms of allowing you to stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues.

That’s right… You can make free phone calls using nothing but the Internet! Most free calls online can be made to anyone in the US and Canada, however, there’s a few that allow you to make free calls online to anyone, anywhere in the world. So what are the best options available? Here’s our list of the top 10 best free calls online without registration.

Free Calls Online Without Registration

1. Call2Friends

Call2Friends allows you to make high-quality, clear international calls to anyone with a landline or mobile device. You simply open the web-based app on your browser and dial away. Once you’ve installed the app, you receive 4 credits totally free. If you need to make more calls, you can watch videos or complete offers to earn more credits. The benefits are clear:

Call 2 friends are our best choice on this list. You can easily use this one for free international calls but you need to use the internet. Follow the full details here. Many people are using call2friends in the USA and Canada. Make free phone calls online without download.

  • No hidden charges or connection fees apply
  • Caller ID ensures outgoing calls show a specific number
  • Available on the web browser, iOS or Android devices
  • Record outgoing calls as required at no extra cost
  • No downloads or plugins necessary

Visit the Call2Friends website for more info

2. Ievaphone

Ievaphone is a great option for those looking to make quick free calls online without registration. They offer the ability to talk with anyone, anywhere using your web browser – no download necessary. You can leverage their service with peace of mind knowing there’s:

  • No credit card, trial, or payment required
  • No additional plug-ins necessary
  • The ability to use any desktop or smartphone

They use your IP address to enable free calls, however, calls are limited. You can re-use the service every 24 hours once you’ve used up all of your free minutes.

Visit the Ievaphone website here 

3. Globfone

Globfone is a telecommunication service that delivers international calling and SMS without charge for users. It’s completely free to make calls, send text messages, and even make video calls via the service. There’s no need to install software or deal with a long, frustration registration process. Globfone is also:

  • Completely safe to use with no risk to your privacy
  • Entirely free with no hidden charges or fees
  • Capable of sending unlimited files to friends and family

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a more comprehensive service to let you make free calls online without registration.

Visit the Globfone website for more details

4. CitrusTel

CitrusTel is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) web browser phone that allows you to make calls to anyone with a mobile device or landline – no app or download required. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re able to make high-quality calls seamlessly without hassle. You can rest assured knowing you’ll have:

  • A fast connection established in seconds
  • Reliable support via email with 95% of queries responded to within 3 hours
  • Free international outgoing calls with no downloads required
  • 100% uptime via a cloud-based back-end
  • Enhancements launched every week with no upgrade required

This option is fairly comprehensive compared to the other services available – giving you all the features you desire without any credit card. There’s no fees, charges or hidden costs.

Visit the CitrusTel website

  • WePhone

WePhone is a great VoIP phone service that gives you everything a traditional phone provider would give you at a fraction of the price, and in most cases, it’s totally free of charge. You simply leverage your existing Internet connection to make calls to friends and family within the country. Even make calls to those outside of the country as the service supports more than 200 countries worldwide. You get:

  • A mobile application that lets you call or send texts to other users
  • An account with your phone/email that enables you to enjoy features
  • A free phone number display feature to give yourself a specific number
  • The ability to use your account on any device, anytime
  • No annoying advertisements blocking your view
  • The ability to record conversations entirely free of charge

This is a great choice if you’re looking for something simple and affordable to use when it comes to making free calls online without registration. Just make sure your friends and family download the app.

Visit the WePhone website here 

  • Poptox

PopTox lets you make free calls to friends and family, regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone or a desktop computer. You simply open the web-based free calling app and get started. There’s no need to worry about downloading an app or installing a plug-in. You get the convenience of free online calls without registration, as well as a variety of benefits:

  • Absolutely no payment required
  • No downloads or plug-ins necessary
  • The ability to use the web-based app in any browser

Just open your browser, type in the phone number, and get started! It’s incredibly easy to use, however, they do limit the number of free calls per day. This is because there’s a cost to the company for connecting phone calls. If you want to make unlimited phone calls, you must become a user. This is still quite affordable compared to other more traditional options.

Visit the Poptox website here


SPYTOX goes above and beyond your typical free online phone as they’re the world’s most trusted white pages directory. You can find the most up-to-date, accurate information possible for anyone. Simply type their name, email, or phone number into the search bar and find all sorts of data. You can even use their reverse phone lookup to find information on someone who has called you but you’re not sure who it is. You can also:

  • Make calls to landlines or mobile devices free or charge
  • Avoid any annoying ads, plug-ins or downloads
  • Never share your credit card number to use the service
  • Avoid hidden fees or unknown charges

If you’re looking for more than just your typical free online phone, SPYTOX is a fantastic option. You can find information about anyone, anytime with a few clicks. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it’s absolutely free. Most popular free calls online without registration.

Visit the Spytox website for more information

  • Zlookup

Zlookup is another great tool that lets you find the owner of any phone number, regardless of whether it’s a mobile device or landline, free of charge. You simply type in the number and the service will search millions of records to find the person who owns that phone number. Zlookup is incredibly accurate while most other services of a similar nature simply keep you waiting on their website without actually looking up anything at all.

The best part is, they keep your information completely secure – ensuring the owner of the phone number you’re searching never finds out about it. They go above and beyond – finding those who use telecom operators that don’t usually have caller ID available. Aside from the reverse search feature, they also let you make free calls. It’s: 

  • 100% free of charge with no hidden costs
  • A simple, web-based browser app that can be accessed on any device
  • No download, plug-ins or annoying ads

It’s easy to use, especially if you want something low maintenance wherein you simply dial the number and get started.

Please Visit Zlookup website here

  • CallEasy

CallEasy is a free calling service that lets you stay connected to your friends and family without worrying about unexpectedly high charges. You can make an account and try them out for free, but afterwards, they do have very minimal charges for calling. They’re incredibly low, however, compared to traditional phone providers. You can even make international calls without worrying about a hefty bill afterward. You get:

  • Incredibly low rates for all calling, even international
  • The ability to use the service on your mobile device or desktop
  • SMS messaging that’s extremely affordable

CallEasy may not be entirely free after the trial, but it’s a great service nonetheless, especially if you want something reliable that offers a great call quality and connection while you’re speaking with friends and family.

Visit CallEasy website here 

  • PokeTalk

PokeTalk is a great service that offers entirely free international calling – connecting you with loved ones in over 50+ countries worldwide. You don’t need to worry about paying hefty fees as all you need is an Internet browser to get started. You can make up to 50 calls per month at 10 minutes per call, which is pretty great considering the cost of calls via most traditional phone providers.

  • Free international calling to over 50+ countries around the world
  • The ability to call landlines or mobile devices.
  • A shocking 10 minutes per call entirely free of charge
  • No need for a microphone or headset

It’s a great service for those who want to make calls to loved ones in far-away countries as you have the ability to call over 50+ countries worldwide. PokeTalk keeps you connected without any hidden fees or unexpected charges – it’s entirely free and incredibly easy to use. Just type in the number and hit call to get started. PokeTalk is out number 10 best free calls online without registration.

Visit website here 


What’s the Best Option for Someone Looking to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration?

Whether you’re out of minutes on your mobile device or you simply don’t have access to a phone to use, free online phones are convenient and reliable to make calls to your loved ones, no matter where they’re located. All of the options above are great, but CitrusTel will be your best bet if you’re looking for more advanced features, as well as quick, responsive, reliable support when you have questions or concerns. Try it out today. You won’t regret it!

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