The 9 Ways How To Hide Your Car From Repossession

Is the tow trunk at your door due to payment-related issues? You should not worry yourself, you still have way out of this. It may seem that you have come to the end of the rope here, but be assured there a couple of ways on how to hide your car from repossession. You may not like some of the ways, but they will give you a chance to fight and keep your vehicle. Am not saying you do something crazy as most people do by keeping a young one in the car, or walking out with a gun when you see a tow truck.

There are a number of rational options you can take that may help keep your ride. The options may be short term and hurting but will save you from walking to work or store.

I describe the 9 ways that how to hide your car from repossession.

1. By Maintaining a good credit record

Always make sure you keep a good financial record. Though you can’t do this after the tow man has come for your car. The option will be helpful to you if the action was taken months before all this happens. Remember that banks are always willing to help their client who has a good record and has hit a rough patch. But if your ride is to be taken after a long history of bad financial breaks and you have been nothing less than responsible, then you really are between two hard places. Your creditors will not have mercy to you and your car.

How To Hide Your Car From Repossession

2. Be polite and humble talking to the repossession person.

As painful as it may be to see the repossession man at your door, don’t start by confronting him/her. The first move you make should be able to create an environment of understanding and respect at that. The repossession person has seen worse than what you will throw at them. Try your level best to strike a deal with the repossession agent.

This will work best in your favor if you call your bank and inform them that you are will and ready to voluntarily give your ride, then the agent will call to set up pick up time for the vehicle. Here is where you take advantage and talk to the agent to strike a deal. They will offer a short grace period during which you can be able to put your finances in good order. But be warned that once they get back to you they will make it their priority to get the ride from you. Be quick to act and manage the time wisely.

3. Lock your ride in your garage.

The easiest way of keeping your ride is to avoid the repossession man from taking it from you. This is so because repossession persons are not allowed into a private residence to have the vehicle. But remember this does not include your driveways and or the side street.

Anytime you are visiting the store do go parking in public parking lots or the store’s parking space. The repossession man will be watching your every move and this may provide the best window for them. But if the agent is impatient with you tricks, he will come back with a court order and a deputy for repossession. It may be a trick on how to hide your car from repossession but eventually, they will get it. Use the period wisely and set your house in order financially.

4. Make an offer of partial payment.

Prevention is better than cure, so to say, it’s better to avoid the repossession man from coming for your car. Making a partial payment will give you room to reach that next paycheck. This will definitely give you some breathing room till then. This may buy you a day or more depending on the state you are from or the agreement you will make with your institution. The time your partial payment will buy you will greatly depend on the amount of cash you bring forward to make the payment.

The repossession is imminent after the first payment, but your lender will contact you before sending a repossession man. But even then it won’t hurt you to try and buy more time again by talking to them again. You are only trying to keep your car. Better to know about how to hide your car from repossession.

5. Opt for a case review.

Once you make that first partial payment, your car is still eligible for repossession. Having said that, in some rare cases this may not be the case. You can opt to find a lawyer to review your case. There are many such lawyers who will be more than willing to do so. Though they will charge a small fee, if at all you have doubt that your vehicle has been repossession wrongfully, this option will be worth it than losing your car.

It’s wise to take into account your situation honestly at that. Remember banks will not repossession your ride or any property if they don’t have a good reason that they have a shot in getting your money. But it will be a waste of time and money to fight against what you know is legitimate. Instead, save that little you got and try making another payment. You never know your luck. You need to know how to hide your car from repossession.

6. Engage your lending institution in negotiations.

Repossession may lead you to think that you are in an adversarial relationship with your institution. It may be anger or pain that makes you feel so, but it only means that your lender wants to push you to pay, nothing more. Remember they are in business to make money not friendship. Since you have devalued the car, there is no way they are going to make more money out of the same car. It’s easy to get your ride back, just pay the fees back plus the repossession cost. But if your finances can’t be able to pay immediately agree with the institution to pay back on with an interest, this will do the trick, buy you time and keep your car at the same time.

7. Research on what the repossession man can and can’t do

This will not help you with the current repossession but will surely be useful and will protect you in the future. The repossession man does not breach the peace; this means they can’t issue you with treats or use force while repossessing the car.

If you are a debtor never attempt to provoke this breach of peace, or engaging them in physical altercations. But doing so will stop the repossession, but remember this will have ramifications thereafter. This route you should avoid at all cost. But if the repossession man comes into your property without your permission, uses physical violence, force and even threatens you, this will give you room to delay the repossession process and prevent such incident in future or even opt to sue the institution for damages.

8. File for bankruptcy

This is another option on how to hide your car from repossession. But the option is available to those who are in dire straits. But again, if you have come to the point your car is being repossessed, then you are not doing great too yourself. If you go down this road, its best to research on the laws for bankruptcy since they differ from state to state. The laws come in two chapters that’s 7 and 13, of which the 13th bankruptcy chapter allows one to keep most of their properties or even all of them. But one has to agree and maintain a payment to settle their debt.

The 7th chapter of bankruptcy gives one chance to cancel most of the debt, but even so, a part of the property will be taken to carter for a certain percentage of your debt. To keep your car in the 7th chapter of filing for bankruptcy, you will have to not only apply but receive an exemption on a motor vehicle. The process is complicated to go through just to keep your ride.

My advice will be; don’t declare for bankruptcy before you seek professional counsel and that it’s the only option you are left with.

9. Demand your vehicle to be sold.

Your creditors are legalized to give you an option to buy your car back. But you will have to be able to be at close range to completion of the debt plus repossession fees. If you achieve this the car will be returned to you.

Just in case you can’t be able to afford the car, it’s best you auction it. The option may be an advantage to you if the car sells on a higher price than your debt., for in some states, the extra cash goes back to you the owner. It will be beneficial to make some payment before taking it to the auction. This is my last thinking about how to hide your car from repossession.

In conclusion: my advice to you seeking ways on how to hide your car from repossession is to take privations measures long before the repossession for your ride is possible. This can be achieved by contacting your creditors in advance. By doing so you will be able to negotiate before repossession begins. This will protect your financial and emotional state, for all it takes for your ride to be how to hide your car from repossession is defaulting from your loan.

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