How to Track Someones Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

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How to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free? Now I will tell you the 10 best Free spy apps. We have prepared for you a selection of spy apps with the help of which you can definitely surprise your family and friends. The most creative uses of smart devices from sending secret messages and calls to tracking a person’s location.

But do not take it as a challenge to go on a fictional mission, such as inheriting spies and getting yourself into trouble from all illegal uses. These programs can be used for many legitimate reasons that have little to do with the origin of James Bond, to fight on the roof of the train or chase the bad guys and kick them, like Born, or wearing amazing disguises and use dizzying gadgets like Ethan Hunt.

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How to track someone's phone without them knowing for free

Now it sounds not so attractive, right? Regardless, on the list!

1. Cell Tracker

Does anyone need to track? Like a delivery guy or a sales representative for your business? If you give them a company phone that has trackers installed, it will be able to record their locations, where and when they were moving, and every half hour. Cell Tracker automatically saves device locations via WiFi / GPRS. Click on “View Now ‘to see a list of places where the target device visited. Cell Tracker app can help you how to track someones phone without them knowing for free.

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2. Children Tracker

Changing the environment and the worst nightmare of parents – to see that the crime rate in society has increased and their children can become victims of crime. You are paranoid or not if you are not against the idea of tracking your child’s location (for their safety), but Children Tracker is an excellent solution for tracking. All you need is to install the application on the phone, start it and lock/hide the application, and track the phone online. Are you still confusing how to track someones phone without them knowing for free?

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3. Mobile Hidden Camera

Which spy list can be complete without the hidden camera application? Turn it on and tap on the black screen to capture a quick snapshot – and no need to be wise. You can also capture video on it. As soon as you enter the video mode, the video stream will be automatically recorded until you stop it. This program covers various camera functions, while still keeping the application minimal and easy to use.

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4. Secret Agent Fake Call

If you want to create a fake call that comes at an appropriate time, then this application is for you. Secret Agent Fake Call will “call” you and provide a call recording, customized message, and you can even schedule when the call comes. To complete the full illusion, select the identity of the secret agent you want to be and use it to joke with friends. A perfect app that how to track someones phone without them knowing for free.

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5. Ear Agent 1.4.29

Ear Agent — will help you track your phone for free. Press the central button; you can hear the world around you. Whether you want to overhear conversations or simply hear the TV better, the Ear Agent serves to give you a super ear and improve what you hear. You will get much more than you could ever imagine. Time to hear about it.

Ear Agent amplifies the sound coming from your microphone directly into the headphones. To adjust the input signal, use Graphic Audio Equalizer.

This application is ideal for all curious people and will allow wiretapping like a real security agent. Ear Agent uses the capabilities of the built-in microphone of your mobile device, while repeatedly amplifying the sound. Thus, you will hear what people are talking about nearby and will always be aware of what is happening.

To use the application, you must click on the large center button and adjust the volume slider. A prerequisite for optimal performance is the use of headphones. It is best to use the Ear Agent in a pair with a Bluetooth-headset. In this case, the smartphone with the included application can be left directly at the scene of events, and you can leave yourself to listen to what is happening.

Be careful! Excessive increase in volume leads to increased sound distortion, which in turn can affect your hearing.

To fine-tune the incoming audio signal, an equalizer is provided in the program, which in some cases is able to draw out even a frankly weak sound.

In general, the Ear Agent for Android copes well with its task, even in the free version, in which, in addition, you can unlock the widget to quickly enable and disable the microphone. Ear Agent Pro offers advanced equalizer, noise and echo cancellation, automatic gain control and the ability to record what you’ve heard. This is the apps that how to track someones phone without them knowing for free.

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6. TinyCam 10.2.6

TinyCam Monitor for Android – also helps you track your phone for free. A real find for a spy. This is a fairly popular application in the circles of owners of CCTV cameras. The program can connect and remotely control IP-cameras, DVRs and even cameras of smartphones and laptops (with additional software).

When you first launch, tinyCam Monitor creates several test connections to arbitrary public surveillance cameras from around the world. It is very easy to connect to the camera – you need to specify its IP address and port number. In addition, the program has a scanner that automatically finds open cameras within the network to which the Internet connection is established on your smartphone or tablet. In principle, detailed configuration instructions are present both in the application itself and on the developers’ website.

Users can simultaneously view up to four cameras in horizontal mode. TinyCam Monitor is great at streaming video. If for some reason the broadcast from one camera has stopped, the picture from the others continues to be transmitted in normal mode. A feature of the application is a sequential mode of operation, in which the image from the cameras automatically changes after a certain period of time. All these features are available to users for free.

The need for the Pro version of tinyCam Monitor may arise if you need to connect more than 4 cameras simultaneously. In this case, you get support for up to 16 cameras, looping video recording to a memory card or to the cloud, motion and sound detection, the ability to connect in the background, and other functions. Number 6 how to track someones phone without them knowing for free.

7. Intruder Selfie 1.3.5

There is a category of people who, whenever possible, try to delve into someone else’s smartphone. If you have something to hide, then this application is for you. Intruder Selfie for Android – helps you track your phone for free. This is your personal informant, who will photograph all those who took a mobile device without asking for it.

In fact, this is the only function of the application, and it is implemented quite well. The program works in the background; it can be configured so that it takes pictures with the front camera when successful and unsuccessful attempts to unlock the smartphone, as well as in the case when the screen of your device just turns on.

The user can set the number of attempts to unlock, after which the camera will be launched, and the number of photos (from 1 to 5) that the application will make. Intruder Selfie works well and does not cause suspicion of the person who took your smartphone. This is how to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free apps.

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8. Home Security Camera – Alfred 3.16.4

Sometimes there is a situation when it is necessary to organize video surveillance, but for the purchase of expensive equipment, there is neither money nor time. In this case, any, even a morally obsolete smartphone with a Google account and the Alfred application will do. Home Security IP Cam Alfred is a unique application that helps you track your phone for free and make a surveillance camera from your device.

With the help of Alfred, you can remotely monitor what is happening, for example, at your home, at work or at all at once – the program supports work with several cameras at the same time. You can organize real hidden video surveillance during a meeting with someone and not suspicion. The application works in two modes: monitor and camera. Moreover, unlike similar solutions, Alfred allows them to switch at any time. Sometimes there is a need to put a special camera in the house – look after the nanny, after the child, behind the apartment in his absence. But to buy expensive equipment and do not want to set it up and connect. In this situation, this program will come to the rescue.

Having installed the application that gets the funny name “Alfred” on your desktop, you need to log in with your Google Play account. The program will offer to install the device as a camera or screen to view other devices.

In the “camera” mode, the smartphone will start working with the camera turned on. Here you can set the motion detection mode. If someone passes in front of the device at this moment, he will automatically turn on and record what is happening. From here, we quickly turn to the second chamber, if it is present.

The second mode “screen” allows you to view all other surveillance cameras. It turns out a certain command center in which it is really fast to switch between all devices. It is interesting that through the screen it is easy to communicate with the necessary camera, as well as take a screenshot.

In the camera mode, the application automatically “extinguishes” the screen and starts shooting. Here you can enable motion detection in advance if your smartphone is used as a stationary video surveillance device. In this case, you will receive instant notifications when the camera detects movement.

In the monitoring mode, Alfred offers advanced features. As a monitor, you can use another smartphone or tablet with an installed application or any PC with Internet access. In this mode, all involved cameras are available for viewing. You can see information on each of them, including the connection status and the remaining battery charge. The possibilities of remote camera control are also pleasantly surprising: switching between the main and front cameras, rotating the image, turning the flash on / off, night mode, transmitting sound and recording video.

Home Security IP Cam – Alfred is still very lame. The video loads for a long time, does not transmit sound and occasionally loses the Wi-Fi signal. In addition, the battery charge of any device is not enough for too long a shot. But with all the shortcomings, the application will always help in difficult times.

In general, the Alfred application for Android is quite decent. It upsets only the poor quality of the broadcast, which can be improved by issuing a paid subscription. This app giving you opportunities how to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free

9. Sound Recorder 1.1.4

All modern smartphones can record sound from the built-in microphone. If a regular voice recorder copes with the recording of calls perfectly, then it is better to search for a third-party solution to record the surround sound. Since we need an unusual voice recorder, but a secret voice recorder, we chose the Secret Voice Recorder for Android for this purpose.

This application allows you to turn on the voice recorder in secret from others using a triple press of the power button. In the same way, you can interrupt the recording. The time interval during which the user must click a button is selected in the settings. In addition to power, it is possible to use the volume buttons, although they only work when the screen is on.

Secret Voice Recorder will also help you track your phone for free and can record sound in the device’s internal memory, on a micro SD memory card and in the Google Drive cloud storage. The entire recording process takes place unnoticed; the application works in the background and does not manifest itself at all. For convenience, the user can activate the vibration signaling the beginning and end of the recording.

Are you still confuse how to track someones phone without them knowing for free?

Secret Voice Recorder can record sound in the device’s internal memory, on a micro SD memory card and in the Google Drive cloud storage. The entire recording process takes place unnoticed; the application works in the background and does not manifest itself at all. For convenience, the user can activate the vibration signaling the beginning and end of the recording.

A small but interesting application Secret Voice Recorder offers the user the function of fast and imperceptible activation of sound recording on a smartphone or tablet. The program is created mainly for those cases when it is necessary to record audio and “not to burn” on it. Secret Voice Recorder allows you to start recording audio after three quick clicks on the device’s power button. You can stop recording with the same action.

The user can set a custom action on the record – three quick button presses are not the only option. Among other features of the application, it is worth noting the high quality of the recorded sound, as well as many interesting settings. The 9th best free apps that how to track someones phone without them knowing for free.

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10. Background Video Recorder

If you want to record video on a smartphone and at the same time, so that no one notices, this application will come in handy. Background Video Recorder will also help you track your phone for free and can shoot video in the background when the screen is off. In the process of shooting, the user can actively use the phone for other purposes and, thus, not to cause suspicion among others.

Background Video Recorder is very easy to use and at the same time have many features and several useful tools, such as a simple video editor and a built-in gallery.

The main focus of the application is on hiding all traces of the program. Here you can turn off the shutter sound of the camera, change the application icon on the desktop and in the notification panel, and even hide the display of saved video files in a mobile device.

Background Video Recorder allows you to pre-configure the recording process: select a camera, a place to save the video, orientation and resolution of the picture, determine the mode of autofocus, microphone, flash and other options. Unfortunately, the program does not provide for the use of combinations of buttons for quick activation. But there is a widget and a recording scheduler. This is how to track someones phone without them knowing for free spy apps.

Background Video Recorder for Android is completely free and has no limitations. And it can also save recorded video to the Google cloud.

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Attention! This article and applications in it should not be considered as recommendations for tracking and espionage. Remember that everyone has the right to privacy and personal space. Track your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing. I hope you understand that how to track someones phone without them knowing for free spy apps.