The 10 Best Free Touch Screen Government Phones in 2023

We are living in a generation where we can’t do without mobile phones. Mobile phones have become part of us and it is becoming even harder to function without them. Phones have become so important that these days we are using them for business purposes. It is therefore important to own a mobile phone. Mobile phones have made the World look more like a village. What seemed to be a wholly impossible thing is now an easy thing. Well, as much as mobile
phones have made things easier, it is not possible that everybody affords a mobile phone. Check more about free touch screen government phones in 2023.

There are those people who are not well off financially and owning just a mere mobile phone has become even more difficult. The governments have come up with a program of ensuring that everyone owns a phone. In the US alone, about 12 to 16 million Americans are now enjoying the privilege of having free phones which have made life more easier for them. Well, there are over 68 companies offering free cellphones. Here is the top free government cell phones touch screen

The 10 Best Free Touch Screen Government Phones with Data in 2023

#1 Access Wireless

Lifeline Assistance provider is able to provide you with a free touch screen government phones with data, which has free calls of about 750 minutes each month! This is amazing and on top of that, you are given unlimited texts throughout the month plus 200 free data.

These free services can be accessed for residents of the following states. Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Delaware, Columbia, Georgia, Florida,Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Well, if you belong to any of the following states, then you are eligible to get yourself the above services. Access Wireless is the number 1 free touch screen government phones with data plan.

#2. American Assistance

With American assistance, you can get up to 500 free texts in a month. Also, you get to have free 500 minutes. American Broadband and Telecommunications also called Lifeline Assistance Company offers a half offering free government cell phone touch screen minutes as well as texts offered by other companies. This is compensated by free features. All subscribers to American Assistance get free call waiting, caller ID, three waits calling as well as voicemails. Its eligibility is found in the following states, Colorado, Indiana, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. It does not offer free data and maybe a challenge to people who use data everywhere they go.

The American Assistance also offers free touch screen government phones. If you are confused then easily visit their website to know better and recent offers. This is also a free government cell phones for low income. American Assitance lifeline phone is the best free government cell phone companies in this season.

#3. ASTAC(Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative)

Well, this specializes or targets people living in remote places especially along Alaska’s Northern Slope. The place is so remote hence making it difficult to use the likes of Lifeline Assistance. Well, you don’t need to worry if you come from these regions, the ASTAC company has got you covered.

It offers free calls and SMS monthly to residents of this region and as far as those who live on the West coast of Alaska. It only offers free minutes and texts. If you need to call in long distances, then you need a deposit of $200. There are the other best companies who provide you free touch screen government phones with data. You need to visit their website to connect for every offer.

Free Government Cell Phone Touch Screen
Government Phone

#4. Assist Wireless

This kind of network operates in Missouri, Maryland, and Arkansas and it offers great deals for both non-tribal and tribal residents of Oklahoma. It has several great plans including zero charges monthly. It has other great free plans such as accepting free phones with contract signing. Also, it allows customers to bring in those old phones. Here, you are able to get 1GB free data monthly. It also offers prepaid plans if you do not need additional charges on your bills. This makes it easier for residents from these regions to operate with ease.

Assist Wireless one of the best options for free touch screen government phones with data. I really recommend you for Assist Wireless company when you try to get a government phones

#5. Assurance Wireless

Here, you earn yourself a free smartphone, unlimited free texts, 350 free government cell phone touch screen and 500mb data free by just using this network. The residents of California are able to get unlimited calls as well as free texts and 500MB free data. Assurance Wireless is found in the following states; Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Delaware, Connecticut, Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Idaho, Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

The government has further assured its citizens that it will be available in other states. You are given a free cell phone and 350 minutes for free. If this is not enough for you, then you can subscribe to using the Virgin top-up cards.

#6. Q Link Wireless

With this network, you are given a free government cell phone touch screen, 500mb of data and unlimited texts all free each month. Another importance is that if you have some minutes that you didn’t use the other month, then you can be able to use them in the next month through a special subscription. It is available depending on the state that you live. To know if you qualify, then you have to check your zip code from Q Link official website. Q Link Wireless is available in the following states,

Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Colorado, Indiana, Idaho, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvanian ,Rhode Island, Texas, South Carolina Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Qlink wireless phone upgrade.

#7. Safelink Wireless

With Safelink wireless, you are able to get free 350 minutes free, unlimited texts and 500 MB for free. On top of that, you are given a free cell phone. For those who live in California, you are given an Android phone free of charge together with unlimited minutes and 500 MB data-free. This is the most trusted and the oldest among the 40 states including Puerto Rico and some districts of Columbia. If you are in other states other than California, you can use these two programs; One is that you bring your phone and get a free sim plus 350 free minutes well as unlimited texts each month. Also, you get free 500MB.

Another plan is where you are given a free government cell phone touch screen plus 350 minutes, 500 MB free as well as free unlimited texts. Thus, making it easy for those people who are not able to afford higher call, data, and SMS plans. Safelink compatible phones are best in the market. Safelink Wireless phones also the best free government cell phones. A Guide to Safelink Wireless Program And How You Can Get a Replacement Phone.

#8. Standup Wireless

Stand up pride themselves as being excellent to serving customers. They work to their best to ensure that their customers get the best of services all year round. This includes non-pressured sales. Also, they claim to be very understanding when it comes to late payments by offering a ‘float’ period where customers are not penalized in the case of late payments. They have to enter our Zipcode for you to be eligible. They also use outsider phones to be used on their services at this time.

If you qualify, you are given a free mobile phone. Of all the services, it is worth checking out this one as a new customer. It stands out as one of the cheapest ever and anyone can use it. Stand Up Wireless company provides free government cell phones.

9. TruConnect

TruConnect is another great network. Here, you are given free texts and calls as well as free 500 MB. Well, if you are a resident of Nevada, California, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Kentucky, then you can use TruConnect services. Those who live in California are given free texts, 500MB, and unlimited calls each month. Other states are only given 100 minutes, 500 MB and free texts per month. Those in California can get a free Android phone which has a 3.5 display.

This is an advantage especially to the residents of California as you are given an opportunity to select one out of the 3 available free government cell phone touch screen which has special features. Are you facing the question of what cell phones are compatible with Truconnect?. Then please visit the Tru Connect website to see all the plans.

#10. General Communication Inc(GCI)

With General Communication Inc, you are given a free government cell phone touch screen, 500 free minutes as well as unlimited texts. If you want to make long-distance calls and as well as 1 GB data, then you will just have to pay 1 dollar if you are a resident of Alaska.

This service is not as free as it sounds but where on Earth can you get such service offered just at 1 dollar? You can use this service if you have the following, food stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance, Alaska Temporary Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Alaska State Housing Cooperation Program, General Assistance, and Veterans Administration Disability Pension and BIA. Also, if your total income is below 135% based on the Federal Poverty Guideline in Alaska, you also qualify for the same.


In conclusion, free touch screen government phones are the future of technology. This program by the government has really assisted many people who are not able to afford mobile phones as well as mobile offers. Imagine being given unlimited texts and free calls to all networks the whole month? This is a really good offer and everyone should consider using this kind of program. It is taking over in all the states and the better earlier you start using it, the better. It is getting harder to find a person in the United States without a smartphone.

These plans are offered free because of the agreement between the government and the lifeline assistance program. This is to ensure that no one has a problem in terms of communication. In the near future, most countries are aiming also for the same so as to assist their residents and ensure that they aren’t faced with such problems. I hope you got a complete idea about free government cell phone companies.

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