The 10 Best Car Dealerships Bad Credit no Money Down of 2023

First off, the only way to get a car with bad credit and no money down is to acquire a car loan. Usually, these can be done through represented brand name dealerships with reasonable and realistic targets that suit the customers. Different brands have devised different means of letting their customers feel secure with them and at the same time open an enticing hive for the new customers to drop in much expectation.

State Line Nissan has for this reason; Broaden their lending partners to 25, availing loans for customers to acquire new cars. Prestige Auto Sales, on the other hand, has invested much in the online Field, calculating what works best for their clients through proceedings offering. Drive time; delocalized their services and dealership, now in your city and state.

The 10 Best In House Financing Car Dealership

10 Best Car Dealerships Bad Credit no Money Down

The Car Direct as a brand, holding their customers have to direct them to the next and ready dealership that would go with their bad credit. For this and some other top brands to choose from, Get the whole of what you need to know about them here in this article.

1. State Line Nissan

State Line Nissan highlights to their customer base that they understand bad credit happens. At times of the fault of our own doing but other times, it can happen because of court proceedings and important legal matters.

Why State Line Nissan?
Because the company understands, hardships can occur to individuals who do not intend to fall into bad credit. Opportunities can be misleading, but State Line wants their clients to know that they are encouraging them to build a healthy credit line. Finding car dealerships bad credit no money down can be exhausting. Although, State Line works with over 25 lending partners to converse the opportunity for individuals to afford a loan to get a newer vehicle.

Helpful Options
State Line does offer a “no money down” option. Thus, this option does have to be approved. Which, in most cases is the proper procedure to take for most lending companies who work with automobile auto loan financing?

Individuals that are or Have Experienced These Mishaps or First-Time Clients will qualify:

  • Unpaid mortgage
  • Student Loans
  • Individuals using State Line for the first time
  • Issues with repossessions
  • Fraud victim
  • Identity-theft victims
  • Experiencing bankruptcy both chapters

By applying online, anyone can be pre-approved and ready to build his or her way with good credit, while driving around in a new car.

2. Prestige Auto Sales

Prestige Auto Sales speaks to their clients with clear-cut quality. They ask that their clients be truthful about their credit history and how their bad credit came to be. With that in mind, they offer the proceedings to figure out what budget works for the client. This is important, because if a client cannot afford a particular budget, then it is time to rework what can be affordable via the vehicle payments.

The Upside

  • Over 50% of customers had bad credit but, were able to acquire a vehicle
  • Being realistic and helps their clients to find what they will be able to afford
  • Maps out a few several months to pay off the loan (60-month loan)
  • Offers a website to check where your credit score is at
  • Has an on-site Loan Calculator locate what vehicle their client will be able to afford via payments
  • New customers can apply online

The Downside

  • It’s standard knowledge that individuals with bad credit will have to pay a higher interest rate, more so than someone with decent credit
  • Prefers a down payment upon approval, but does not subject anyone to a down payment Prestige Auto Sales have three separate prime’s that can estimate what you will have to pay back, depending on the length of months acquired for the loan.

Car Dealerships Bad Credit no Money Down

3. Drive Time

The Drive time specializes in car dealerships bad credit no money down by searching for used automobiles and looking for dealerships that deal with bad credit. Drive Time operates as an online search engine retailer when it comes to shopping for vehicles online. This is a great idea because the website narrows down exactly what dealerships deal with bad credit and no money down options. This website is specific to the local area their clients live in so it will be different for everyone depending on the state they live in.

What to Expect:
Car dealers will run a credit check to see if your credit is improving
How long the individual has been employed and how long they have lived at the same residence
Potential lay-way plans available
Leasing the vehicle

Buy Here Pay Here – Auto Trader

Finding car dealers online may be the best bet in most cases. This is for one main reason; an individual can search multiple car lots for a car that fits their budget. This is where you can truly find car dealerships bad credit no money down without too much hassle.

The Pros

  • Multiple car dealerships available in your city or state
  • Has a credit help center
  • Allows their customers to pick out what they would like to pay for a regular payment
  • Offers questions to ask dealerships about bad credit and payment methods

The Cons

  • A down payment may be needed, however, asking the car dealer about this can be reasoned
  • Some down payments have a minimum of $500

Through Buy Here Pay Here Auto Trader, clients can sign up for a membership. This membership offers the idea to pair their client with the right used car dealer. In addition, a collective number of BHPH industry leaders collaborates the membership.

The best part of Buy Here Pay Here is that they listen to both the client looking for a dealership and the dealership who is willing to accept bad credit approvals. We suggest checking out the “Dealer Access FAQS” page to see what could be provided to you as a customer.

4. Cars Direct

Cars Direct offers deals on seasonal occasions for individuals with bad credit. The company’s main objective is to help those that have a score lower than 620 on their credit. As well as, anyone who has been turned away from purchasing a car and requiring the right type of car loan to purchase an automobile.

What to Do:
Cars Direct suggest in getting car financing. Good car dealerships bad credit no money down that offer such, are hard to come by. Especially, dealerships that specialize in supporting clients who are going through horrible financial situations.

What is great about Cars Direct is they walk their clients through the steps of reading the fine print. They tell how some dealerships may present a “no money down payment” with bad credit; however, the high-interest rate will act as the money down payment.

They specify the requirements needed for a down payment.

Cars Direct has a database search for new, used, new deals, and what auto loans can be used.
The advantage of Using

Instead of turning away upon hearing “bad credit” like most dealerships will, wants to see what they can do for their customers. By making it easy to apply online. The company also works with each client to find a local dealership who will accept a bad credit rating.

5. Honda

That is right; Honda will invest in their clients even if they have a bad or poor credit score. As far as car dealerships bad credit no money down goes, Honda is the place. Beforehand, locate your local dealership and contact their finical office location about having bad credit. They even fair to mention if you have no credit at all, they want to see how they can pair you with the right vehicle today.


  • Your local Honda Dealership office will work with you when it comes to bad credit or no credit
  • They offer various payments to see which will work out the best for their customer
  • They don’t turn away someone based on their credit history (bankruptcy)
    Offers Subprime
  • They offer a pre-approved loan instantly (no waiting at all)
  • Encourages individuals who have missed previous payments to build their credit

It may seem intimidating when it is a well-known brand; however, local branches of Honda are ideally looking for customers who need a reliable automobile. Even their used car lots have to be subjected to tests to ensure safety protocols and correct adequate functionality.

Cannot Make A Big Down Payment?
Honda understands. Contact their financial office to state what kind of down payment you might be able to make, or not at all. They offer this possibility with as less stress as possible.

6. CarHop

CarHop has all the good qualities anyone could want from a dealership. From the company’s humble beginning in the mid-west, CarHop focuses on getting people back on their feet.

What They Offer:

  • 18-month warranties
  • 18,000-mile warranties
  • Satisfaction back guarantee option
  • After 7 days if the vehicle you pick does not fit, you can switch for another
  • It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or no credit, they aim to serve everyone
  • Offers a huge selection of used in great condition automobiles

This business understands when Hardees have fallen on people. Because of this fact, when hardships prevent individuals from purchasing a car, CarHop wants to help. Instead of chastising and not helping, this company aims to help every client that walks through their doors.

7. Suburban Ford

Another well-known brand name who deal with car dealerships bad credit no money down. With a staff ready to help via in-person walk-in, email, website messaging, or over the phone, Suburban Ford may be one of the best places to look. What this dealership offers is being able to trade in an older Ford model for a brand-new model.

Suburban Ford Offers:

  • Auto Financing
  • A “your terms” option readily available
  • A dealership who can aid in the maintenance of your Ford vehicle
  • Has 70 year of excellence
  • A page for purchasing
  • Quick and easy financing fill-out page
  • Offers a bargain vehicle inventory to search through

The purpose behind Suburban Ford’s excellence rating for 70 years is by having their clients coming back year after year. Mainly for servicing but, when it is time to trade in for an upgrade there is no problem. Once your credit builds towards a higher score, they see your payments have been made on time, granting certain services at your disposal.

8. Southtowne AutoMall

With 12 dealerships under their belt, they serve all and every credit score individual. It does not matter if your credit is horrible; they insist on helping to rebuild your score. Southtowne AutoMall utilizes an easy step program to grant bad credit customers with quick approvals. They even have a request financing contact form on their website.
The best advantage is the dealerships offer of 90 days without any down payment necessary. This allows 3 months of saving towards putting more money on your automobile. Southtowne AutoMall has teamed up with Cyprus Credit Union to offer this 90-day non-down payment opportunity.

The Upside:

  • They have 3,000 plus automobiles to choose from
  • They will discuss the best payment option for your situation
  • No down payment necessary
  • Offers any servicing on your vehicle that’s needed

9. Frank Toyota

We know you have heard about Frank Toyota while watching television or listening to the radio. Car dealerships bad credit no money down may just be Frank Toyota’s specialty. This Toyota branch started out as a family owned business and after many generations, continues to be family owned and operated. If you decide to join with Frank Toyota, you can become part of the VIP membership that advocates towards lower pricing for members.

Their Offer:

The lenders available to Frank Toyota help their clients receive approval no matter their credit history. They suggest bringing in needed documents to solidify an approval which includes:

  • At least $800 monthly income
  • Utility bill to represent residential living (owned or rented)
  • Paystubs or deposits for proof of financial income

Stated on their website reads, even if you have had a repossess that should not prevent you from owning a vehicle.

10. Karz Plus

Karz Plus prides themselves on being the bad credit dealership, and for good reason. By offering guidance through the complexities that come with financing, Karz Plus adjusts to the situation their client may be in. Bad credit should not spell out not being able to lease or own an automobile. New customers can become pre-qualified by filling out their page online. Even better, this dealership throws in the competitive rates and terms pinned with financial options with new and used vehicles.

As experts in the new and used vehicle-financing world, they intend to better a bad credit individual’s credit score, to help improve their life. Bad credit can affect an individual’s short life quickly, leading to bank loans being rejected. However, with Karz Plus they want to change this ideology.

Karz Plus follows a quality over quantity rules. To put it simply this dealership wants to be the best at helping their customers instead of being the one lot with the most vehicles.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of the list; call them today to get started in selecting the automobile you need.


When it comes down to it, car dealerships bad credit no money down can be hard to come by. Nevertheless, why should that stop dealerships from helping their customers to build better credit? Families own most dealerships and each and every one of us has been in unsupported finical circumstances. All the 10 top ranked companies are exceptional in their dealings and conducts, each in their special way. There is, however, preference of some, if not one, over the other companies; that is based on their sustainability in the market and the extra services they offer different from others

When the new and used cars are brought to consideration, Karz Plus as a company will give the best service to an individual for in the market, they have been for long enough and they understand the market trend. My preference would be Prestige Auto Sales as a company. Besides the negative sides the company has, the online platform and forum is something they take pride on; online applications for new customers, Credit scores calculated and checked via their website. I would recommend this as the best.

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