Simple Ways to speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless for Free

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Assurance has been one of the top topics on free government cell phones in recent days. One of the main stories has been on devices, as the operator has asked its subscribers to get a model compatible with T-Mobile. However, its online retail shop is still empty. So, as the user, is it okay to bring my own device? And if not, how do I speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless to enquire about one?

Well, this will be our focus topic today, whereby we’ll look at the various ways you can contact the phone provider. They are about three of them, but the technique itself varies with the situation at hand.

Does Assurance Wireless Still Have Unlimited Everything

As you may know, various free government cell phone companies are currently offering services with unlimited everything. Assurance Wireless is a perfect example, whereby you can call, text, and browse with no limit. Even better, the provider has added a 10GB mobile hotspot to share data with your other devices that you might be using to work or study at home.

The largest part of this unlimited deal has been made possible by the recently released $14 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). And just as the name, Congress introduced it to help lower the broadband internet service bill for those consumers struggling with the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.

But whatever comes first, your service provider, Assurance Wireless, will notify you beforehand. So, you’ll have the time to decide if you want to revert to the limited data plan or continue with unlimited everything service at a fee.

How Do I Speak To a Live Person at Assurance Wireless?

Overall,  there are many reasons you might want some help with your Assurance Wireless account. Perhaps, you’re one of the subscribers who are still receiving the regular voice minutes and data allowance. Or maybe your phone has developed signs of ill-health, as with a  lot of people.

Whatever it might be, here we’ve covered the various ways you can speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless. We’ve divided the section into three main sections with the situations where you might need the extra hand.

They include:

Join the Lifeline Program

After you’ve decided to join them, Assurance Wireless gives you the option to apply online or offline. The former is the best and easiest means as you just need to input your zip code to confirm if the service is in your area. Then, click the bold Apply Now button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

If you’re unable to register online, perhaps due to an internet problem, you can also complete the process offline. You just need a working phone from either Assurance Wireless or other carriers. Then:

  1. Dial the customer service number 1-888-898-4888 and wait for it to connect. If successful, you’ll connect to the automated phone system.
  2. In the first prompt, press 3, then press pound (in case you don’t have an Assurance Wireless number)
  3. Next (in the second prompt), press 4
  4. Then (in the third prompt) press 3. The automated system will now try to connect you to the “most available” human representative. So, stay online and be patient as disconnecting will just require you to start with Step (1) again.

If you’re an existing Assurance Wireless customer, you can call 1-855-334-8346 to directly speak with a live person to help you with the unlimited everything benefit. You can also chat with a live representative by sending a private message via the operator’s online social platforms. That includes both the Assurance Wireless Facebook page and the Assurance Wireless Twitter handle.

Moreover, you could also get the local Assurance Wireless representatives to help you signup for the lifeline program. But since Assurance Wireless doesn’t have an actual physical store, you’ll find the reps camping outside (or nearby) social services offices. In some scenarios, you might even come across the traveling sales rep.

 Activate Your Assurance Wireless Service

First up, you necessarily don’t need to wait on hold to check your Assurance Wireless Service status. After you dial the customer service number 1-888-898-4888 and connect with the automated mobile system, just press 2 to get the information.

Another thing, it’s possible to join Assurance service from another carrier and still keep your current phone number that people know. However, the lifeline company provides that you’ll need to contact customer care on the toll-free number 1-888-321-5880to have a representative help you in the process.

Sad to say, though, a lot of people have complained about having to wait for long on this number as it’s what a lot of people know. So, we’d recommend using 1-888-898-4888 or 1-855-334-8346 instead.

In any case, after Assurance Wireless approves your Lifeline application, you’ll receive a mail within 2-7 days. In the mail package, you’ll have the free Android smartphone and an approval letter with your Account PIN.

how do I speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless

To activate the smartphone, switch it on, then give it some minutes to complete the initial setup (the device might restart). After it has restarted and come back on, the phone will ask you to customize the setup settings you’d like to have. But that’s something you can do later on. So, you can skip the process for now to complete the line activation.

To activate the phone, you just need to dial 611 and follow up the automated instructions until the end. When prompted to enter the Account PIN, check the details on your Assurance Wireless approval letter.

About Assurance Wireless Phones

Apart from joining, you can also contact Assurance Wireless if you have a problem with your phone. As was mentioned, this is currently a great concern for a lot of people with the ongoing transition from Sprint to T-Mobile network. It’s even been worse for the past year the carrier’s web store has been down as they prepare to stock up “devices that operate on the T-Mobile Network”.

If it’s to order a new phone, you have to contact the Assurance Wireless customer care team on the number 888-321-5880. In all fairness, this is kind of inconvenient as you won’t know the kind of phone to expect. It even hurt more when you can’t bring your phone and also the few Virgin Mobile phones compatible with Assurance Wireless will cease to work next year. ,

Therefore, whether it’s a replacement or upgrade, you have to wait for the branded Assurance Wireless device. That means you could end up going for up to three or more days without service if there’s a problem with your order.

However, you can always call the number above or use the Online Checker to view the status of your order. Alternatively, you can speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless social network platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

 Help With Your Current Phone

Other than shopping, you can also contact Assurance Wireless in case you needed assistance with your current Device. Some of these situations include:

  • Report a damaged cell Phone: you can call customer care on the number 1-888-321-5880. Although it’ll vary, you can get a replacement Assurance Wireless phone for free or at a small charge.
  • Report a stolen or lost phone: similarly, you’ll need to call customer care at 1-888-321-5880 immediately to disable your account and ensure no one uses your remaining data balance. Also, you can begin ordering a replacement, which, of course, you’ll need to pay. 
  • Update software on the phone: At times, you may get a message from Assurance Wireless asking you to update the software on your phone. If you don’t know how to go about the process with your Kyocera, Unimax, Samsung, or any other phone model, you can call customer care at call 1-888-321-5880.
  • Unlock your carrier-locked phone: indeed, that’s the truth. The 4G touchscreen phones that Assurance wireless gives you are eligible for unlocking. In fact, the mobile operator carries out the process automatically remotely once you fulfill the eligibility requirements. If it’s not possible to unlock your device remotely, you’ll get a message with all the steps you need to complete the unlock process. But in case you also don’t receive the notification, you can contact the Assurance team at 1-888-321-5880 to provide it.

Manage Your Lifeline Account

Last but not least, you can speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless if you need help managing your Lifeline account. A good example right now is when you’ve registered for the EBB program, yet the provider still gives you a limited data and voice minutes allotment.

When that happens, you can use the existing customer communication channel via the phone number 1-855-334-8346. You could also use the automated customer service number 1-888-898-4888to connect with a human agent. Or else, privately message the live customer care agents on the Assurance social networks.

Apart from the delayed voices minutes, the other times you can reach out to Assurance Wireless on managing your lifeline account are:

  • Enable Caller ID to see who’s calling
  • Add more data and or voice minutes
  • Upgrade to a paid unlimited rate plan
  • Change your permanent home address
  • Reset the old (forgotten) voicemail password
  • Access your account after forgetting the password
  • Add/ remove international plan for calling outside the US
  • Cancel or port out your number from Assurance Wireless

Remember To Be Careful

 As you can see, there are multiple ways you can speak to a live person at Assurance Wireless. The most common is calling the toll-free customer care numbers or chatting online with the social networks support team.

However, the lifeline provider also does have an in-personal support team distributed across various locations. But since the carrier only operates online, you’ll mostly find the representatives on a tent outside the social service offices. In a few cases, you can also come across the reps along the road or at your door as they try to offer you the service.

The good thing with the local tent or traveling reps is that they can help you signup and activate your device instantly. On the negative side though, you could risk exposing your personal information to culprits posing as Assurance reps. So, you’ll need to be more than careful or else opt for the online or in-call registration.