How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

There exists a vast variety of cell phone tracking software in today’s world.  Some of these tracking applications are so advanced, that apart from being used to locate lost or stolen cell phones, they also have the ability to monitor a device’s call logs, text messages, web browser history, and social media activity. Please follow the full guide on how to track a cell phone location without installing the software.
1st Step:      


IMEI is less complicated than you think! A lot easier. There is a reasonable app. you’ll use that mechanically and on the QT connects to the phone which will observe and extract the IMEI variety of the cellular phone just by coming into the number of the device into the app. Once the remote association is established, the app can collect knowledge like text messages, call data, photos, videos, Facebook messages and a great deal additional. It’ll conjointly use the IMEI variety of the phone to trace its location as long because the app remains connected to the device.

The name of the app is phone sector and it’s developed and marketed by Phone Spector LLC, a US-based company that focuses on knowledge security for mobile devices.

What’s IMEI?

Every phone, unless it’s counterfeit, has a global Mobile Station instrumentation Identity (IMEI). It’s a 15-digit range that’s specific and distinctive to a mobile. Kind of like spyware for cell phones, it is often wont to realize a phone once it’s lost or has been purloined.

More details about IMEI

how to track a cell phone location without installing software

How Do I Find My IMEI Number?

The location of your IMEI vary may disagree counting on the mobile device you have. Below detailed instructions for finding your IMEI on iPhone and Android devices.

Find your iPhone IMEI:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Click on About.
  • To move down the screen to IMEI and write down your number.

Find Your Android IMEI (Method 1):

  • Check the rear of your mobile phone for the IMEI
  • Tracking sum. If it’s not there, you would like to follow the steps below.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Manuscript to About Phone.
  • Write down the IMEI number that turns up.

Find Your Android IMEI (Method 2):

  • Turn your cell phone off. 
  • Diverge the battery cover and battery. 
  • Look for the IMEI in bye your phone and copy it down. 

How To Locate Your Cell Phone Using IME

1.Contact The Police

It would be known to contact the police if your smartphone has been purloined. Give them along with your phone IMEI variety, so they must be ready to track it down for you.

2. Ask Your Cell Phone Provider

If you’ve lost your mobile phone, you’ll be able to raise your supplier to seek out it for you. Simply provide them your smartphone’s IMEI to go looking for.

3. Use An IMEI Tracking App

There square measure lots of itinerant IMEI trailing applications you’ll use to find your device. With most of those apps, you simply enter your IMEI variety and it will realize your device. One in all the most effective ones for mechanical man and iPhone is IMEI hunter.

That’s everything there’s to grasp concerning IMEI pursuit and the way it is often wont to find your smartphone. Knowing your IMEI range will positively facilitate once your smartphone is lost or taken.

2nd Step:  

     Locating an iPhone Using GPS & Mobile Me                                                      

Mobile Me subscriptions embody an iPhone GPS surveyor service known as “Find My iPhone.” Apple permits users to find their iPhone by work into the Mobile Me web site. A map of the phone’s location is displayed on the screen victimization Google Maps. A definite address isn’t provided, however, Apple permits users to remotely wipe the device, play AN alert sound for 2 minutes, and show a message on the screen, though the device is fastened. There square measure alternative GPS pursuit devices for the iPhone, together with ILocales, Mobile Spy, IHound, and Navision. The best phone tracker app without permission.

This tool might assist you.

3rd Step:  

Locating Cell Phones With AccuTracking

AccuTracking may be a paid service that allows people to trace the standing of a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iDEN, or mechanical man mobile in real-time. The service provides the precise locations of the device, providing the speed and direction of travel. The service claims to be a coffee price kid locater, ideal for involved folks WHO square measure on a budget. Account-holders log into the secured network server and consider the phone’s position employing a Google Maps vogue layout. This is often a good technique for victimization GPS to find a telephone. AccuTracker is perfect for how to track a cell phone location without installing the software. This is also the best phone tracker app without permission.

Accutracking website

4th Step:

Carrier-Based GPS Tracking Options

Carriers within U. S. provide location primarily based pursuit for his or her mobile devices. Major suppliers, together with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint provide GPS pursuit for families and firms. The phone’s location is updated overtimes with the carrier associate degreed relayed to the mobile account holder on an interactive map. The carrier’s square measure introducing new social network pursuit options that modify your friends to check wherever you’re.

Look at Starchase website

5th Step

The Legality of Tracking GPS Locations of Strangers

Using GPS to track a cell phone location without installing software is associated invasion of privacy and misery. Legal exceptions exist, as oldsters will track their children’s phone and employers will track the whereabouts of their staff exploitation GPS. It’s misery to put in chase package on someone’s phone while not his or her data. Stalking somebody by exploitation GPS is punishable by state and federal laws.

Exploitation GPS to find a transportable may result in restricted knowledge as a result of the cell subscriber becomes vulnerable.

6th Step:                     


While there are several strategies that tell you the how to track a cell phone location without installing software or while not putting in the code, you’d even be interested to grasp that one would work the most effective for you. As an example, if you’ve got AN iPhone, you’ll head over to use the intrinsically feature, ‘Find My iPhone’ to search out your iPhone. Whereas this methodology is just about helpful, allow us to tell you that this may solely offer you data regarding this location of your phone and will not be invariably specific.

Unfortunately, the robot phones don’t have any such intrinsically feature that might facilitate realizes their location and would need you to try and download a third-party app to do the requisite. Even though robot devices had an intrinsically feature to find someone’s telephone location, we will bet it wouldn’t offer you precise details of someone’s location and wouldn’t be specific. To trace someone’s telephone location accurately, you’d have a watching answer that not solely helps you track the precise location of the telephone however conjointly provides you data regarding its location history.

The watching answer that might assist you to attain each the items is none aside from Mobistealth. This watching tool helps you find someone’s telephone with or while not GPS and works for each robot and iOS. It teaches you the way to trace a telephone location while not putting in any code or a third-party app.

Not solely that, it causes you to verify a way to track a telephone location while not them knowing. just in case you own AN iPhone, then you are doing not ought to install any software; you’ll merely track someone’s telephone location by exploitation the Apple ID credentials of the target phone to start following their phone’s location. The internet best phone tracker app without permission.

How To A Tap A Cell Phone Location Using Mobistalth

Mobistealth is thought to be the final word cellular phone huntsman as a result of it helps you faucet someone’s cellular phone location even once the normal GPS-based apps fail to perform. So, if you’re curious about knowing the way to faucet a cellular phone then you’ve got to administer this cellular phone huntsman a strive.

Basically, Mobistealth could be an observation answer to your mobile phones and computers. It encompasses basic observation options to advanced police work options like decision recording, emails, and text messages observation surrounds recording in addition as location pursuit.

Using Mobistealth is kind of straightforward and simple. All you wish to try and do is transfer the Mobistealth app from its official web site and so twig deployed on your target’s cellular phone. As shortly because the observation app is deployed on the target’s device, the app can begin keeping a track of their whereabouts and therefore can cause you to find out how to faucet a cellular phone.

About Mobistealth

Wherever your target goes, regardless of what location they’re at, this observation app can keep you aware of their whereabouts and you’ll be able to get to really track their location through your Mobistealth online dashboard. With this cellular phone huntsman, you’ll be able to track a cellular phone location online through the dashboard.

Just in case you’re feeling your target is somewhere wherever they shouldn’t be, then you’ll be able to now provide them a decision or reach intent on them. If your kid is stuck in a very wrong place and wishes your facilitate then you’ll be able to reach intent on them instantly and facilitate the start of that state of affairs before something goes miserably wrong.

You can track someone’s cellular phone location with the assistance of Mobistealth remotely from any place and at any time. This suggests you’ll be able to be anyplace, outside or within your home and keep a watch on your target’s cellular phone location. Excluding pursuit their location, this observation app additionally permits you to monitor their text messages, calls, and emails. All the knowledge relating to their online activity will be monitored through this observation app. This is the powerful apps on how to track a cell phone location without installing the software.

7th Step:


How To Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing

The easiest thanks to beginning following someone’s phone while not their data is to get a spy app that provides you this capability.

There is a unit lots of code packages out there for each iPhone and Androids that supply this capability, however, most of them need putting in code on the target phone.

There is a unit many, however, that does not need any form of access to the person’s phone and you will not need to on the Q.T. install any code either. This is often the best manner of on the Q.T. following AN iPhone while not the user knowing.

Our app of selection is Spy. And one in every one of the first reasons we have a tendency to advocate it’s as a result of it doesn’t need you to possess access to the target phone. On prime of that, it’s very straightforward to use and comes with an entire list of powerful options. Let’s take a glance at many. Absolutely best phone tracker app without permission.

How to Track Someone by Phone Number

While it’s attainable to trace associate degree iPhone’s location, it needs over simply a sign to try to this. There square measure a few of various choices. One needs putting in software package directly on the phone. Typically mentioned as a spy software package, it permits you to observe the placement and far additional.

The second choice to be used solely with iPhones is to search out a software package that merely collects the phones location knowledge and different info from their iCloud account.

Cell Phone Location Using Spy

Tracking a telephone is comparatively straightforward with the proper tools. This is often one amongst a lot of powerful options for spyware.

Once you have the app put in and set up you will be victimization a web dashboard to look at all of the data. Spy’s dashboard is very intuitive and straightforward to use. You’ll even monitor multiple devices ought to the necessity arise. Here is a pic of the dashboard you will be victimization.

Simply choose the knowledge you want to look at from the alternatives on the left-hand aspect of the screen. All relevant knowledge is displayed instantly.

The only time there’ll be a delay in obtaining data is that if the target phone is outside of cell coverage. Once the phone comes back to a coverage space, the knowledge is instantly updated. Perfect and best phone tracker app without permission.

As we tend to mentioned before, this computer code is intended to chase iPhone and golem devices. This is our number seven ways how to track a cell phone location without installing software.

8th Step:    

Google Earth?

Cell Phone Location using Google Earth?

Initial of all, you have got to open the online browser and search for Google Earth and hit on the enter button.

  • Enter the login details as well as Google Email ID and positive identification of the device that you simply would really like to trace on the Google Maps.
  • Currently, enter your mobile range or visit an equivalent link on your mobile application program and hit on the “Send a link to my phone”.
  • On the transportable, you’ll receive a text message with the address.
  • Then, faucet on the address link to open it on your mobile application program. Obtaining the address link on your transportable can charge you extra betting on your cellular network supplier.
  • Subsequently, permit Google to access your location. Faucet on the “Yes” once the window pops up specifically “Allow Google Latitude to look at your current location”.
  • On Google Earth, you’ll realize the placement of the mobile phone. One may raise the latitude request to seek out the latitude of a mobile phone. 

I have been completed 8 ways about how to track a cell phone location without installing software.


The above discussion is about mobile location. Here are tips to find out many mobile locations. I think, 1st Step, 2nd Step &last Step means 8th Step is better for you. Because these are easy to use.

While this may seem impressive, invasion of another individual’s privacy has always been a major disadvantage when it comes to cell phone tracking programs. With this said, is it then possible to track a cell phone location without installing software. I have discussed with the best phone tracker app without permission from the owner.

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