How to Get Free Mobile Phones From the Internet Today

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In this modern-day, everybody needs a mobile phone. Imagine not having a phone in 2021, you will be very disconnected. It will be hard to stay in touch with your loved ones. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to buy a new cell phone. Some people really just live paycheck to paycheck and buying a new phone is the last thing they would do. Not everyone has the money to spend on a new phone. Maybe you wonder, how to get free mobile phones from internet?

Maybe you want to get a new phone for your mom, your dad, or any of your family members who can’t afford to buy one. Don’t worry! If there is a will, there is a way. We’ll show you how to get a free phone from the internet. This way, you don’t have to worry if you can’t afford to buy a new phone for yourself or your family member. There are a few ways you can get a free phone.

Is it really possible to get a free phone from the internet?

Yes! It’s actually possible to get a free phone from the internet. It might sound too good to be true, but it will start to make sense once we explain it to you. But how? Well, there are two legitimate ways you can get a phone for free. The first one is by qualifying for the lifeline program and you’ll get a free government cell phone. And another way to get a free phone is by subscribing to providers’ bundling plans.

What is a lifeline program? The lifeline program is an assistance program created in 1985 by the Federal Communication Commission. This program is meant to help low-income individuals to have access to a cellular network. It’s intended to make communication services more accessible for everyone, especially low-income earners. There are many lifeline providers in the United States. Some only give you free services, but some others may give you free cellular services as well as free phones.

How to Get Free Mobile Phones from the Internet
mobile phones from the internet

And for the provider’s bundling plan, you can pick one of the major providers in the US. Some providers may offer you a free phone if you opt for the one or two-year contract. With this, you only need to pay the monthly subscription fee. They will give away the phone because the monthly fee already includes everything. You will get a phone of your choice as well as plenty of other benefits like unlimited calls, texts as well as data. On the list below, we’ll show you where and how to get free mobile phones from internet. In case this doesn’t answer your question, take a look at our quick guide on how to get free smartphone online next.

1. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is currently one of the biggest lifeline providers in the United States. The best thing about this lifeline provider is because the network is supported by Nextel and Sprint. This way, you know you can expect the best coverage and service. Assurance Wireless will give you a free Android smartphone if you subscribe to its service.

The option depends on the availability, but it always offers some decent smartphones. And in addition to your free smartphone, it also provides you with plenty of other benefits. With Assurance Wireless, you get unlimited talk time and text. There will be no contract and you’ll get 5GB of data every month. And the best thing is, you have free access to customer care, 911, and unlimited calling to 211.

2. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile offers world-class no contract, unlimited text, and talk as well as data with its ultra-fast 46 LTE speeds. Why should you choose Metro? The network covers 99% of the area in the United States. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best choices if you’re looking for a reliable provider. While other providers usually don’t offer the latest phones for free, Metro stands out from the crowds. When you decide to sign up or switch to Metro, you get to choose a free phone from top brands like Samsung and LG. As of today, you can grab the Samsung Galaxy A21 or the LG Stylo 6 for free. In fact, you can get up to 4 phones with zero fees. What a great deal!

3. Access Wireless

Access Wireless has been serving the community for years. This is why it’s still one of the most excellent lifeline providers so far. Its mission is to help people who are struggling financially to stay connected with friends and family. Besides that, this lifeline provider also helps low-income individuals to be reachable by employers. The best thing about Access Wireless is its nationwide coverage.

There’s also an international calling availability. With this provider, you get to choose the best smartphone from top brands like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and more. If you’re a subscriber, you will also get unlimited texts, 1000 minutes of call time, and 2GB of data every month. With nationwide coverage, this is a perfect choice if you move a lot across the states.

4. Verizon

Verizon has transformed how people, businesses, and technologies communicate. It sets a new standard for the next industrial revolution. The future is here. With Verizon’s 5G network, witness the fastest speed the world has ever seen. This provider stated that nothing matters more than its customer. It always strives to make the world a better place, more diverse, and more inclusive.

By signing up to Verizon, you get to enjoy its exceptional service. The free smartphone selections from this provider are great. Are you an Apple fanboy or girl? You can get a free iPhone SE on a two-year contract. Do you prefer stock android instead? The Google Pixel 4A is also free with a 24-month contract. Find out what phones can be used on Verizon network here.

5. Qlink Wireless

Qlink’s mission is to make people connected wirelessly, regardless of their income. It wants to make the wireless network more accessible and inclusive for everybody. Especially the low-income individuals, they must be the priority. Qlink is known for its superior customer service and it also provides plenty of benefits to its subscribers. If you sign up for this lifeline program, you get to enjoy unlimited talks and texts every month. Not only that, but you’ll also get 4.5GB of monthly data.

There’s no hidden fee! All subscribers will have no monthly bills, no credit checks, no contracts, and no surcharges. And if you’re lucky, you may get an Android phone plus unlimited data, voice, and texts all for free. Just check out the Qlink website to see if you’re eligible.

6. Cricket Wireless

While AT&T isn’t offering you a free phone, you can get one from Cricket Wireless instead. This is the subsidiary of AT&T and the network is fully supported by AT&T. It means, you’ll get excellent cellular coverage all across the country. And the best thing is, Cricket Wireless offers you the latest phones completely free if you subscribe to the monthly plan. There’s a wide selection of Android phones you can choose from. This year, you may get LG Stylo 6,

Motorola Moto G Power, Samsung Galaxy A11, Nokia C5 Endi, or the LG Fortune 3. There are so many options, which is why this provider is the most interesting one. Cricket Wireless is always committed to making your wireless experience easy. It’s truly a provider you can trust.

7. Safelink Wireless

Safelink believes that cellular access is a basic human right. And because of that, this provider has a mission to bring people access to a cellular network. It’s important to stay connected with family and friends. With Safelink Wireless, not only you’ll get a free phone, but also many other benefits. First, you get to choose a phone depending on availability.

It usually offers the latest entry-level phones. And on top of that, you’ll also get unlimited data as well as unlimited voice calls and texts every month. Doesn’t it sound like the best deal on the internet? Not many lifeline providers can give this much value, given the fact that the service is completely free.

8. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile provides you with everything you need in a wireless carrier. It offers high-speed data, unlimited music streaming, along with unlimited talk and text. What else you could ask for? It gives you everything you need already. By signing up to Boost Mobile, there’s a wide selection of the latest smartphones to choose from. And the greatest thing is, there’s no annual service contract. One thing that this provider provides that others don’t is the mobile hotspot capability. Now, you can share unlimited data across all your devices and even your friends. If you decide to sign up or switch to Boost Mobile, you’ll get a phone completely free. You get to choose between Motorola Moto G Fast, LG K51, or Samsung Galaxy A11.

9. TruConnect

TruConnect has a mission to make cellular service more affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s committed to making your communication needs more affordable. The Pay-As-You-Go has been very popular lately since the program ensures you get all your communication and data needs covered. If you subscribe to TruConnect, you will get a free LTE Android smartphone.

And in addition to that, it will also give you free talk minutes, texts, and data every month. With a wide array of smartphone options, you can just pick one that best suits your needs. The great thing about TruConnect is that it also offers free international calling. Most lifeline providers mostly just give you free national calling, so TruConnect really gives you a special package.

10. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is hands down the most excellent cellular provider in the United States. This provider also happens to be one of the oldest. With decades of experience and innovation, you know how reliable the network is. By subscribing to T-Mobile, you’ll have a network that goes farther than ever before. Signal has never been this powerful. You can get a free smartphone from T-Mobile via the 24 months plan.

We love the fact that T-Mobile offers the latest smartphone selections, unlike other providers that usually offer older phones. In this 2-year contract, you get to choose between the Samsung Galaxy A11, Motorola Moto G Play, LG Stylo 6, or LG K51. The monthly payment is also shockingly low, starting at only 6 USD per month.


After learning about how to get free mobile phones from internet, now you know that it’s actually possible. Some people might think it sounds too good to be true. But there are many legitimate ways to get a free phone from the internet. Be it from the lifeline providers or the major providers’ bundling plans, there’s always a way to get the best deal. However, you need to be careful and never forget to do your research. Make sure you subscribe to a legitimate provider and read the reviews before subscribing. Before you leave, what if we told you that you can also get cell phone services without paying?