How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying?

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Most people seem to be more dependent on cell phones. Everyone carries them everywhere at all times now. We use them mostly for calls and text, but others also use a cell phone for data service. However, the cell phone service can be really expensive if you sign up for the wrong plan. It’s the least favorite part to experience. Many people feel that phone bills are eating their budget. They may be looking for ways to cut expenses and wish to know how to get free cell phone service without paying. If cell phone service is available for free, we are sure many people consider shifting to free cell phone service. There may be some compromises you will have to be willing to make if you decided to shift for free service. Here, we will give you some best options to get less expensive and even free cell phone service.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying?

It seems that more companies are keeping everyone connected in this world, so they offer data plans more accessible for everyone. It allows many people to save on phone bills, regardless of their income level.

1. Sign up for the Lifeline Program

Signing up for the Lifeline program is one of the ways to use your phone without paying for the service. It’s the government program for low-income people to help them afford cell phones, internet, and telephone services.
To qualify for the program, you should participate in some type of federal assistance. These include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, etc.

You’re also eligible if your income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To apply for Lifeline, you will need to provide your most recent pay stubs, tax return, and proof of membership of federal assistance. You can check the provider company that works in your area.

If you can’t get it for free, you can also try to get the least expensive cell phone plan, especially for seniors.

2. Wait for deals from mobile providers

Mobile providers are always competing with each other. They often have special deals to entice customers to switch using their service. You can take advantage of these special deals, like free or discounted mobile internet for your new cell phone and plan.

Some providers may give you a very low price for the first year or two of the service plan. Or they give a free month or two of unlimited mobile data. However, the promotions differ by company and seasonally. It’s a good idea if you follow their social media accounts and subscribe to their email newsletters to see what’s for the latest promotions.

3. Ask your employer

There is a possibility that your job may have a program for employees to get free cell phone services that include data. However, you may be limited to only using your work phone for work purposes.

If there isn’t anything like this in your jobs, you still may benefit from asking if the company can consider it in the future as a benefit for its hard-working employees.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying
Free Cell Phone Service

4. Check with your local Department of Job & Family Services

Some areas have special programs for low-income citizens that help them get a free cell phone as well as a service plan to let them stay connected with jobs, their loved ones, and friends.

You can always call or stop in to ask about its programs to welfare departments in your area if you’re not sure what they offer. They may have a program for cell phones and service plans. Or they can help you cover the cost, so you can afford to buy some data.

Popular free cell phone service plans

Many providers offer discounted service plans and even free service plans. All you have to do is doing some research to get the best one. We will help you through the best options and popular free cell phone service plans available in the market.

1. FreeUp Mobile

When you visit the FreeUp Mobile site, you will find that the company immediately markets the free plan to visitors on their homepage. FreeUp Mobile offers affordable cell phone service plans. They are cheaper than most carriers. You will find a 3-month introductory plan at a very affordable price.

This includes a Starter Plan with 15USD/month, which allows you to get 3GB of data. Second, Popular Plan with 8GB of data for 20 USD a month. Last, 15GB of data on Premium Plan for 30 USD a month. The three 3-month introductory plans include unlimited talk, text, and free calling to Mexico, Canada, and to over 60 destinations.

If you need more data, you can purchase the additional data anytime. But, unused data will not roll over to the next monthly plan cycle. FreeUp Mobile also allows new customers to keep your phone number. You can also get a new one with them.

2. FreedomPop

FreedomPop may be the best answer to your question on how to get free cell phone service without paying. With a 0 USD Plan, you’ll get unlimited Wi-Fi calling on compatible phones, 10 texts, 25MB of 4G LTE data per month, and a SIM Kit. But, you need to pay 10USD for SIM Kit.

They also offer 250 minutes, unlimited text messages, Wi-Fi calls, plus 1GB of data for only 15 USD a month. If you choose unlimited minutes, you can get it for 17 USD per month. Need more minutes, texts, and data? Worry not! They’ve got you covered! You can add more minutes or text start from 3 USD and data for 8 USD.

New customers can keep their phone numbers when switching to FreedomPop. Plus, there’s no contract and fee. To find out more about FreedomPop coverage, check out their website.

3. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is one of the cell phone service providers that offer very affordable service plans. It’s the best option to fit your needs and budget with the flexibility to add data at any time.

The cheapest plan starts at just 15 USD a month. For that, you’ll get unlimited text and talk. If you need data on an as-needed basis, you have the option to buy it for 5 USD per GB. Republic Wireless also offers plans for those who want to use data, as a plan for 25 USD a month. It includes unlimited text, unlimited talk, and 2GB of data.

Oh, and if you choose the annual payment cheapest plan with unlimited text and talk, it’s only for 10 USD a month. Plus, you’ll get 2 months free. There are no hidden fees and no contracts, so you can leave anytime. What’s more, you’ll get the best coverage from Sprint or T-Mobile.

4. Ting

If you want to have a self-control method for your budget cell phone plans, Ting can be your best option. It gives the power in your hands at almost free service. Want to start a small or go big? The choice is yours!

Ting offers several service plans starts from 10 USD per month (Flex Plan). It includes unlimited talk and text. You can add the data for 5 USD/1GB. Other plans are Set 5, Unlimited, and Unlimited Pro that includes fast LTE/5G data.

You can track the use of your plan, so you will always know where you are on your monthly usage. Plus, you’ll know when you can talk less or more. It’s the best way you’re not charged for stuff you don’t even need.

5. Consumer Cellular

If you wish to know how to get free cell phone service without paying, the Consumer Cellular cell phone plan is one of the ways. It’s one of the highest-rated service providers. Besides, they won “Highest in Customer Service among Non-Contract Value Wireless Providers” from the J. D. Power Award, four years in a row.

You can get the cheapest monthly plan at 25 USD per month for one line. The plan will give you unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data. If you’re an AARP member, you will get 5% off on your bill. If you need two lines, the monthly plan goes down to 20 USD per line per month. But, 500 MB of data is shared.

Also, customers don’t need to sign a contract with Customer Cellular. They are free to leave their plan at any time. Besides, the company offers has a 30-day risk-free guarantee, which allows the customer to cancel the service if not happy.

6. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers the free cell service option. There is an option for a three-month introductory service plan for only 15 USD. It includes unlimited nationwide text and talks, 4GB of data per month, Wi-Fi calling and text, plus a 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit.

What we like the most is that when you run out of data, Mint Mobile will not charge or cut your data. Your data is unlimited, but data speeds will slow. They also allow you to bring your own unlocked phone.

7. Infiniti Mobile

If you opt for Lifeline Program to get free cell phone service, Infiniti Mobile can be your great option. If you’re eligible, you will get a free cell phone along with a free monthly plan. It includes unlimited texts, 100 minutes, and 1GB of data.

Besides, free Lifeline services include the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, nationwide calling, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID, free 911, and 3-way calling. Qualifications for the Lifeline program may vary by state and proper documentation of income or program participation is required for enrolment. Also, the cell phone model, activation fee, and phone pricing may vary by state.

How can you use a cell phone without service?

Mostly, the cellular data needs a carrier’s service signals to work. However, there are many ways you can make use of your phone without high data.

Also, you can do most of the things you usually do on your cell phone without a sim card and you won’t have to get a phone plan either. We will show you how you can use a phone without service.

Wi-Fi hotspots

You can get free Wi-Fi every once in a while in public places, like restaurants, libraries, and coffee shops. People can send and receive phone calls and texts without service or a sim card over Wi-Fi. To ensure security, we recommend using a VPN if you connect to public Wi-Fi.

Share your friends or family’s hotspot

You may also ask your friend or family who doesn’t mind sharing some of their unlimited data with you by asking them to turn on a mobile hotspot on their device if it has that function. It can only work if you’re within close range of your friend.

Google Voice

Whenever your cell phone service is unavailable, you can always use Google Voice to make a voice call. Google Voice will need to be linked to your phone number. When you have an internet connection, you can use an old number to use Google Voice. However, you won’t get the incoming call option.

Use apps for free calls and messaging service over Wi-Fi

Mobile apps can be pretty convenient to make calls without service. Simply just visit and download one of the many free Wi-Fi calling apps on your device while you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts are some famous apps that don’t need cellular signals or a sim card for texting and calling. However, it only works if both people have a specific app being used.

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All in all, now you know how to get free cell phone service without paying. There are some ways you can still use your phone, even without service. Every cell phone service has its advantages and disadvantages. You will have to do some works to find which service will work best for your needs and budgets. Getting free data and service for your cell phones has never been easier with all the great plans and apps. However, make sure about your phone usage before you sign up for a plan. So you don’t get trap in a plan that will never work for you.