How to Activate an Unlocked Phone with Verizon by Yourself At Home

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Verizon’s one of the major telecommunications giants here in the U.S. As you (possibly) know, the company was the first to bring to us a 5G network, though, other networks have also joined in. Regardless, the purpose of this article is to show you how to activate an unlocked phone with Verizon at home without having to visit the local dealer.

The network provider’s one of the best options if you needed certified unlocked cell phones or even bring your own device. Hence, the main reason we’ve decided to do this topic as the company’s a little vague on details.

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Verizon network has some of the most enticing cell phone plans, including unlimited packages for a worry-free experience. It’s also one of the companies that give free phones when you switch or add a new line to your existing plan.

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Note, the Verizon eGift Card is only available online and goes until 30th November. Also, you have to bring your smartphone for as long it’s 4G/ 5G capable and compatible with the service.

Bring Your Unlocked Phone to Verizon

As we’ve just mentioned, Verizon does allow you to bring your favorite phone brand to their network. However, your device must pass the Verizon compatibility check, support 4G/ 5G, and be unlocked for the Verizon network. For the latter, you can buy an unlocked phone and use it with Verizon. So, you necessarily don’t have to wait for the carrier to bring the phone model you want if it’s available elsewhere.

After you confirm your device’s compatibility with the Verizon network, the next thing is to activate. It’s a simple process that you can do yourself, or else at a local Verizon dealer.

How to Activate an Unlocked Phone With Verizon Yourself

Technically, there are three different ways you can activate an unlocked phone with Verizon by yourself. You can either activate online, through the app or the telephone.

1. How to Activate an Unlocked phone with Verizon Online

Online is the easiest and convenient way to activate your unlocked phone with Verizon. Of course, you’ll need to first create an account if you’re new to the carrier, but the process will only take you like three or five minutes.

If you’re an existing customer and you want to activate a new or previously owned device, you don’t need to create another Verizon account. You just need those details you used to sign up so that you can access your account.

Here’s a quick on how to do that …

  1.  Go to and click the “Sign In” menu on the top right corner. Select “Sign in to My Account” to open the login box.
  2. Type your Verizon account username and password to access your Verizon account
  3.  Once you’re in, select the Account Tab on the top menu, then scroll down to “My devices”
  4. After clicking “My devices”, you’ll be redirected to eleven more submenus, which now have the “Activate or switch device” function that we need.
  5. Select now that “Activate or Switch device” tab. Then choose “activate a device on an existing line”.
  6. Finally, click the line you would want to activate on your new phone. Then, follow the on-screen instructions that pop until completion.

Note, after completing the activation, Verizon may have your phone and SIM card working within a few minutes. In some cases, nonetheless, the process may take up to 24 hours, though it’s very rare.

Another thing, there’s a code you’ll need to finalize activating your Verizon phone. If you have another line on your account, you’ll need to authorize it to receive the text message code. If this is your first phone and line with the carrier, you can contact Verizon or visit the nearest local dealer.

2. How to Activate an Unlocked Phone with Verizon Via My Verizon App

This is very similar to Method 1 (a) above, only that now you’ll be using your Android or iOS device. It’s also very easy or even easier to use considering you have already downloaded the My Verizon app to your phone

It’s worth noting My Verizon app is only compatible with Android devices that have at least a v5.0 OS. That means you can’t use it with a phone like Galaxy S4 Mini. If you’re an Apple user, your iOS device/s has to be operating on 11.0 or higher.

More on that, you can only use the app if all the mobile lines under your account are on any of the following data plans:

  • Just Kids plans
  • Unlimited plans
  • Shared data plan (5GB)
  • Shared data plan (10GB)
  • The new Verizon plan shared data plans

Another thing, you can only access the My Verizon features depending on your type of role. The network carrier has three different user account levels, including Account Owner, Manager, and Member.

As the Account Owner, you’ll have access to all account info, assign account managers, and also change the account PIN. The Account managers you assign will also have access to almost everything you have, but can’t change the account PIN or assign another manager/s.

As an account member, however, you’ll only have access to your mobile line, in which case you can activate or upgrade your phone line (on account). You can also purchase content for your phone from the Verizon store, but won’t be able to cancel a pending order.

But again, you can only activate your Verizon phone after your pending order is complete or canceled. As an account member, this is to say you won’t be able to activate your phone with Verizon unless you have access to the Verizon account owner or any Account Manager.

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In any case, here are the steps to follow when you want to activate an unlocked phone with the My Verizon app.

  1. Download and install the My Verizon app to your unlocked Android or iOS phone
  2. Open the mobile app, then tap the Account tab (located at the bottom). You can enter your password if prompted
  3. Scroll down to the “Add a new line” menu and click Add
  4. Select “activate a device I already own”, then click the Next button
  5. Now tap “Activate a different device. Then, follow the onscreen instructions that appear until the Review stage. If everything is okay at this point, confirm with the “Got it” tab
  6. Finally, scroll down and check the “Accept Verizon Customer Agreement” box. Then, “Confirm”.

3. How to Activate an Unlocked upgrade Phone with Verizon Via Telephone

Although many people prefer online or app, you can also activate your phone with Verizon by calling the service number. You only need to have your SIM card, receipt, and the device that needs activation. Also, you’ll need to have another active phone, preferably from the Verizon Account owner or an account manager. This phone’s the one we’ll be using to call the Verizon service number to initiate the activation process.

Here’s a quick guide on how to activate your newly upgraded phone with Verizon:

  1. Before you even begin the activation process, back up your old phone to iCloud or iTunes if using an iPhone. In Android, you use the account settings to back it up.
  2. Disable the iMessage on your iPhone if you’re switching from iOS to Android.
  3. Turn off your old phone by holding the power button
  4. Remove the SIM card from the old one and insert it into your new phone. If you have a new SIM card from Verizon, you can skip this step.
  5. Turn on your phone and enter your Verizon PIN when prompted. If your role’s an Account Member, you might need to put the PIN code of the Account Owner.
  6. Once the device is on, it will take you to the greeting screen. Follow the on-screen instructions that appear to set up your device and customize features like language, WiFi network, and location.
  7. After that, you can now restore your previous backup through the on-screen instructions. Thereafter, the device will take you through other on-screen instructions to finish up the setting.
  8. After the setup of your new device is complete, the “Get Started” button will appear. Tap the button and you’ll notice a progress bar on the screen, then the word “Verizon”.
  9. Next, get an active phone and dial (877) 807-4646. Then, follow the voice prompt instructions.

Note, you’ll just need Step (9) if you’re working with a brand-new phone and Verizon account. If your mobile line is under the role of an Account Member, you’ll need to have the Verizon Account PIN of the Account Owner.

How to Activate Unlocked Phone on Verizon at Local Dealer

In case you’re stuck in either of the three activation methods above, that’s not the end of it. You can still activate your device by calling the human Verizon support on telephone number (800) 922-0204. Alternatively, you can visit a Verizon retail outlet near you, and the agents will activate for you at no charge.

If you’re switching from iOS to an Android unlocked phone, you must prepare both your new and old phones. In the latter, which happens to be an iPhone, you’ll need to download and install the latest Google Drive. Then, sign in with your Google Account (you can create one if you don’t).

Important Notes

Once you’re in your Google Drive, back up your content, which you can do individually or all at once. Then, go to the settings and disable iMessage and FaceTime features. This will help ensure you won’t miss any messages or calls when using the Android.

Finally, sign in on your Android phone while using the Google Account you used during the previous backup. All your data in Google contacts, calendar, and photos apps will sync up automatically.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s how you can activate an unlocked phone with Verizon while using either iOS or Android. In case you’re hoping to live on Verizon, you can sign up for the Verizon cloud for easier access to your files.

Unlike with iCloud, iTunes, or Google Drive, you can access the Verizon cloud from the My Verizon website or Verizon cloud app regardless of your phone system. The network carrier has three different cloud plans to choose from, including the Unlimited storage that you can share with up to five users and unlimited devices.

In any case, we’ll stop our topic here for now. We hope the article has answered your question and you’ve been able to activate your device.