A Guide to Safelink Wireless Program And How You Can Get a Replacement Phone

You have just enrolled for the lifeline Assistance program with the Safelink Wireless but before very long, your phone got lost or broken. It was your first time to use the service but since you didn’t get to go through the policies page, frustration has hit the core of you. Deep in your mind is all about some muddled questioning. Can I use my current phone with my Lifeline registration? Or how do I get a replacement Safelink phone? Will I get back the 105 minutes which my phone had?

Well, for sure, the answers to your questions lie somewhere on the Safelink Wireless page. Nonetheless, a lot of people hardly go through the section of the FAQ, and or the Terms & Conditions (a god guess is you’re amongst them).

Anyhow, here at Free Cellphone Locator, it’s our goal and joy to ensure you get to enjoy your Lifeline subscription fully. That’s why we’re going to share with you some important tips on the Safelink replacement policy in case your phone gets lost, stolen, or broken.

But First, What Is Safelink Wireless?

In brief, Safelink Wireless is one of the most recognized and largest providers of the Lifeline program. The service is government-supported but managed by TracFone Wireless, Inc., who ensures the obligation on the low monthly cost of phone and internet is both effective and efficient. For one to qualify for the service, certain eligibility requirements must be met. These requirements vary by each state and the qualification is determined by individual participation in the State/ Federal support programs.

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Those who rest at or below the Income Poverty Guidelines as stated by the U.S. Government are eligible for the Safelink Wireless program too. Some of these income-based qualifications include an Annual household gross income of $25, 700 (for 1 to 2 members). If you’re 5 members in your household and with an Annual gross income totaling to/ below $ 42,500 you can qualify for the Safelink phone too.

how do i get a replacement safelink phone

Still, on the qualification, you must be residing in the U.S., which of course, has to be proved with a valid physical address. You’ll also have to provide your social security number so that the Safelink team can determine if you’re receiving State benefits. Some of these benefits are Medicaid, National School lunch program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Federal Public Housing Assistance (or Section 8), etc.

NOTE: While applying for the Safelink program, it is worth to note the service is limited to only one person per head. So, don’t go around complaining that your application has been declined yet your mom is already using the service.

Safelink Wireless Phone Plans

To ensure they serve their consumers optimally, Safelink Wireless has up to three service plans to choose from. The three allow you to enjoy nationwide text, local calls, voicemail, free-roaming, and 411 directories. How you get to enjoy these features depend on the number of airtime minutes that you’ll receive in your subscription plan. Also, the plan you are using will determine how your minutes are carried over each month and the charges of your texting.
Here are the Safelink plans that you can choose from:

68 Minutes Plan

If you prefer this option, Safelink allows you to enjoy 68 free monthly minutes, with 1000 text messages and free international long distance calls. In case the allowance of 1000 minutes is used up, the deduction now comes from the voice minutes at a rate of 18.5 SMS/ Min. With this plan, you can rollover your unused minutes into the next month.

125 Minutes Plan

For this plan, you get to enjoy 125 free monthly minutes, with 1000 text messages as well and carryover of the unused minutes. Unfortunately, the subscription plan doesn’t support free international long distance calls, so, you have to pay for them. Also, the deduction rate once you exhaust your provided allowance is a little higher as you only get 10 SMS per minute.

250 Minutes

With this package, Safelink provides you with 250 free minutes every month, plus 1000 text messages. Unlike the other two, this plan doesn’t support rolling over the unused minutes or free international long distance calls. You have to pay for them.
This now brings us to another aspect which sometimes leaves people in doubts of,

Is Safelink Cell Phone Really Free?

Well, the notion of the term “free” in Free Safelink cell phone is somehow confusing as we can say the service is not 100% free for the said month. Yes, you get to receive that 250 free minutes of wireless voice service with no activation fees, recurring fees, or surcharges. But there are, still, some charges you might be required to incur to fully enjoy the provided free minutes.

With the 250 Minutes plan, for instance, you’ll need to add more airtime for your unused minutes to carry over to the next month. You’ll need to buy and redeem a TracFone Airtime Card, which, then, will roll over the remaining minutes for the next three consecutive months. For you to enjoy the three added months fully, nonetheless, you must top up the airtime before the 25th day of the month. Otherwise, your airtime balance will be reset on the 26th day and will not be rolled over to the next month.

Remember To Keep Track Of Your Safelink Wireless Minutes

To avoid the resetting of your airtime balance when there’s, still, a significant amount of minutes left, you need to keep track of your phone. The way you check your remaining minute’s balance varies depending on the type of phone you’re using. You can visit Safelink’s website (if you’re using a smartphone) and follow their provided guidance on how to check your minute’s balance. Follow more step to know how do I get a replacement Safelink phone.

If you don’t have a smartphone, on the other hand, you’ll need to go through a special process we’re going to guide you through.
First, press the “Menu” key on your phone to get the “prepaid” option

  1. Press “OK” or “Select”
  2. Use the scroll buttons to select “Redeem airtime” or “Add airtime”
  3. Scroll down or press “OK” until you see the message “Card #” or
  4. “Airtime PIN”
  5. Use your phone’s dialpad keys to enter the number “555”
  6. Then, press “Ok”

In case you are prompted for a promotion code, just press “No” and wait for a few seconds. You’ll receive a message with your minute’s balance. Which, then, will help you determine if you’re going to add more Tracfone Airtime to roll over the balance to the next month. Or you’ll just leave it to reset for the free minutes of the new month.

The Safelink Phone Is For Using, Don’t Keep It

That’s true. The Safelink phone that you have received is to facilitate communication in times of need, including during emergencies or with a potential employer. For you to continue using the program, you have to use your Safelink cellphone for at least once every 30 days. Or else, the service provider will deactivate your phone, which later will require you to contact Safelink customer service for the reactivation.

But sometimes it’s usually not one’s will to fail to use his phone in that one time. It can get damaged or stolen and you didn’t know how to go about it. In such a case, you’ll first need to replace your cellphone, then do the reactivation.
But then, how do I get a replacement Safelink phone? Will my lost airtime get restored as well?

How to Get a Replacement Safelink Phone

When it comes to the Lifeline phones, the providing carriers usually feature distinct but almost similar LOST or STOLEN policies. Although it’s very essential, a lot of people hardly read through the page containing these terms and conditions. And once they lose their phone, they end up drowning in frustration.

Luckily, Safelink Wireless features a very clear replacement policy that needs no clarification. It (the policy) states that each customer is liable for one replacement phone if the original one is lost, broken, or stolen. The lost phone will be permanently deactivated and the replacement model activated for use.

So, making contact with the Safelink customer service is the first step to starting replacing your broken or stolen or lost phone. The technical support team is available 7 days a week and they’ll guide you in the entire process.

While inquiring for a replacement cellphone, ensure you have the details of your Safelink phone number, home address, birth date, and even social security number. This will help the representative serving you identify and verify you as the account holder.

Mailing and Activation

Once contented with your information, the representative will then initiate the next step. This will involve mailing your replacement phone to your stated address and you’ll not be charged any cent. Nonetheless, there are no rush delivery means. Hence, you can wait for up to 10 business days for the package to get to you.

Sometime back, we used to come across some complaints concerning the status of the replacement Safelink phone. Since they never bothered going through the policy page, these users would claim that the replacement cellphone they have received is not new. And also that the minutes they have been given are not the same as the balance they had on their original phones.

Renewed and Considerations

As a way of telling you to be more careful next time, Safelink Wireless doesn’t offer a brand new replacement phone. The service provider usually provides a refurbished one and in case you lose it as well, you’ll have to purchase an additional phone now.

If you lost your phone with a significant amount of minutes remaining, Safelink usually includes only 10 minutes of airtime. Any additional airtime lost will not be replaced unless the phone got lost while in transit to the customer. In such a scenario, both the lost phone and airtime may be replaced.


Safelink does have a one-year warranty policy that can win you a new phone in case the other one provided was defective. Nonetheless, the warranty only covers for the phone’s hardware but not the contained contents. So, you might need to back up your personal data on a secondary device.

If your phone is older than one year, the best alternative to replace your defective Safelink phone is by getting a brand new one. This also applies if you would wish to transfer your current benefits from an old model to a smartphone. The upgrade, however, will cost you around $69 but the price might vary depending on your current residence. This is so as the Safelink phone store doesn’t provide the upgrading phone directly but using a third-party cellphone merchant instead.

Unlocked Replacement Safelink Phone

Not long ago, Safelink has begun proving its customers with unlocked replacement phones, though, under certain terms and conditions. These conditions include:

    • You have to be the original account holder/ subscriber
    • The current device you’re using must be locked
    • Your Safelink program have to be currently active
    • The Safelink phone you’re using must have been in service for at least 12 months
    • Your locked phone must be in good working condition.

Once you go through the above terms & conditions and you feel you fit in, you only now need to call Safeink’s customer support. Then, forward an unlocking request.

What can we say about Replacement Safelink Wireless Phones?

Safelink Wireless is a service provider that has truly saved millions of low-income Americans with affordable means of communication. The service provider is not the only giving this Lifeline program but it’s the largest, oldest, and the most recognized of all the other companies.

Speaking of the phone replacement, Safelink Wireless and TracFone have truly helped in away. The subject is not 100% rewarding as you’ll get a refurbished phone instead of a new one and with only 10 minutes of the lost airtime. But, at least, you get to receive a device for you to continue using before you purchases a brand new one. I have been completed the guide how do I get a replacement Safelink phone?.