The Two Easy Ways to Get a Replacement Access Wireless Phone

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Access Wireless is one of the dozen free government cellphone companies we currently have here in the States. But does the operator allow you to bring your own device to the program? And if not, how do I get a replacement Access Wireless phone for my account?

Well, these are some of the questions we’ll be answering in this short guide. I’ve only included what might be relevant, including the kind of phones to expect and the two main ways to get the replacement.

What’s a Replacement Access Wireless Phone?

In various cases, we tend to use replacement and upgrade phones interchangeably. However, we can place a replacement Access Wireless phone as what you get to “replace” whatever you currently have.

We have various reasons that may make you want to replace your current Access cellphone. They include:

  • Malfunctioning:

If your phone from Access Wireless breaks, you can replace it with another one that’s working to continue using your service.

  • Lost/ Stolen device:

You can also get a replacement Access Wireless phone if your current one is lost or stolen. But as we shall see shortly, the rules to replace here aren’t as gentle as in the case of malfunctioning.

  • Incompatibility:

Basically, your phone must have the right network technology to continue working with a particular carrier. For instance, T-Mobile is the new carrier of Access Wireless. Thus, the old consumers who were using the lifeline via the Sprint towers had to get another phone that will work on T-Mobile.

Also, all the major carriers will be phasing out the old 3G network bands by the end of 2022 (T-Mobile has already done it). And to continue getting service, most had to replace their old phones with a new device compatible with 4G LTE.

  • Better mobile experience:

The free phone you receive from Access Wireless is akin to the phones that Assurance Wireless Gives entry-level models. You’ll have to get a replacement at your own cost to enjoy the latest features like NFC, 4K video capture, or more built-in memory.

What’s an Upgrade Access Wireless Phone?

Simply, an upgrade Access Wireless phone is what you get when you’re looking to improve your mobile experience. Perhaps, you want to get faster data speeds, stronger WiFi signal, more storage options, NFC payments feature, or the ability to record videos in 4K, all of this can be summed as upgrading.

So, the point above on a “better mobile experience” can apply with either a replacement or upgrade Access Wireless phone. The same can be said when you’re replacing a 3G phone with a 4G (LTE) or 5G device since you’re upgrading to a better network.

What Kind of Phone Does Access Wireless Give You?

As was just mentioned, the kind of phones that Access Wireless usually give you are usually entry-level models. Most are brands you’ll not even find from our local stores, plus also they are a few years old or pre-owned.

Regardless, this is a thing with the majority of lifeline providers and not just Access Wireless. For instance, the phone that TruConnect will give you when you apply will be brands like Maxwest Gravity, BLU, or ZTE.

Assurance Wireless, which I mentioned earlier, also has ZTE on its backup inventory. But the primary stock of the subcarrier is mostly WIKO and UNIMAX- you can see my argument on unknown brands.

Meanwhile, our subject, Access Wireless, was handing out Sky Devices Elite G55 through its lifeline earlier this year. Later on, they started mailing out the BLU C5L- series. But if I’m to be honest, either smartphone is far worse than the free Sky Devices government tablet StandUp Wireless has just dropped. Why do I say this?

Replacement Access Wireless Phone
Cell phone

 Apart from 4G connectivity, the rest of the features on this Access Wireless smartphone are very, very basic. If it’s the built-in memory, you only get 8GB ROM/ 1GB RAM, a 1.3GHz processor, 5MP main camera, and 480x960p display.

So, you can so much expect your phone to have issues like freezing, overheating, and incompatibility with high-graphic apps.

Does Access Wireless Have Bring Your Own Device Program?

Different from Assurance Wireless, Access Wireless supports BYOP (bring your own phone). You can insert and use your SIM card in any of the unlocked cell phones that are compatible with the network and also software.

The lifeline carrier has an online ID checker where you enter the IMEI to check if your phone is compatible or not. I’d recommend making use of it instead of assuming your device will work but disappoint you later.

How Do I get a Replacement Access Wireless Phone?

The process to get a replacement Access Wireless phone varies from one user to another. It usually depends on the reason you may be needing a replacement device in the first place.

But the four reasons are grouped into two categories, whereby you can get a “free replacement” or a “paid replacement”.

Part I: A Free Replacement Access Wireless Phone

A free replacement Access Wireless phone is only available when your previous device has malfunctioned or has incompatibility issues.

In the case of malfunctioning, the lifeline carrier approves requests on issues arising from manufacturing defects. A few examples include broken firmware, charging problems (not all), plus call and data issues.

Even so, Access Wireless will only replace your malfunctioned phone within the warranty year. And in various cases, you’ll have your phone repaired instead of replaced.

As for the incompatibility issues, lifeline carriers do provide free replacement phones when switching their service to a different network. For instance, Access Wireless has been offering devices compatible with T-Mobile to the old customers who were using phones on Sprint.

But Access Wireless is an online-only service and doesn’t have physical stores you can go to replace your malfunctioned or incompatible phone.

You can only request the free replacement via either the online Contact Us form or by phone. The phone call number is 1-888-900-5899 for new customers, 1-866-594-3644 for old users, or 611 for either (new/ old customers). And once they approve your request, you’ll receive the new device through the mail.

Tip: same as when applying for the program the first time, you don’t get to choose the Access Wireless phone to receive. The company will send whatever is available in the inventory- but revolves around Sky Devices, BLU, and NUU.

Part 2: A Paid Replacement Access Wireless Phone

If you want to replace a lost or stolen Access Wireless phone, all the cost will be on you. The same applies to defects from the user’s carelessness or when you want to upgrade to a better/ decent brand.

In the meantime, Access Wireless has a retail section where you can purchase your new replacement phone at subsidized rates. The featured catalog includes entry-level options from as low as $50 and high-end iPhones/ Android brands of $1000+.

If you’d prefer the latter but can’t pay the cost upfront, Access Wireless does have a buy now pay later cell phones program. The financing program allows you to spread out the cost up to 24 months, albeit it may need a good credit history.

Alternatively, you can purchase your desired replacement phone elsewhere with a great deal. The lifeline provider supports the BYOP program, remember? Just make sure your purchase is fully unlocked and also has the right (T-Mobile compatible) network frequencies.

Once with the BYOP device, you can try swapping the Access Wireless SIM card and see whether it will connect. If it doesn’t connect (likely to happen), use a different phone and call 866-594-3644 to have the representative help you switch to the new device.

The 10 Best Replacement Access Wireless Phones

Some of the best entry-level and premium phones you can use as a replacement Access Wireless phone include:

Phones Compatible with Access WirelessYear of ReleaseSupported NetworksROM vs RAM
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G MediaTek Smartphone20215G & 4G LTE64GB, 4GB
LG Aristo 5 HD+ LTE Android Cell Phone20204G LTE32GB, 2GB
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 4G LTE Bionic Phone20174G LTE64GB, 3GB
Google Pixel 3XL QHD+ Android Cell Phone20184G LTE64GB,4GB
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G-Capable smartphone20205G & 4G LTE128GB, 8GB
NUU (F4L) LTE Nano-SIM Flip Phone20204G LTE4GB, 0.5GB
Apple iPhone 12 LTE/ 5G Smartphone20205G & 4G LTE64GB, 4GB
Motorola G Pure (2021 Release) Phone20214G LTE32GB, 3GB
Apple iPhone XR HD-Voice A12 Bionic iOS20184G LTE64GB, 3GB
Google Pixel (5a) 5G-Enabled Snapdragon20215G & 4G LTE128GB, 6GB

Important Notes:

  1. After receiving your replacement Access Wireless phone, you’ll need to activate it to be operable. The activation instructions are usually in a printed manual inside the box of the device. But you can always reach Customer Care at 1-866-594-3644 in case of any difficulties.
  2. Once approved for the free replacement, you can receive your new device within the first week or up to a month
  3. In case of a lost/ stolen Access Wireless phone, you should report it to Customer Care immediately (at 1-866-594-3644) to prevent someone from using your allotment. But your account will remain in suspension for only 45 days, then it gets deactivated
  4. Phones received/ purchased from Access Wireless come locked to the network for at least One (1) year.

Common Related Questions:

Does Access Wireless provide a free phone?

Yes, Access Wireless will provide a free phone when you apply for the service for the first time. It also gives a free replacement when your previous device malfunctions or if your current one is incompatible with T-Mobile.

How do I get a new Assurance Wireless phone?

Similar to Access Wireless, you can get a new Assurance Wireless phone by applying your details through the official website. If it’s a replacement device, the company doesn’t have BYOP or a retail department at the moment. So, you’ll have to contact customer care directly at 1-888 321-5880.

Can I upgrade my Access Wireless phone?

Indeed, you can upgrade your Access Wireless phone to a decent brand with a faster processor, more memory, stronger network signal, and other sophisticated features. You can upgrade from the catalog on the Access Wireless online store or purchase from the local dealers with the best deals.

5G is Still Unavailable

In conclusion, this is everything or rather crucial things, you should know on how to get a replacement Access Wireless phone. It’s a pretty straightforward process as you just need to write or call the carrier and see if they’ll approve you for a freebie.

But, in my opinion, it’s better to just buy or lease your own replacement phone. You won’t have to wait for 4 – 30 days, which is usually the timeline for Access Wireless to send another device. Then you get to have your preferred brand with more decent features.

However, as you bring your own phone to Access Wireless, do know the lifeline carrier doesn’t support 5G at this time. You only get up to a 4G LTE connection while even on 5G-capable devices.