The 12 Best Free Phone When You Switch To Metro by T-Mobile

After Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile (formerly called MetroPCS) is another provider of affordable cell phone services. The provider also frequently offers deals on rebate redemption, whereby you get some discount when you add a new line. Even better, you can get a totally free phone when you switch to Metro from an eligible carrier. Like right now, the offer includes the recently-released iPhone 12 series and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. But then, do you have what it takes to qualify?

What’s The Best Free Phone When You Switch To Metro

Metro by T-Mobile currently has at least fifteen free phones that you can consider when switching to their network. In this article, we’re going to briefly review about half of them, including the four you can use to migrate to the 5G network.

The best free Metro phones with 5G support include:

What You Should Know About Free Phone deals when you Switch to Metro

If you have been thinking of upgrading your phone, now might be the best time to do it with Metro by T-Mobile. The MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) has been offering wireless service for over twenty years now. So, it’s a company you shouldn’t have any piece of doubt about when dealing with them.

As of the ongoing offer of free phones with Metro, you can qualify by adding a new line to your account or porting an existing number. Even so, the former only features two phones (Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and OnePlus Nord N200 5G), for now. Then again, you won’t get a full rebate redemption of the full retail price.

Free Phone When You Switch To Metro

Meanwhile, all the port-in activations (bringing your number from another carrier) have the surety of a complete rebate off the full retail price. Your port-in activation to Metro service can be from today or at most 180 days ago.

Another thing, some of the free phone deals will need you to activate your line on the $60/mo. plan, or else no deal. The plan is the highest of all in that you get everything the other two plans offer and more.

Note, in some cases, you might need to trade in a qualified device to get your desired free phone. A good example is the recently-released iPhone 12 Mini, which, of course, is a great deal considering its $730 price tag.

More on that, let’s now look at the key features of the various free cell phones with Metro, as well as what you need to qualify.

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Comparing the Features of the Free Phone Deals when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile

Cell Phone BrandFull Retail PriceRelease YearKey Features
Apple iPhone 7$349.99(Now $0)September 2016iOS 1032GB Memory12MP Single Camera
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G$289.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1064GB Memory 48MP Quad Camera
Samsung Galaxy A21$259.99(Now $0)June 2020Android 1032GB Memory 16MP Quad Camera
OnePlus Nord N200 5G$299.99(Now $0)June 2021Android 1164GB Memory 13MP Triple Camera
Apple iPhone 12 Mini$729.99(Now $0)November 2020iOS 1464GB Memory 12MP Quad Camera
Apple iPhone SE$399.99(Now $0)April 2020iOS 1364GB Memory 12MP Single Camera
OnePlus Nord N100$179.99(Now $0)November 2020Android 1064GB Memory 13MP Triple Camera
Motorola Moto G Stylus$239.99(Now $0)April 2020Android 10128GB Memory 48MP Triple Camera
Motorola Moto G Play$159.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1032GB Memory 13MP Dual Camera
T-Mobile REVVL V Plus 5G$199.99(Now $0)July 2021Android 1164GB Memory 16MP Triple Camera
LG Stylo 6 $259.99(Now $0)May 2020Android 1064GB Memory 13MP Triple Camera
Alcatel Go Flip 3$99.99(Now $0)September 2020KaiOS 2.54GB Memory 2MP Single Camera

***FRP (used below) means full retail price**

1. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

The A32 5G is one of the newest models in the Samsung Galaxy series. It’s a mid-range device that could be yours at no cost when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile if you certify all the requirements.

Just as the name advertises, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is 5G-ready if you want to enjoy super-fast downloads, crystal communications, and seamless streaming. It also has the latest Android 11 operating system and Media Tek Dimensity 720 processor. So, you can as well enjoy smoother gaming at 90Hz instead of the usual 60Hz. Did we mention the smartphone has a 48MP quad-camera system and 4K recording capabilities?

How to get the Free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

  1. Purchase the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G at FRP ($289.99) at a certified Metro store
  2. Transfer an existing cell phone number from an eligible carrier
  3. Add a line on the $60/mo. phone plan
  4. Receive instant rebate off the FRP

Note: You can get rebate redemption of up to two devices per account or household. You can also switch to metro with a new number but will get a $220 rebate off the full retail price.

2. Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is also a recent device in the market and a perfect pick if you’ve always wanted to own an Apple label. It integrates the advanced iOS14 and A14 Bionic processor, which ensure you can still operate smoothly when multitasking.

The smartphone has a compact design that you can hold or carry in your pockets without a hassle. However, you can still enjoy your favorite games or stream TV shows on the go in crisp, HD quality.

Speaking of streaming, the iPhone 12 model is 5G-compatible, which means you’ll be able to make the most from your subscription. It’s also Mobile Hotspots-capable incase you wanted to share the hotspots data with your laptop or other users.

How to get the free iPhone 12 Mini

  1. Switch to Metro with an existing cellphone number
  2. Activate the line on the $60/mo. unlimited plan
  3. Trade-in at least $100-worth device

Note: Metro by T-Mobile will give a $580 instant rebate off FRP and later on $150 after three months of service. The offer limits two devices per account and also you must have no balances to receive the last rebate.

3. OnePlus Nord N200 5G

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is yet another device you can use on both 4G and 5G networks without downtime. It has the new Snapdragon 480 system that Qualcomm has just innovated to enable mid-range and lower-end phones to access 5G technologies.

Other than that, this smartphone has almost everything you need in an upgrade device. If it’s the memory status, you’ll have 64G built-in storage and a microSD card support of up to 256GB. Then, the Ram stands at 4GB for faster processing speeds and efficient multitasking.

Furthermore, the phone has a 6.49-inch display that you can stream all your videos in full HD. It also has a 12MP triple camera, with HDR and a built-in LED flash to make sure you’ll get detailed shots all the time.

How to get the free OnePlus Nord N200 5G

  1. Purchase OnepLus Nord N200 5G from approved Metro stores
  2. Port an existing number and activate online
  3. Receive a $230 rebate off FRP

Notes: The offer applies to up to two devices per account or household. Also, you can switch to Metro with a non-port activation (get a new number) and get a $170 rebate off the FRP.

5. T-Mobile REVVL V Plus 5G

Technically, the T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G is a lower-range phone but includes most of the features you desire from luxury brands. For instance, it has the Media Tek Dimensity 700 processor that not only have 5G support but also ultra-fast performance. In other words, you should get speedy downloads and lag-free gaming, streaming, amongst other functions.

The smartphone does shoot some decent scenes with its 16MP triple camera system, including vivid 1080p videos@30fps. Then, you can save your data files in the built-in (64GB) storage or an external MicroSD card of up to 256GB.

How to get the free T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

  1. Purchase the T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G from verified Metro Stores
  2. Transfer an existing cell phone number to that phone
  3. Activate that line on a $60/mo. Unlimited phone plan
  4. Receive a full rebate off the $199.99 FRP

Notes: you can get an instant full rebate of only two smartphones per account/ household. After that, you’ll have to purchase the device/s at the regular retail price.

6. Apple iPhone SE 2020

This is an upgrade of the original iPhone SE that Apple released in 2016 but later discontinued. Even if you have the first-generation, the second is still a worth pick, starting with the performance. The iOS 13 and the A13 Bionic chip used to put it together can handle thousands of operations in a second.

Secondly, the iPhone SE 2020 has a slightly larger display and a True Tone feature that you can set your content to look more natural. You’ll also get 64GB internal storage, and the camera can record in 4K quality at 24fps 30fps, or 60fps.

Furthermore, the Apple device now has NFC technology for contactless payments, something the predecessor didn’t have.

How to get the free Apple iPhone SE 2020

  1. Purchase iPhone SE 2020 from verified Metro dealers
  2. Port an existing wireless number to that phone
  3. Activate the line on the $60/mo. phone plan
  4. Trade-in at least a $10-worth device
  5. Receive instant full rebate off $399.99 FRP

Notes: Metro provides instant rebates of up to two iPhone SE 2020 per account or household. After that, you’ll have to purchase the device/s at the regular retail price.

7. Motorola Moto G Stylus

The Motorola Moto G Stylus is one of the most talked-about models from the American manufacturer’s 2020 catalog. It’s not only budget-friendly but also includes tons of state-of-the-art features, such as the stylus for more precise editing.

The Snapdragon 665 engine at the core is also ultra-responsive no matter the kind of functions you’re running. It’s also compatible with high-graphic games, which you shouldn’t experience any kind of lags from the fitted 4GB RAM.

More on that, the Motorola smartphone has 128GB built-in storage and a dedicated slot for up to 512GB MicroSD card. So, you can now store more of your files without having to pay for a cloud subscription.

How to Get the Free Motorola Moto G Stylus

  1. Purchase a Motorola Moto G Stylus from certified Metro dealers
  2. Port your current or any existing wireless number to that phone
  3. Activate that mobile line
  4. Receive an instant full rebate off the $239.99 FRP

Notes: You can as well get a full rebate on another Moto G Stylus of a mobile line added to your account. However, the offer doesn’t apply to more than two devices per household.

8. Alcatel Go Flip 3

Last but not least is the Alcatel Go Flip 3 that could also be yours at no charge if you have a spot of the classics. It combines that old technology in a modern style such that you can appreciate features like Goggle Maps, YouTube, and Google Assistant.

The display of the flip phone has a colored setting, albeit relatively small. It’s also compatible with a 4G LTE network and HD voice functionality for crispier, natural-like call quality. Then, you could share your internet data with your other devices through the built-in Mobile Hotspot function.

Furthermore, the Alcatel Flip 3 has bold and intuitive physical keys for faster typing. You can also use over M4/T4 hearing aids without the signals interfering with each other.

How to get the free Alcatel Go Flip 3

  1. Purchase an Alcatel Go Flip 3 from participating Metro stores
  2. Port-in your current or any other existing wireless number
  3. Activate your line on either of the Metro phone plans
  4. Receive instant $99.99 rebate off FRP

Notes: Metro gives full rebate of up to two Alcatel Go Flip 3 phones per account/ household. However, you can also get New Line rebates, but you’ll have to visit a Metro Agent for more details.


If it’s not the best, Metro by T-Mobile is one of the best providers of wireless phone service. It has nationwide coverage through the T-Mobile towers, including the newest 5G bands. In fact, all the Metro prepaid phone plans do include 5G support, which is very convenient if you have a 5G-capable device. If you don’t have one, this article has included four options that could be yours at $0.

Of course, you can only get the free phone when you switch to Metro service, but most of us usually use different carriers at home. So, it shouldn’t be that hard.

To conclude, do remember that these ongoing offers are available at select Metro stores and only two lines per account/ household. Also, there’s a $20 fee that you have to pay to activate each line you need.