The 10 Best Free Phone When You Switch To Cricket

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On our page, we’ve talked about Cricket Wireless for quite some time now. It’s one of the affordable cellphone services, especially if you would want to go unlimited with multiple lines. Not to mention you can get a free phone when you switch to cricket with an existing number.

The cricket deals are more like the MetroPCS add a line get a free phone offers we were talking about yesterday, apart from the provided device. In this T-Mobile’s division, we saw you can get multiple 5G-compatible smartphones, including the latest iPhone 12.

When it comes to Cricket, they don’ have $0 deals on any of the 5G devices. However, you can get up to a $300 discount on the recently-released Samsung Galaxy S20 and several other latest smartphones.

What’s the Best Free Phone When You Switch to Cricket

At the moment, Cricket is featuring eight different devices on its free (zero dollars) phone deals. It only has one Apple product on the catalog, then the rest are Android models from varying brands. They include:

In case you want to upgrade to the new 5G network, Cricket has about four 2023 smartphone releases at discounted prices. They include:

What You Should Know about the Free Phone When You Switch to Cricket Deals

First of all, you have to remember that Cricket will be expiring its 3G service in about six months. So, now’s high time to take advantage of their free cell phone deals before you lose service. The provider does also lease cellphone with no credit check in case you don’t qualify for either of the $0 promos. But again, what do you really need to qualify?

Well, the free phone deal is only available to those who transfer/ port in an existing number to Cricket Wireless. However, the mobile operator is a division of AT&T, whereby it also uses its network to offer services. So, you won’t get the free phone deals on AT&T number ports.

Free Phone When You Switch To Cricket
Switch to Cricket

More on that, you have to activate your ported number on the $60/mo. Cricket More plan or else there’s no deal. The prepaid cell phone plan is the highest and only with 5G Access if you would love ultra-speed downloads and seamless streaming.

Features and Perks of the Cricket $60/mo. Plan

If you can remember our previous topic on phones compatible with Cricket, we highlighted the four different plans you can choose for your phone. The $55/mo. Cricket Core and $60/mo. Cricket More plans are the only ones with unlimited everything, including local talk, text, and high-speed data.

Nonetheless, the Cricket More plan includes everything from the three other plans and what they don’t have. Some of these features and perks include:

  1. Nationwide access to 5G network
  2. Unlimited talk minutes, texting, and picture messaging
  3. The unlimited high-speed data with no caps
  4. Unlimited video streaming at 480p quality
  5. 15GB Mobile hotspot (must have a compatible phone)
  6. 150GB cloud storage for easier transferring content
  7. Unlimited international texting to up to 37 countries
  8. Free Mexico and Canada roaming (calling and texting)

Note, you can only access Cricket Wireless 5G network with a compatible device. Sadly, however, none of the promo rate plans for the free ($0) devices include a $5G-capable device. The company has also limited the new network to only its provided devices. So, you must either buy/ lease a 5G-support device from Cricket directly or otherwise take advantage of the discounted deals by number port-in.

Important Notes:

In many cases, wireless providers will let you switch to their service but keep your old number that people know. The rule applies to even Lifeline providers, whereby you can transfer like Safelink phone number to another carrier on Lifeline or prepaid service.

Regardless, when you switch to Cricket from another carrier, you don’t have to start using their service immediately. Perhaps, you still have an active subscription with your previous carrier and you don’t want to leave it to waste.

Once you’ve signed up, Cricket will help transfer your number, but the process will only complete after activating the line. Therefore, you can continue with your subscription from the previous carrier until the last minute you’re ready to activate your Cricket Service.

Comparing the Features of the Free Phone Deals When You Switch to Cricket Wireless

Cell Phone BrandFull Retail PriceRelease YearKey Features
Apple iPhone SE$349.99(Now $0)April 2020iOS 1364GB Memory12MP Single Camera
Motorola Moto G Power$139.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1064GB Memory 16MP Triple Camera
Samsung Galaxy A02s$109.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1032GB Memory 13MP Triple Camera
Motorola Moto G Play$109.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1032GB Memory 13MP Dual Camera
Cricket Ovation 2$129.99(Now $0)May 2021Android 1132GB Memory 13MP Triple Camera
Nokia C2 Tava$109.99(Now $0)May 2020Android 1032GB Memory 8MP Dual Camera
Cricket Influence$109.99(Now $0)January 2021Android 1032GB Memory 13MP Dual Camera
Cricket Icon 2$89.99(Now $0)December 2020Android 1016GB Memory 5MP Single Camera
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G$459.99(Now $299.99)March 2021Android 11128GB Memory 64MP Quad Camera
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G$699.99(Now $399.99)October 2020Android 10128GB Memory 12MP Triple Camera

1. Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2020 edition is an improvement of the original model that came in 2016. Instead of the iOS 9.3 and A9 chipset, the upgrade has iOS 13 and A13 Bionic for a smoother performance. It also has a slightly bigger screen and the front camera reset with a 7MP sensor instead of the previous 1.2MP. So, you can now do your FaceTime chats and selfie snaps in crispier resolution.

Another thing, the iPhone SE 2020 does have an NFC feature in case you need to use contactless payment at the store. There’s also relatively larger built-in storage, though the phone still got no MicroSD slot in case you need to expand the space.

2. Motorola Moto G Power

The Moto G Power is yet another decent phone you can get free of charge when you switch to Cricket Wireless. It’s one of the bestselling mid-range series from the American manufacturer and a perfect choice if you want to upgrade your outdated technology. Not only does it have 4G support but also you can have smoother and vivid gaming from the Snapdragon 662 octa-core processor.

Furthermore, the Moto G Power includes dual storage, with 64GB internal and a dedicated slot for up to 256GB MicroSD card. It also has a powerful Triple 48MP rear camera that will make sure every of your shot shine even in low-lighted backgrounds.

3. Samsung Galaxy A02s

The Samsung device is one of the lower-end models that the company introduced early this year for their average market. It’s GSM-enabled and can support 4G bands. So, you can continue to use it even after February next year when Cricket shut down 3G services.

Despite its affordability, the Galaxy A02 can do more than calling and texting your buddies. It has a 6.5-inch edge-to-edge display that you can stream your favorites shows in crystal-clear HD+ quality. Then, the integrated 12MP triple rear camera system can help you mark your favorite moments in vibrant videos of up to 1080p @30fps.

Furthermore, the smartphone has 32GB built-in storage and also a MicroSD slot that you put up to 256G card. However, the manufacturer didn’t include NFC technology in the model. So, you can’t do contactless payments and related functions.

4. Motorola Moto G Play

The Moto G Play is yet another 2021 smartphone that Motorola released for its fans and all Android lovers who need a nice tech at $100. It’s a pretty basic smartphone, but you can as well use it to kill time gaming or video streaming. And considering its ultrawide HD+ screen, that’s a win, for sure.

More on that, the Motorola device has 32GB internal storage, and you can also add up to a 512GB MicroSD card as needed. The rear camera also does capture some decent pictures and videos at up to 1080p @30/ 60fps quality. Then, you can connect your external audio system via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack, unlike with many devices that only support one.

5. Cricket Ovation 2

The smartphone is yet another you can opt for when switching to Cricket and don’t have an HD voice-capable device to bring. It’s the upgrade of the first Cricket Ovation that came out in January 2020. Of course, the two devices are not very far from each other, but there are few reasons you might need to consider the 2021 edition.

First, the new Cricket Ovation 2 has the Android 11 operating system, which means you can utilize features like notification history. And if you love streaming your favorite shows on the go, the display is 6.8 inches instead of the previous 6.5”.

Other features that you can get in the Cricket phone include 4G compatibility, Mobile Hotspot, 32GB storage, and dual 13MP rear camera.

6. Nokia C2 Tava

The Nokia C2 Tava is also a lower end that could be yours at no expense when you switch to Cricket Wireless. It’s one of the best choices if you need a pocket-sized smartphone that you won’t risk carrying around in your hands. However, the display (5.45 inches) is still enough for streaming on the go.

The phone has 32GB built-in storage, but you can expand with a MicroSD card of up to 128GB. It’s also compatible with 4G LTE and has a Mobile Hotspot function if you wanted to share your data.

Furthermore, the Nokia device has Bluetooth 4.2 and also the standard 3.5mm jack. So, you can link with your JBL headphones or else loudspeaker for a wider audience with ease.

Sadly, however, the android device isn’t compatible with 5G bands and also you can’t use it for contactless payments. Thus, you might want to choose the brands below if that’s what you want.

7. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

While Cricket doesn’t give you completely for free, this Galaxy could be your best shot for the 5G access. The phone came just a few months ago to continue the legacy of the previous A51 in performance and efficiency. It has everything you need to upgrade your communication and entertainment.

As was mentioned, the phone’s 5G-ready, thanks to the integrated Snapdragon 750 5G. The processor is also powerful enough to handle high graphic games, as well as process tons of operations in less time.

 In addition to that, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G has a superior 64MP quad-camera system that you capture your memories in up to 4K@30fps. Alternatively, you can record 1080p quality @120fps, giving you steady and super-smooth videos that you can even playback at quarter speed.

8. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Although the last on our list, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G is a phone you’ll want to have if you love Androids. It can also be a worthwhile upgrade for iPhone lovers, especially if you have high storage requirements. The built-in internal memory is 128GB, then you can expand with a MicroSD card of up to 512GB.

In addition to that, the smartphone has a triple camera system that even includes a 3x optical zoom. So, you’ll have a perfect shot not only in any light setting but also no matter how farther away. You can also capture multiple images and videos with a single touch of the shutter button.

Just as the name advertises, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is 5G-compatible. So, you can make the most from your Cricket More plan now and even after the end of 3G service.

Switch with Your Desired Smartphone

As you can see, the perfect free phone when you switch to Cricket Wireless depends on your preference. Of course, the mobile provider has a limited line of high-end and 5G-compatible devices on the $0 offer. But again, the 4G bands are still functional, and best of all, you can enjoy high-speed data on either of the unlimited Cricket plans.

It’s worth noting that you could bring your own phone to Cricket if you wanted. You just have to make sure it’s unlocked, HD voice-capable, compatible with the network, and also able to work with either of the three Cricket SIM cards.

Another thing, you can switch to Cricket and get a new number, but that will automatically exempt you from some of the $0 phone deals. The provider will give you discounted pricing instead, just like with the 5G deals.