Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything in 2023

Did you know that there are about 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world today? In the past decade, cell phones have been at the center of our lives. Everybody wants a phone that caters to their digital needs. Not only what it can do to make our life easier but also about how its other supportive components are in line with your best interest. That’s why people start to look for a free cell phone service for life unlimited everything in 2023. So here’s the million-dollar question: does it exist?

We’re now more connected than ever and staying so is integral for our well-being. Real-time messaging and video calls are now a part of our everyday life. To make sure that this happens smoothly, we need wireless services to support our phones. Major carriers do offer ‘unlimited’ data plans but we all know that’s only a marketing gimmick. A lifetime free cell phone equipped with unlimited data for everything does sound too good to be true, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it will remain so for an indefinite time.

Unfortunately, we can’t enjoy a free cell phone for life with actual unlimited data plans. But some of these options can give you alternatives that won’t break your bank. They’re either free or heavily discounted for certain groups of people. Read on to find out how to get the most out of the available options! You might want to check out our guide on how to get free cell phone service without paying as well.

Can you get a free cell phone?

Now this question has the answer that you’ll like: yes, you can get a free cell phone. The even better news is that there are several ways to get it. Check out our recommendations below.

Free Government Cell Phone

Today, everyone is connected and nobody gets left behind thanks to the government’s Lifeline Assistance program. The program is aimed at low-income households and provides a free cell phone which includes inexpensive and even free service for life. So, how can you get a free government cell phone?

Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything
Free Government Cell Phone

For starters, if you’re already registered in one of these government aid programs, you can automatically qualify for a free government phone:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Tribal-specific programs: Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assitance, and Head Start.
If you’re not enrolled in one of those programs above, there are several steps you must follow to get a free government cell phone. First, you’ll need income proof at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You can apply online through National Verifier by filling in this form and sending your proof of eligibility. You can also send it to Lifeline Support Center, P.O Box 7081, London KY 40742, OR.

You can also visit the nearest wireless provider store that provides Lifeline support and apply there. Here’s a list of providers that offer cell phones and plans via the Lifelink program. Some of them are included in our list of 10 Best Free Government Phone Providers.

  • Assurance Wireless
  • Assist Wireless
  • Q Link
  • Safelink Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • True Wireless
  • Terracom Wireless
  • Cintex Wireless
  • Copper Valley Wireless
  • Easy Wireless
  • Sprocket Wireless
  • StandUp Wireless
  • Tag Mobile
  • enTouch Wireless
  • FeelSafe Wireless
  • GCI
  • Infiniti Mobile
  • Life Wireless
  • NewPhone Wireless
  • SafetyNet Wireless
  • Tempo Communications

Note that these providers serve specific states. To quickest and easiest way to find which carriers work in your area is by entering your ZIP code here. As for the phones, you’ll be getting some decent options. Assurance, for example, offers a host of smartphones such as ZTE Prestige 2, Kyocrea Hydro Reach, and Alcatel Dawn.

Free Cell Phones from These Websites

If you’re not qualified to apply for Lifeline Assistance Program, there are still ways to get a free phone and free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. Some even offer free phones without a contract. These websites are some of the best options to get them.

  • Craiglist

You may not get the latest model but you may find something that works just fine by looking at your local Craiglist. You can see if anyone is specifically looking to get rid of an old phone. Most of the time, people will ask you to pay for the phone but you can always ask if they’re willing to give it away for free. The chances are, they may want to if the phone is damaged or not working. A little phone repair strategy may be required for this one, but it’s worth the effort.

  • OfferUp

This online marketplace works a lot like Craiglist. People sell things on OfferUp for a very cheap price but you can occasionally find some who are giving stuff away. You may have a good shot if they’ve been advertising the phone for a while and nobody’s taking it. Some people are also looking to trade their phones with your own, in case you’re also looking for that.

  • NextDoor

While Craiglist and OfferUp are both websites, NextDoor is a social networking platform. It connects you to the people in your neighborhood to barter, trade, as well as getting to know about any local event. Just like Craiglist and OfferUp, people will post things they’re trying to sell or give away. You may want to keep an eye out for people who are trying to give away an old phone. Who knows it’s going to be your lucky day?

  • Buy Nothing Groups

Another viable option to get a free cell phone is by visiting Buy Nothing Groups. This local online community is built around the idea of freely sharing things and skills that you have between you and people nearby. Instead of bartering or selling stuff, people offer things they no longer need to others. In return, people who need it can get them without having to spend money.

Free Phones from Carriers

These US major carriers offer free phones when you sign a contract with them. It may not be the latest model, but these phones are sufficient for most things.

  • Free Cell Phones from T-Mobile

T-Mobile provides free REVVLRY, Moto G Power, or Samsung Galaxy A10 when you’re committed to one of their 24-month plans. If you already got a phone, you can trade it in with a discount on a brand new iPhone or Android.

  • Free Cell Phones from Sprint

You can have a chance to get a free phone from Sprint if you lease one. This one is particularly a good deal for couples who are planning to get on the same phone plan. When you sign up for Sprint Flex and lease an LG V30+ for 18 months, they will give you another one free of charge. How does that sound?

  • Free Cell Phones from AT&T

Selected deals from AT&T allow you to get some free phones including iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note10. This buy one get one free deal is eligible if you commit to a 24-, 30-, or 36- month plan.

  • Free Cell Phones from Verizon

By switching to Verizon or adding a new line with a 24-month contract, you get to choose between Samsung Galaxy A10e, Alcatel Avalon V, or Motorola Moto E6 for free. Note that these phones are enough to cater to your daily digital needs so it’s a pretty great deal!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at our guide on how to get free mobile phones from the internet.

Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Now that you know all the information to get a free cell phone, let’s take a look at the cheapest or free service available for a lifetime. Note that most of these deals aren’t living up to ‘unlimited everything.’ Regardless, they’re still great data plans which provide enough service in a certain period.

  • T – Mobile Essentials

For $26/month for 4 lines, you can get all the basic offers from T-Mobile. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G access with no extra fee, unlimited texting abroad, and a mobile hotspot. Better yet, the plan also includes talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada.

  • Mint Mobile – Prepaid

Mint Mobile’s 3 Months, 8GB plan is one of the best-prepaid options available. For $20 per month, the plan includes unlimited nationwide talk & text, 8GB 4G LTE data per month, free calls to Mexico and Canada, and a free mobile hotspot.

  • TracFone – Prepaid

Tracfone offers three data plans that include unlimited talk and text as well as a maximum of 3GB of data per month. Starting at $20, these plans are suitable for seniors and kids. Also, note that TracFone prepaid plans only work with older cell phones.

  • Tello

Tello’s unlimited calls and texts plan starts as low as $10/month. While their unlimited plan starts at $39/ month. The plan includes 25GB LTE data as well as calls to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime with no extra fees.

  • Republic Wireless

Although they don’t offer ‘unlimited everything’ plans, you can expect unlimited calls and texts from Republic Wireless plans. Their cheapest plan costs about $15/month or $150/year which includes unlimited talk, text, and Extend Home phone service. You can opt for their Build Your Own Unlimited for $5 per GB per month up to 15GB per month.

  • Airvoice Wireless

Their Best Value Plan is only for $20/month or $18 with autopay. The plan includes unlimited anytime minutes, text, MMS, international SMS, as well as 3GB of data. If you prefer to use their Unlimited Everything Plan, it starts at $70/ month with similar services and unlimited data included.

  • Lyca Mobile

If you’re looking for the best deal for international calls, Lyca Mobile is you’re the right option. You can enjoy unlimited nationwide talk & text, unlimited 7GB data at up to 4G LTE, and unlimited talk & text to 75+ countries. All of these only for $35/month!

  • Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile’s best-unlimited data is the Inner Circle Plan. Starting at $15 a month, you can get 2GB worth of data. Unfortunately, the plan is only available for iPhone users ranging from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Sprint – One Year Plan

Offering unlimited data, texts, and calls for a year, choosing this plan can save you $900. Bring your own phone to the nearest Sprint store and prepare about $2.99 for the SIM card and a $10 handling fee.

  • Q – Link Wireless

Aside from providing free government cell phones, Q – Link Wireless offers some attractive services. You can get a free cell phone with 500 minutes and unlimited texts each month. A 100 minutes bonus is added to your plan if you refer the program to a friend.

  • enTouch Wireless

Phones offered by enTouch are available with 500 minutes and 100 free texts a month. This service is available for anyone from low-income households. Another plan also offers up to 500MB in its plan which is a good deal if you only need your phone for the essentials.

  • Infiniti Mobile

Offering a free cell phone with unlimited calls and texts, what gets any better than that? For only $1 a month, you can either choose 1000 Plus Plan or Unlimited Plan. The former includes 1500 minutes, 17000 texts, and 500MB of data, while the latter includes unlimited minutes & texts and 2.5GB of data. Not too shabby!

  • FreedomPop

This is a free service provider that anyone can use without any requirement. The free plan includes 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, as well as 500MB of data. If you want to upgrade for unlimited talk and text, you can pay $11 a month which is pretty awesome. You can get all their best service with 1GB of data for only $20 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a free cell phone for life?

Getting a free cell phone for life is actually pretty easy thanks to the government’s Lifeline Assurance. If you live below the poverty line and your household income scores under 135%, you can easily apply for a free government cell phone. Here’s how you can get it:
Find a government phone provider in your state
Bring your proof of identity and income or;
Provide a letter from a government agency
Provide your payroll stubs
Fill out the application form online or by mail. Wait for the approval
You can receive your free cell phone for life

Who has the best free government cell phone?

Generally, free government cell phone service for life unlimited everything has the same features. A free government cell phone is mostly a touch screen or flip phone. You can use it for calls, texts, and sometimes even use their internet service.
While the most popular government phone providers are Access Wireless, Assurance Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Q-Link Wireless, and enTouch Wireless.

Who is offering free cell phones?

Surprisingly, some carriers in the US are currently offering free cell phones with no strings attached. U.S Cellular, for instance, is offering a free iPhone 12 for new customers. You just have to open a new post-paid line with U.S. Cellular that starts at $60/month for unlimited data. The good news is, you don’t have to trade in your old phone.
Other carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are also offering a similar deal with different types of phones. But you have to trade in your old phone and be a new customer to be eligible for the program.


To wrap up the article, the answer is no. Unfortunately, there’s no free cell phone service for life unlimited everything available (yet). However, you can get a free cell phone from the government if you’re eligible for the Lifeline Assistance program. The program allows anyone with a household income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. By showing your proof of income, ID, and filling a form online or via mail, you can apply for a free government cell phone. Not only you’ll get a free cell phone, but some of the phones are also equipped with heavily discounted plans for unlimited talk, texts, and sometimes even internet data.

Another way to get a free cell phone is by signing up to one of these websites: Craiglist, OfferUp, NextDoor, or Buy Nothing Groups. Most people use these platforms to sell their preloved items, including phones (except for Buy Nothing Groups). While most users expect people to buy their used phones, there’s also a chance of getting the phone for free.

Although you can’t get a free service for your phone, there’s always a way to resolve your problem. We looked up the cheapest (and the best) data plans available today. Some of them even provide plans under $30 per month and already include unlimited talks and texts and a sufficient amount of internet data.

With more and more people using smartphones, there’ll be more people who need the services too. Wanting a free cell phone with unlimited service for a lifetime is still a far-fetched dream. But know that these inexpensive services mentioned above are sufficient to cover your essential digital needs. After all, we essentially need a phone to stay connected with our loved ones; the rest are bonuses.