10 Best Companies That Provide Easy Financing for Engagement Rings With Bad Credit

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Considering your interest in companies that offer engagement rings, we’re pretty sure you have got a special someone in your mind. Someone you’re ready to dedicate, love, and commit your life to. A person so special that you want to mark the debut of this beautiful journey using a distinguished symbol. In this post, we’ve compiled for you the best companies that provide easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit.

We know the economy is a bit tough on your end. That’s why we have opted for service providers that don’t care if you have got a good or bad credit score. Before we look at these companies, though, is an engagement ring really worth it? We mean, do you really need an engagement ring when you’ll be needing a wedding ring soon?

The Symbolism of Engagement Ring

Literally, an engagement ring usually symbolizes love, dedication, and commitment to the eternity of the relationship. Its shape of a circle is also a symbol of an infinite love following its no end and no beginning. Other symbolic aspects go with the kind of ring you want to surprise your partner with. For instance, you can go with a specific Celtic design or engraved words. Either of them is good as long it’s capturing the elegance of the engagement ring in a unique way.

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In modern terms, it is worth to know the engagement ring that you slips in the finger of your spouse-to-be is not just symbolic to you. With the new age of Facebook and Instagram, the ring will show that your prospective partner is already taken and in a serious relationship. So, any secret admirer who might be waiting for that single chance of “am done with you”, can look for luck somewhere else.

Financing For Engagement Rings with Bad Credit

When it comes to the cost, genuine engagement rings are not cheap. They share a market concept similar to that of diamonds where their elegance showcase wealth and extravagance. Whether you want to express your feelings or show your woman’s worth, you have to be ready to spend $1000 to $3, 000.

Of course, you can still get a ring under $1000 but it’s not really necessary when we have companies that offer easy financing options. Some of these Jewelers even have engagement ring financing bad credit since sometimes it’s not someone’s intention to delay in paying debts.

easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit

With the companies that we have researched for you, they all offer quality engagement rings like those from top brands like Cartier. The only difference with the companies on our list is that they have easy financing options that you can use with a bad or no credit.

Top-Best Companies Which Features Easy Financing for Engagement Rings with Bad Credit

1. Crown Jewelers

This is one of the best companies that offer easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit. The reason we’re saying they have easy financing is that you can even pay for your purchase in installments of only $25/ month. Even if your current job gives you $1000, can you really lack $25?

Crown Jewelers started operating around 1988 when stores were functioning offline. With the debut of Web-shopping, thousands of customers have come to appreciate and trust this company’s convenience on their online services. At the moment, the renowned jeweler offers every one of their customers a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” in case the ring sent is not satisfying.

For their catalog of engagement rings, Crown Jewelers have very many designs that you can choose from. The rings are made of precious materials like gold (white/ yellow) and colored diamonds. All the company’s items are at varying prices and if you want to go ahead with the credit application, they don’t run a credit check. Hence, you can still use it with a poor credit record.

2. Arizona Diamond Center

Arizona Diamond Center (AZDC) is a family-owned business that offers a variety of jewelry, including luxury watches, wedding bands, and rings. The company has been operating for over 35 years now, so, they perfectly understand what it takes to perfect your style and relationships.

Speaking of relationships, AZDC has a wide variety of engagement rings that you can use to propose to your love of heart. Just as its name suggests, the company uses precious metals and stones on the rings, ideally gold and diamond settings. Though there’re a few in yellow gold, most of the engagement rings are white to ensure there’s uniformity with the color of the clear diamonds.

As for the payments, Arizona Diamond Center has a special financing program that caters to select customers. Amongst the features included in this special program is the option of getting your preferred engagement ring and pay for it in installments. The company even doesn’t run a credit check, so, you can still enjoy the service without them considering your past bankruptcy.

3. Paramount Jewelers

If you’re looking for a company that offers jewelry financing for bad credit with no down payment, Paramount Jewelers it is. The company has a wide variety of luxury accessories, including engagement rings that they get from some of the world’s best diamond exporters.

Before they started importing their jewelry, Paramount Jewelers LLC used to make them using their team of custom designers and crafters. So, they use their long-established experience to give you the finest diamond engagement ring that you’ll cherish throughout your couple-life.

Through their desire to serve everyone, Paramount Jewelers offers various payment options that will ensure you get your desired engagement ring. Amongst these options is the credit plan that you can have even without placing money down. The payment plans are really affordable and they don’t run a credit check. Hence, you can enjoy their services with no credit or even with bad credit.

4. Gage Diamonds

The convenience of Gage Diamonds when it comes to serving their consumers is really stunning. Not that the other jewelry companies we have listed today are not good but its efficiency surpasses the majority of them.

To begin with, Gage Diamonds offers a wide variety of engagement rings, all featuring a unique makeup and setting. On their web store, the company has even featured several special collections that house popular, Vintage & Restored, and Moissanite Engagement rings.

With Moissanite, the gemstone is very common in rings and often confused with a fake diamond due to its diamond-like structure and low cost. It’s a gemstone of its own but which functions as an alternative of a diamond. Hence, the reason of Gage Diamonds including engagements rings with it (Moissanite).

When it comes to paying for your favorite item, Gage Diamonds has a credit program that you can apply and enjoy zero interests and fees. The loans are offered in a term of 12 or 24 months that you’re going to pay in equal installments. With the credit program, you can use it with a poor credit record and even without placing a down payment.

easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit

5. The Diamond Center

This company began running in 1994 through the efforts of a team of experts who have been working in the jewelry and financial industries. The combination of the two groups of professionals was to ensure their prospective consumers get fine and quality jewelry and at affordable payment plans.

In fact, The Diamond Centre doesn’t operate like most of the other jewelry stores. It has the Diamonds My Way! credit program that facilitates easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit. The program ensures you get the ring of your dreams and with low payment plans that you can afford.

Unlike other jewelers who loan inferior items, The Diamond Centre gives you a chance to enjoy rings of your desired design and setting. All come in distinguished glitters from gold or platinum and sparkle of brilliantly-cut diamonds.

6. Unclaimed Diamonds

Unclaimed Diamonds is a U.S. based store that specializes in engagement rings, wedding sets, and other types of jewelry. The company has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, where they let you claim your desired ring even when your pockets don’t allow it. This mainly involves the leasing-to-own option that features low payments of up to 12 months.

While some people fear the idea of the lease-to-own, its function is almost like the usual loaning. The only difference present is that the provided item is like of rental until you clear making all the payments.

With Unclaimed Diamonds, there’s no credit needed to apply for the lease-to-own program. So, you can get your engagement ring even with a poor credit score.

Unclaimed Diamonds offers several categories of engagement rings that make sure you get the perfect expression of your lasting love.

This includes the classic diamond solitaire and contemporary styles like References EN7560-125WG and EN1935WG that go for over $4,000. In case you feel that price range above your set budget, there’re several rings priced below $1000. Considering they have the installments payment method, though, it’s best to get a fine piece that you feel fits your partner best.

7. Icebox

Well, if your target is on a classic, contemporary engagement ring, Icebox Diamonds & Watches Company has the very best for you. The company has dozens of them, all crafted with glittering metals and sparkling diamonds. This is one of the reasons the company has been a choice of very many global celebrities, including Gucci Mane, Birdman, Migos, and T.I.

Every ring on the Icebox platform has its unique design, so, the one you get will depend on your specific taste. Despite having served numerous celebrities, the company offers a lease-purchase plan that you can use even with bad credit. To access the lease-purchase, though, you need to have a monthly gross income of at least $1,600 and an active checking account.

8. Hurst Diamonds

If you feel you want to mark your relationship with a fine, antique piece, Hurst Diamonds Company can help you a lot in that. The company started its business in 1908, where they sold everything, ranging from watches and engagement rings to luggage and optical eyewear.

Since the initial debut, Hurst Diamonds has remained a family business that operates on loyalty, fairness, and honesty. The company has a wide variety of engagement rings to choose from, including vintage models like the “Juliet” and “Ivy” – Promise collection by Love Story.

As a way of caring for your budget, Hurst Diamonds do provide engagement ring financing bad credit. This feature, though, is supported by the Progressive Leasing program which allows you to shop in-store or online with no credit needed.

9. Amidon Jewelers

This company has been in the industry of jewelry since 1935, where they specialize in various accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. For the rings, they have some really classic collections that you and your partner will live to cherish. In case you’re not satisfied with your sent item, the company has guaranteed a 30 days return.

Amidon Jewelers offers some simple, affordable, and convenient payment options that allow you to take home your dream engagement ring. You can go with premium financing that allows you to pay for the item for up to 36 months with no interest applied. Or else, go with the Layaway plan that’s legible to everyone and it is absolutely free.

If you opt for the Layaway plan, though, you have to be ready to place a 33% down payment.

10. Walsons & Co

Although it’s the last on our list, Walsons & Co is a company you’ll deeply fall in love with for the very first time. It offers a wide variety of elegant jewels, including gold Rolexes and fine, unique engagement rings like the one you’re looking for.

Walsons & Co caters to every type of their consumer and that’s why they have devised several financing options. Amongst these means of payment is a 90-day Layaway program but which require you to put down a 20% deposit. Another means of financing that this company offers is the “45 Day No Interest Payment Plan” that requires you to have a qualified checking account so that you can enjoy their lease program without a credit check.

Which is the Best Engagement Ring?

That depends on how special your partner is and the respective budget. You can go with gold, platinum, diamonds, or even Moissanite. Whichever the case, though, engagement rings usually share a rich history and they’re truly meaningful in a relationship. Not that engagement without a ring will be insignificant but one with a perfect one is a good way to start your magical life.

For the companies we have just discussed, 8 of them provide easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit. The other two we have opted to include them as they offer real good (top-class) services.