Does Verizon Have A Flip Phone For Seniors in 2024?

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As you may know, T-Mobile and Verizon and AT&T have all scheduled to shut down their 3G networks by 2024. However, many basic phones have been using 3G frequencies. So, does that mean the devices will no longer get service after 2024? If yes, does Verizon have a flip phone for seniors that you, your parent, or grandparent can continue to use after 2024?

Well, first of all, it’s safe to say a big population has now adopted smartphones from their unlimited capabilities and convenience. Secondly, the touchscreen technology has become very affordable from market competitiveness in that you can even get unlocked cell phones under 50 dollars. So, many people end up preferring the smartphone over a basic phone that’s purposely for just communications.

Even so, the elderly mostly need a phone for just communications. So, a basic phone should be enough, considering it supports age-related complications like hearing and sight.

Is Verizon Wireless Any Good For The Seniors?

Typically, Verizon Wireless is the overall best cell phone provider here in the States. It not only has nationwide coverage but also uses its own phone towers. So, you’ll hardly experience deprioritization like Straight Talk or Total Wireless or its other MVNOs.

Also, Verizon isn’t always expensive as many people believe it to be. Yes, indeed, you’ll still have to pay about sixty bucks if you want to enjoy unlimited high-speed data, texting, and calling. But the carrier does have a single least expensive cell phone plan for seniors that goes for thirty.

Nonetheless, this rate plan usually includes only 500MB of Data, with unlimited talk and text, of course. So, it can only handle simple online functions like downloading ringtones, checking emails, reading maps, or connecting with friends on social platforms.

Another thing, Verizon tends to have limited-time offers to all customers, new or existing, both young and old. You could even get free cell phones, albeit the deal’s mostly on smartphones.

More on that, the carrier does have BYOD (bring your own device ) program if you wanted to join with your favorite phone. You might actually find the feature useful if you’re looking for a simple, basic phone as the carrier doesn’t have many options to choose.

What Makes A Perfect Verizon Flip Phone For Seniors?

Typically, perfect is a relative term that we can all interpret differently when it comes to electronics. If it’s our case of Verizon flip phones for seniors, there are various features that you have to make sure are available. Otherwise, the device will be just another phone that your nana might have trouble operating with her age-related complications.

Some of these features include:

Big Physical KeysTo ensure quick and effortless dialing or typing
Large Text FontDial, text, and read with much comfort
Super-Clear DisplayEnsure superior readability
Real-Time-Text (RTT)Lets one instantly text to communicate during a call
Text to SpeechReads your texts aloud
Hands-Free Voice ControlAllow easier control using simple voice commands
Hearing Aid CompatibilityTo ensure the phone can work with hearing aids without interference
Programmable shortcut keysFor quick access to the most crucial functions
SOS Emergency ButtonThe user can easily call for help during an emergency
Extended battery lifeTo make sure one doesn’t have to plug into a charger now and then
Waterproof ProtectionMake sure the phone will continue to work even after immersing in water

How Much is the New Verizon Flip Phone with 4G LTE?

As was mentioned earlier, all the three major phone carriers, including our Verizon, will be doing away with 3G services next year. You’ll need to have at least a 4G LTE device to continue making or receiving calls and texts. But again, how much is the new Verizon flip phone in case you wanted to get one?

Well, similar to smartphones, the cost of the latest Verizon Flip Phone with LTE support depends on brand and model. The more advanced and features it has, the pricier it gets. In fact, brands like LG have some models with a price tag of as high as four hundred dollars.

does Verizon have a flip phone for seniors

In any case, most brand-new flip phones have a price range between $30 to $200. The best part, they not only have 4G support but also WiFi connectivity to help save data while at home. A perfect example is the Kyocera DuraXV (2020) Extreme, which, by the way, supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz as shown below.

The Best Verizon Flip Phones For Seniors 2024

Although we forgot to mention, the Verizon retail department does have a few selections of flip phones that you can choose from. Sadly, however, the models on the platform aren’t exactly the most famous but could still work out. If not, you can check out the list below and see what fits your requirements. We’ve included at least five Verizon flip phones for seniors in 2024 that you could use or gift your loved one.

Verizon Kyocera DuraXV (E4810) Extreme Flip Cell Phone

Technically, Kyocera DuraxV is one of the most sought-after flip phones series from its well-built and durable design. The model E4810 is a perfect example with both an ultra-rugged IP68  and MIL-STD-810 protection rating. So, it can not only survive after dropping into the water but also when it falls onto concrete.

As for the seniors, the Kyocera DuraxV Extreme has various programmable shortcut keys, including SOS, call list, and push to talk. It also has relatively big buttons and you could set the text to appear in medium or large fonts.

Other functions available include:

  • 4G LTE networks
  • 5MP camera with auto-focus
  • 2.4GHz/ 5.0GH WiFi support
  • Speaker key to quickly answer calls
  • M4/ T4 Hearing aid compatibility
  • HD Voice to give crispier call quality
  • Real-time text for users hard of hearing or talking
  • 16GB built-in memory and 512GB MicroSD support

Verizon Kyocera DuraXV (E4610) LTE Flip Phone

The Kyocera DuraxV LTE is yet another great option if your senior tend to break her phone a lot. It has a reinforced casing, which is IP68 dustproof/ waterproof, and MIL-STD-810 rated. So, it should handle a drop onto the concrete and also water up to 2 meters.

Moreover, the flip phone has about all the functions important to a senior, starting with large buttons and numbers. The memory sits at 16GB built-in (2GB RAM), and there’s an option to expand with up to 64GB MicroSD card.

Other functions of the Kyocera Flip phone include:

  • Support 4G LTE
  • V4.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • M3/ T4 Hearing aid compatibility
  • A large push to talk key for quick calls
  • HD voice compatible for crisp call quality
  • Voice commands to call, text, and navigate

Verizon Kyocera Cadence (S2720) LTE Flip Cell Phone

The Kyocera Cadence LTE is yet another piece from the Japanese maker that’s perfect for a senior. Indeed, it’s a lesser version of the other two, but it does have most of the crucial functions. That includes a dual-mic noise cancellation, plus HD voice compatibility for high-resolution call quality.

Furthermore, the flip phone has a high-contrast display, which ensures it’s easier and comfortable to read texts, apps, and view photos. It also has a built-in speakerphone and a dedicated function key to quickly answer incoming calls.

Other crucial features include:

  • 4G LTE support
  • 16GB of inbuilt memory
  • A built-in location-based GPS
  • Has text to speech functionality
  • M4/ T4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Includes voice recognition and guide
  • Commercial Mobile Alert System support
  • TTY/TTD support for those hard of hearing

Verizon LG Exalt (VN220) LTE Flip Wireless Cell Phone

if you won’t mind its high price tag, the LG Exalt could also make an excellent Verizon flip phone for a senior. It has a 3-inch TFT display, which is kind of the biggest compared to the other three options above. Thus, giving you a clearer view of the texts, apps, and photos.

The buttons of the flip phone are also large, with bold numbers for easier readability when calling or texting. There’s also a text to speech function and TTY/ TTD support, which makes the phone fit for even someone hard of speech or hearing. Then, it has multiple dedicated keys, including for camera, speakerphone, and voice command.

Other features and functions of the LG flip phone include:

  • 8GB built-in storage
  • 4G LTE networks support
  • VoLTE and HD Voice capability
  • WiFi connectivity and WiFi-Calling
  • M3/ T4 rated hearing aid compatibility
  • GPS Services for location accuracy

Verizon Alcatel GO FLIP (4044V) LTE Mobile Phone

Alcatel Go Flip here’s also a great piece for a senior and anyone else that needs a simple, yet smart basic phone. It has a high-contrast display that you can read text, emails, and other written materials without hurting the eyes. The keys are also rather large and with bold numbers/ letters to ensure easier dialing and texting.

Moreover, the flip phone does support HD Voice, VoLTE (voice over LTE), and VoWiFi (voice over WiFi). So, you should expect crisp call quality. And in the case of hearing or speech impairment, one can make use of the real-time-text (RTT) or teletypewriter (TTY) functions.

Other functions available on the Alcatel device include:

  • 8GB of built-in storage
  • GPS and WEA support
  • LTE and WiFi connectivity
  • M4/ T4 Hearing aid compatibility

Important Notes:

Apart from its branded devices, Verizon is usually compatible with CDMA devices from its MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). For instance, you could use TracFone or Total Wireless CDMA flip phone, but, of course, it’ll have to be carrier unlocked.

Some examples of such phones include:

TracFone Alcatel MyFlip Carrier-Locked Prepaid CDMA Phone

The Alcatel MyFlip here is one of the TracFone branded models that you could use with Verizon after unlocking. It’s a pretty simple phone but could still come in handy if that’s exactly what you’re looking.

Some of the key features include:

  • A 2.8-inch LCD display
  • 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity
  • A-GPS sensor for location accuracy
  • Email, browser, and social platforms
  • Big Buttons with bold, legible numbers
  • 8GB built-in memory and 32G support
  • Google Assistant and hands-free speaker
  • M4/ T4 rated for hearing aid compatibility
  • Quick dial button to call personal emergency number

TracFone LG Classic Flip Carrier-Locked CDMA Phone

This is another excellent LG model that you could consider when on the hunt for a simple Verizon flip phone. Of course, it’s locked to TracFone firmware but you could unlock and use it with other CDMA networks, including Affinity Cellular, Visible, and Verizon.

Some of the best features and functions of the cell phone include:

  • A 2.8-inch colored display
  • 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity
  • GPS sensor for location accuracy
  • Large tactile keys with big numbers
  • 8GB internal memory & 32GB MicroSD
  • SOS key and function for emergency contact
  • Dedicated keys for speakerphone and voice command

Total Wireless- Branded Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid LTE Phone

Total Wireless is another CDMA network operator that you could share devices with Verizon. And this Alcatel MyFlip is a perfect example that could be useful to seniors and younger people as well.

Key functions and features include:

  • A 2.8-inch LCD display
  • 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity
  • M4/ T4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Built-in GPS for location accuracy
  • Large tactile numbers with big numbers
  • 4GB built-in storage and 32GB MicroSD

TracFone My Flip 2 Carrier-Locked CDMA Mobile Phone

Last on the list is yet another TracFone-locked flip phone that you could use with Verizon after unlocking. It’s still simple but decent in both looks and performance. Some of the best features and functions available include:

  • A 2.8-inch LCD display
  • Dedicated SOS button
  • Real-Time-Text capable
  • 4G LTE & WiFi connectivity
  • T4/ M4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Big keys with large, bold numbers
  • Hands-free control with Google Assistant

In Conclusion:

You’ll come across quite many brands and versions of simple, basic phones. However, it’s not all devices have the right features to make calling, texting, and connecting easier for older people.

Even on the few examples, we’ve mentioned above, you’ll notice many models don’t have all but some of the crucial features we mentioned earlier. A good example is water resistance, which should help protect the device from damage after falling directly into the water.

In any case, the Kyocera DuraxV series is our overall recommendation on our list of Verizon Flip Phones For Seniors 2024. It not only has the sturdiness and IP68 rating to ensure the device can endure the harshest environments. But also there’s plenty of storage and sufficient operating memory.

The best of all, the Kyocera DuraxV has dedicated buttons to enable the SOS emergency, Push-to-Talk, and Speakerphone calls with ease. Then, there’s Real-Time-Text support to assist those hard of hearing, speech, or sight- common complications when we age.