How to Get Free Cell Cell Phones With no Credit Check no Deposit

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Although it began as a non-essential, luxury gadget, a cellphone is now a basic necessity in every home. It doesn’t matter if you come from a rich family or those financially poor. You now have to have at least one in your home and that’s why even some companies are now offering cell phones with no credit check no deposit.

Of course, there’re free government cell phone services you can access with your low income. But the majority of the providers of this lifeline assistance often offer devices with old-time design and features. This leaves you with the option of getting back to your pocket if your dearest wish is to enjoy the latest, contemporary mobile technology.

Anyways, considering your financial instability and your desire for a smart smartphone, today’s topic is all for you. We have amassed several companies that you can reach out to and get your desired cellphone without having to worry about your thin pockets. Since they’re online companies, these platforms don’t even bother with your credit score. You only have to choose your favorite latest cellphone (including iPhone 11 & Galaxy Note10+) and the payment plan that you feel best for you.

Benefits of Using Companies with No Credit Check No Deposit

In case you have had a bad credit history at some point in life, you definitely know how hard it’s to get another loan. It doesn’t matter if you have already cleared your debts or what exactly caused the hiccups during the repayment of these previous loans. Immediately your credit score gets below the average range, the prospective lenders get queer and feel you’ll become a liability when it comes to paying back.

If it’s a mobile phone contract that you have been denied, you’ll definitely be annoyed as mobile contracts are the simplest to manage. You can’t compare them with the pay as you go options where you get to buy your handset outright.

cell phones with no credit check no deposit
cell phones with no credit check

With the no credit check mobile phone contracts, you don’t even need to worry about bad credit or no credit. You get to enjoy the advantage of:

  • Normal mobile phone contract, which includes making your payments in affordable installments.
  • A wide choice of ultra-modern handsets
  • Some free talk-time minutes, free texts, and internet data
  • In case your monthly free talk time and texts are depleted, you get to enjoy additional “airtime” at a much cheaper rate than the Pay-As-You-Go.

Companies Which Provide Cell Phones with No Credit Check No Deposit


Driven by the desire and inspiration to serve their consumers, T-mobile has come to be one of the best providers of mobile phone services. The brand has some of the best cell phone plans, which you can get at very affordable prices. With the Essential plan package, for instance, you get to enjoy unlimited talk, text, smartphone data, standard-definition streaming, etc. The plan is only $30/mo, which of course is very cheap considering it supports 3G mobile hotspot data.

In case you need to upgrade or even own a new, latest smartphone, T-Mobile has some of the very best offers that you’ll truly love. Whether it’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy Note 10+ or Pixel 4 XL, the brand already has them and with a remarkable payment option. This includes a Full Payment method and monthly financing in a period of up to 24 months.

For the monthly financing option, though, the cell phone model you choose usually determines if you’re going to make a down payment or not. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for instance, you need to make a 30% upfront payment. For iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10+, and Pixel 4, on the other hand, you don’t need to make any deposit. So, very convenient and cost-effective.

Accepted Mobile

If you really need that new iPhone or Samsung handset but your financial hardship can’t help it, you need to try Accepted Mobile. The company doesn’t run credit checks, so, you don’t need to worry about your past bankruptcy or the pending mortgage. They don’t care about your past or bad credit. Their goal is giving you a second chance when it comes to getting a new cell phone so that you cherish modern mobile technology as the rest.

For you to get a cell phone from the Accepted Mobile, you only need to choose your favorite from the models available. Then, you join their mobile network using one of their provided packages. As of now, the company has got three 12 month Airtime plans to choose from. Each of these data plans usually come with a free handset, hence, allowing you to enjoy multiple services at a go.

With the 7GB data plan, for instance, you get an option to choose your handset from the 6 latest iPhone and Galaxy phones available. Then, you get to enjoy your free text, minutes, and data.

If you become a good customer, Accepted Mobile even lets you upgrade your previous device to a new handset every 18 months. For you to get this “good customer” badge, though, you have to complete a 12 week probation period. The period is more of a “bonding” session, where you begin with their amazing starter packages, such as the “Sim Only” service.


Luthersales is yet another remarkable company that you can register with and get a new mobile phone with no credit check. It has a very easy application process that requires no setup or membership fees. All the products the online store offers are from top brands and they come at budget-friendly, low payments.

With Luthersales, placing a direct deposit is a voluntary choice but you have to be with 3-Year full-time service with your current employer. If you work for the Federal Government, though, you only need a 1-year full-time service for you to qualify for no money down program. In case you fall below any of the two options, Luthersales will still approve your credit but you’ll need to place some deposit. Luthersales is the best company that provides cell phones with no credit check no deposit.


If your credit history is not very pleasing, Wirefly is another remarkable company that offers cell phones with no credit check no deposit. The American brand doesn’t offer mobile phone services directly. It connects you with the dealers offering the best services and at the best prices.

Wirefly features an excellent comparison tool that helps ensure you can save on cell phones and plans. The online platform has various modern cellphone models, including your favorites from Apple and Samsung Group. The cellphone you’ll get, nonetheless, largely depends on the plan you choose from the 15 options present.

Each of the 15 cell phone plans on Wirefly features a specific network/s which it supports. So, it’s good you do thorough research to know of the mobile phone carriers which are available in your location. This includes Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile and AT &T.

Considering a cell phone plan like Tello, Wirefly allows you to choose from up to 26 phones that support the Sprint network. On top of that, you get to enjoy free unlimited talk & text, as well as 500MB data- all at only $9/ month.

Bestway Rent to Own

Bestway is yet another amazing company that offers its consumers with the best quality phones and at reasonable prices. The company has been in the rental-purchase industry since 1986, so, by now they already know how to attend to all their consumers. With an incentive to serve their consumers optimally, the service provider has established over 70 stores in the United States. The stores are located in various states, including Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

With Bestway Rent to Own, you can get a phone contract with a term of up to 30 months, which you can either pay weekly or monthly.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile Limited is one of the best companies on the market that offers cell phones at an amazing monthly payment plan without making a deposit. All the cellphones the platform offers are modern and hi-tech but there are models like Doro 6520 to serve your taste for simplicity.

When it comes to your mobile phone contract, Tesco Mobile allows you to pick a contract length that you feel will work best for you. Whether you choose a more or lesser period, the price of your phone will not change. So, it is better you go for the longer contract for you to enjoy reduced monthly installments.

The company allows you to even upgrade your phone any time you feel like. In case you have a pending phone contract, you only need to pay off the remaining payments, then, you do the upgrading.

Special Offers: With it being within the black Friday season, Tesco Mobile Limited is offering some of their handsets at crazy discounts. With iPhone XS Max, for instance, you can have it for as low as £59.24/mo with a 24-month contract. On top of that, the smartphone comes with free 5GB data and 5000 minutes & texts.

To Conclude…

Having bad credit can truly lower your chances of getting approved for credit or mobile phone contracts. With companies that provide cell phones with no credit check no down payment, nonetheless, you can get the latest handset of your desire. Some of the providers even offer the phone alongside lovely SIM services like free talking minutes, texting, and internet data.

So, a company like Wirefly is a very good option to go for if you have a bad credit history. You not only get to enjoy using a new, latest cellphone but also you receive amazing free SIM services.

Anyhow, as a beneficiary of the mobile contract program, you have to keep good track of your agreed payment period for your phone. You can be overpaying your handset with your contract without you knowing about it.