8 Best Car Dealerships no Credit Check no Down Payment Near Me

It’s already six months since you got a job as a sales representative. Your feet are already burning from the long walks and your pretty face darkened by the fierce sun. Your bills are a little tight and you got no credit history to make you eligible for BMW Financial Services. But wait… did you try checking for the car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me?

Of course, you didn’t. If you did, you won’t be dreading being a field officer.

A good credit score is one of the most important indices if you really want to qualify for a loan from most of the lenders. This, nonetheless, is not always possible as not everyone has good credit. Some (like you) even don’t have any credit history or down payment to demonstrate to the lender/ seller the ability to repay the amount financed. On our post, though, we are going to share with you some of the coolest car dealerships that will help finance you. The reason they’re the “coolest” is that they don’t bother checking your credit or ask you to put money down.

Before we look at them, though, are car loans for bad credit with no down payment worth it?

Hmm, that depends on how you look at it. The benefits are somehow similar to those from the Bad Credit Jewelry Financing Down Payment Companies only that you’re borrowing a bigger take. Whichever the case, though, this method of car financing can really help someone who finds it hard amassing $53,000 or $37,000. Hence, giving him or her a chance to own a car.

Before Going To Car Dealerships no Credit Check no Down Payment Near Me

Determine Your Exact Vehicle Needs

What is the purpose of the car? How often will I be using it? How big is my family? These are some of the questions you need to ask before taking any auto loan, particularly this one requiring no credit check or down payment. In most cases, the annual percentage rate of a bad credit car loan is usually higher. Thus, you have to avoid a car with extra space or more amenities that you don’t need at the moment since they’ll lead to higher costs.

Crunch The Numbers

After determining your exact type of car, consider all your existing and upcoming expenditures. Do you have a student debt that you’re paying off? Are you saving to buy for a home? What are your monthly expenses?

Carry out all these calculations to make sure you can manage to pay the dictated monthly installments without delays. Don’t let “auxiliary” item worsen your credit history and drag out your payments, which likely will escalate your repayment rates. And later cause negative equity (also called upside-down loan).

Set A Good Budget

With your exact vehicle needs and the expense calculations, now determine exactly how much you can afford to spend on a car. This will help ensure you aren’t pressured when it comes to paying during the agreed term lengths.

Prepare Your Documents

Of course, don’t forget about them. Luckily, the car dealers on our list are not interested in your credit history. So, you don’t need that huge file you carried with you while applying for a loan from your bank or credit union. Most of the car dealerships with no credit check or down payment mainly require proof of income, photo ID, and valid address. So, make sure you have these documents ready.

Get Quotations

Every car loan dealer often ties up with a specific bank. As such, majority of the dealers will have different rates and the other financial charges. Therefore, you need to visit multiple dealers to get their varying car loan quotations and compare the best amongst them.

Get Ready With Your Questions

On each of the car loan dealers that you visit, be ready with your questions concerning their service. Ask about the foreclosure penalty since it varies across different banks. Also, look out for the deferred payments and zero percent finance, as well as the option of the car loan insurance.

car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me

** In short, go through the contract requirements of each dealer and don’t jump to signing till you’re 100% satisfied

Top-Best Car Dealerships no Credit Check no Down Payment Near Me

My Auto Loan

Planning to buy a car but you got no enough finance? Have a very ugly credit rating that you can’t even think of showing to your banking manager? Then, my auto loan is your dearest friend for now. They are true. They understand your frustration. And they are easy to reach out to and connect.

MyAutoLoan is a recognized trademark of Horizon Digital Finance, LLC, which is a privately-held firm in Irving, Texas, U.S.A. Its focus is on easing the process of buying a car, thus, connects its borrowers to a wide range of lenders. This enables every borrower to find the most competitive rate since each lender has got specific interest charges.

Amongst the best car dealerships, my auto loan offers various types of auto financing, including New Car Loan, Lease Buyout Loan, and a Private Party Car Loan. With the latter, the company’s financing team helps ensure you got money in hand when buying a vehicle from another individual.

In case you had credit problems in the past and your pockets are a little thin, with myAutoLoan you need not to worry. The company can connect you with lenders experienced in this kind of situations, where they’ll support your car financing without considering your credit history or ask a down payment.

For all their applicants, the myAutoLoan team usually try providing up to four loan options in a few minutes. In some cases, though, you need to have patience as some of the lenders may take longer reviewing and verifying your provided information. Apply for the loan.

Auto Credit Express

The Auto Credit Express is a good alternative of the myAutoLoan which also presents its borrowers with a wide range of car financing options. The company has been offering special financial services since its debut in 1999 when it was operating independently. While it has been performing impressively since then, the Auto Credit Express was acquired by Internet Brands in 2016. This enabled the company to extend its operating grounds and mange to serve its consumers efficiently.

Although good credit is the key when applying for a loan, Auto Credit Express has truly helped many car enthusiasts with poor credit. The car dealership even gets to connect its applicants with no credit check, no money down dealers (also known as in-house financers). To qualify for their car loan, however, you must have a worthwhile salary to support your weekly or monthly payments on time.

In fact, the Auto Credit Express financing team recommends a minimum income of $1, 500 – $ 2,000/ month. This income has to come from a single source, which you have to prove with a recent pay stub. No credit check car dealerships.

Cars Direct

CarsDirect is an automotive dealership that is also owned by the Internet Brands. The platform began its service in 1998 and it has served millions of car enthusiasts, as well as earned numerous industry recognitions.

With the understanding that even good people can have credit challenges, CarsDirect has special auto financing options that truly cares. The firm hooks up its consumers with their network of trusted lending partners who perfectly understand about bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcy. All you need to do is submitting your loan request form and then patiently wait for the feedback within 24 hours.

The financial experts from CarsDirect usually guarantee their borrowers excellent and objective pricing insights without the influence of any outside factors. This ensures you get to enjoy hot deals with the latest prices on both the new and used vehicles. Their assurance for the option for no down payment, however, varies across their lenders. There are some who don’t request it but a few might ask you for a 10% down payment. This is to make sure you drive away happy with a car of your dream. The car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me.

Just as with other bad credit financing companies, CarsDirect requires their car loan applicants to have a steady income and proof of it. This will help you make the monthly payments on time, which in turn, will raise your low credit scores.

Car Loan Lot

If you’re looking for a car loan dealership to finance you without considering your past bad credit, try CarLoanLot. The group focuses on helping borrowers find the best lenders who can understand their financial situation and assist them accordingly. To apply with them is absolutely free and their requirements are standard and reasonable.

While applying for a bad credit loan, nonetheless, CarLoanLot advises their consumers to obtain an auto loan pre-approval. This helps ensure they get a car that fits their ideal budget and at the lowest interest rates. Also, the company’s financing team looks for auto loans whose requirements of approval don’t involve hefty (or any) down payment.

Since not all lenders are ready to risk with undesirable credit ratings, CarLoanLot recommends their applicants to have patience. The team, nonetheless, guarantees fast approval as their online systems match every application with multiple loan dealers from their nationwide lending network.

Considering you’re looking for car dealerships requiring no credit check and no down payment, CarLoanLot also recommends trading in your old car (if available). This will help to get a better loan deal, which even includes a new vehicle of your desired model. This is the car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me.


When it comes to getting a loan from the bank or credit union, you’ll hardly qualify if you have a bad credit history or none at all. The two are financial situations a lot of lenders fear to take a risk but with Car.Loan.com, that is their area of specialty. The company has offered support to thousands of car buyers with credit issues for over two decades.

Car.Loan.com begun its operations in 1994 and it’s operated by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Unlike other lenders who leave you drowning in financial instability, the platform first educates their borrowers of what to expect during the loan process. Which, in turn, can help improve the score of those with ugly credit history and the ones taking credit for the first time.

Applying for a car loan from Car.Loan.com is easy, fast, and ultimately rewarding. You only need to set aside three minutes of your time to fill-up the form. Then, the company’s online specialists will do for you all the hard work of finding the top best auto lender in your area. Considering your everyday life needs a reliable form of transportation, the team makes sure they get to you within 24 hours. Hence, saving you both time and frustration. No credit check car dealerships.

Sterling Mccall Chevrolet

Sterling Mccall Chevrolet is an American based company that is determined to helping the lovers of Chevrolet with their desired vehicle. Whether new or pre-owned, the prestigious dealership helps you own a model of your individual taste.

Sterling Mccall Chevrolet primarily focuses on car leasing but most of their lease contracts have buy-out clauses if you fell in love with your (leased) car. The company allows you to finance the vehicle through plenty of options, including on a loan. Considering it’s difficult having a smooth financial stability all the time, the company’s financing team can help you get a car even with bad credit.

To make your experience even better, Sterling Mccall Chevy can finance your Chevrolet with poor credit rating and without asking for a down payment. All you need is prove to them that you got a steady, sufficient income to care for your monthly debts. If possible, nonetheless, you can place a significant down payment so that you can get to enjoy a “reasonable” vehicle lease.

Eauto loan USA

Although not very old in the industry, Eautoloanusa.com is an online platform that helps car buyers achieve their desires successfully. The group focuses on those car enthusiasts with undesirable credit history and help link them to dealers who offer car loans at affordable rates.

While it’s not easy getting a car loan no credit check program with no down payment, with Eautoloanusa.com you don’t need to worry at all. Their expert services are cost-free to use but they guarantee you approval of your requested auto loan within minutes. All you need is to be ready with all the necessary documents, which in most cases is proof of steady income and personal credentials.

car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me

Although not a must, Eautoloanusa.com advises its auto loan applicants to get a co-signer to help fasten the approval. The loan co-signer can also help prove your truthfulness to the lenders, hence, winning you a larger car loan or a presentable/ new vehicle.

In making their platform even more worthwhile, Eautoloanusa.com has a Students Car Loans program for all the school-goers with no job. The program, however, requires you to have a creditworthy co-signer and also you must have no other outstanding student loan.
Although it might be expensive than the conventional loan, the Student Car Loans program can help build your credit profile while young.

Complete Auto Loans

Just as its name highlights, Complete Auto Loans is a group that helps people struggling financially to get a car loan without any hiccup. The company began operating in 2012, whereby it hoped to help those people getting turned down for a loan to acquire and own their cars.

Complete Auto Loans has partnered with a large number of loan lenders and automobile dealers who offer bad credit or no credit auto loans. This network includes the very best providers, hence, ensures your individual taste of a new or used car is served optimally. Also, it’s NOT a MUST you put money down to enjoy a good loan with these lenders. But, still, you can if you wish to reduce your monthly installment payments.

Complete Auto loans offer the lowest auto loan rates to all its borrowers, whether they have good credit, no credit, or bad credit. Even if you had experienced bankruptcy or had your car repossessed, this company can still have your auto loan approved. This is facilitated by the fact that they don’t run a credit check and the idea of asking for no down payment.

Just as with the Eautoloanusa.com, Complete Auto Loans has the Student Car Loans program which caters to all the college-goers. The company links the respective applicants with consistent lenders/ dealers who make financing successful without asking for more payments than necessary.

To Conclude:

A tough financial situation can leave one with less than stellar credit that can make it hard for you to get an auto loan. With any of the car dealerships above, however, you can get your dream car in a blink of an eye. All the companies don’t care about your dull credit history, so, you can even use them to boost your credit score and increase your chances of getting a credit union loan.

The applications involved in each of the car dealerships are easy and fast, with a guaranteed approval of within 24 hours. That simply means you can even apply for a loan today and have a car that fits your budget by tomorrow. Car dealerships no credit check no down payment near me.

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