Can I Put My Boost Mobile SIM Card In Another Boost Mobile Phone?

Overall, Boost Mobile has an outstanding score when it comes to phone service plans and rates. However, can one use the service on a carrier unlocked cell phone? Also, can I put my boost mobile SIM card in another boost mobile phone and start using it? Or will I have to go dark in case my previous phone gets damaged?

In truth, Boost Mobile phone compatibility policy isn’t as harsh as some believe it to be. Yes, the gadgets the provider sends are mostly locked to its network, but don’t other carriers do the same?.

Anyway, the phone compatibility rule on Boost Mobile is not any complicated, just like with other GSM networks. Even with the most basic unlocked cell phone under $50, you can enjoy the newly expanded data network or the old Boost Nationwide Network services without issues.

Is Factory Unlocked Cell Phone Same As Carrier Unlocked Cell Phone?

When shopping for a smartphone, specifically online, you’ll come across some listed as “factory unlocked” and others “carrier unlocked”. While you might be tempted to use the two terms interchangeably, there’s a big difference between them. How?

When we were talking about unlocked cell phones with no credit check the other day, we said a locked device can only use a single carrier. The manufacturers usually create these phones this way before they send them to the individual carriers where they’re optimized further on the particular network. Although they do this to discourage and prevent users from moving to other networks, the main reason is to make sure their specific functions work well.

Even so, you can still reach out to your carrier company and request them to unlock the device for you. If it’s Boost Mobile, the provider offers the request free of charge, albeit only when you pass the General Eligibility for unlocking. Once your device/s is activated, we’ll now call this carrier-unlocked as they removed restrictions using the Carrier programming code.

Meanwhile, a factory unlocked cell phone is usually unlocked from the manufacturer’s end. So, the consumer, or else you, can activate a GSM SIM card of any carrier in your current location. The best part is that this phone is fully interoperable with another carrier’s network, something not promised with carrier unlocked phones. This is so as a carrier might fail to unlock all functionalities of the previously locked device. Hence, one of the causes to think of when you find an unlocked phone that can support voice services but not data services.

Can I Put My Boost Mobile SIM Card in Another Boost Mobile Phone?

As a GSM network, Boost Mobile should work with about all unlocked cell phones. Yes, the carrier unlocked devices will be 50/ 50, but factory-unlocked selections shouldn’t have any problem at all.

But again, your device has to be compatible with the network, especially if you’re on the new Boost Expanded Network. So, you’ll need to confirm device eligibility before you even begin to activate your SIM card.

Luckily, you can perform a quick check at home on the online Device ID Checker, or otherwise, visit the nearest Boost Mobile shop. If both tests conclude your phone’s incompatible, you can just purchase another device that you can put your SIM card on. Alternatively, Boost does offer free cell phones with no credit check through its BoostUP program. So, you can try your luck.

can I put my boost mobile SIM card in another boost mobile phone
Mobile SIM Card

Once approved, you can now go for the Boost Swap Device feature and begin transferring your Boost SIM card services to the new Mobile phone. The process will only take a couple of minutes to complete and won’t demand any activation fees.

How to Add an Active Boost Mobile SIM Card to a New Boost Mobile Phone

To add your current Boost Mobile SIM card services to a new Boost Mobile cell phone is pretty easy and quick. You can do the activation yourself (without involving Boost agents) in two different ways.

Method 1: Online Activation

In this method, the idea is to transfer your Boost network account to the Boost device while using your laptop or desktop machine. It can come in handy if you don’t have any other Boost/ Sprint Phone in the house.
In the hack, you’ll need to have:

  • A laptop/ desktop- with internet access
  • The new boost mobile cell phone
  • The phone’s IMEI/ serial number
  • Your active boost phone number & PIN
  • A Paper clip or SIM tray ejector


1. Power the Phone Off

Before you begin the transfer, make sure your old, as well as the new cell phone, are off

2. Insert SIM Card

Take the paper clip/ SIM-tray ejector, then pop out the tray and insert your Boost Mobile SIM card. If you’re using a slightly older phone, the SIM card is usually located at the back of the phone, beneath the phone’s battery.
Note, keep your phone off until step (6)

3. Sign in to Your Boost Mobile Account

Next, launch the browser from your laptop and visit the Boost Mobile website. The idea here’s to access your current (active) Boost account. So, under “My Boost” from the top menu, scroll down and click the “Swap Device” option. The embedded link will redirect you to a sign-in page where you’ll enter your phone number and PIN to gain access.

4. Confirm the Phone Compatibility

After you’re into your account, go to “My Boost” again and select “Swap Device” on the Device category. The link will redirect you to a new page- Device Info where you need to verify whether your phone is compatible with the network. To do that, you’ll need to enter and reenter your new phone’s serial number/ IMEI.

The IMEI/ serial number can be found on the box that came with the phone, or else underneath the battery (if it’s removable). Alternatively, you can check your device’s IMEI by dialing *#06# or you just go to “About Phone” in the settings.

5. Review and Activation

Once you reenter the IMEI correctly, the site will redirect you to another page showing your two devices- the old and the new Boost Mobile phone. It will also display the exact make and models of the phones so that you can “review your equipment changes” before moving to the next step.

If satisfied, click the “NEXT” button to initiate the swapping process. The laptop will display a message assuring that your phone will activate within a few minutes.

6. Connect and Enjoy

If everything is done accordingly, your SIM card services should pair with the new phone within fifteen minutes. So, it should be connecting to the network and your previous profile plus the data info updated. If it fails to connect automatically, dial ##873283# using the new phone and it should work.

Method 2: Using Customer Service Number

Unlike online activation, this method doesn’t require a laptop or internet to work. You just have to make sure your new boost mobile phone is compatible with the Boost network. Then, put your Boost SIM card in it and switch it on.

However, Boost Mobile isn’t “pop and swap”, whereby you can simply pop the SIM card out of one device and use it instantly in another. The activation process in question is usually to pair your SIM card to the device you’ll be using. So, with the internet or not, you’ll still need to activate the new phone through automated customer service.

Regardless, this method is pretty much quicker than when activating online. You just need to listen and follow the voice prompt instructions until you complete the swap. But in case you’re lost, you can always contact Boost customer care during their office hours to take you through the various steps.

How to Add an Active Boost Mobile SIM Card to a New Boost Mobile Phone

As we’ve just said, Boost Mobile requires SIM card activation so that they can pair with the device you want to use on. In other words, the no-pop-and-swap policy asserts that you can’t share Boost SIM cards between two devices. So, you can’t take out your line from the dead phone, put in your friend’s boost device, and expect it to operate immediately.

How to Add an Active Boost Mobile SIM Card to a New Boost Mobile Phone
SIM Card

But again, this doesn’t mean you can’t use your SIM card account on the phone. No, not really. If your friend won’t mind, you can have the network deactivate his/ her account from the phone and register with yours. Nonetheless, there’s a catch. You must provide the Boost phone number and PIN code associated with the account paired with the cell phone. If you don’t, well, the company won’t assist you.

If you think about it, this must be the reason the company is against buying used devices from third parties. Otherwise, how will you get hold of the first owner when the carrier asks for the original account details.

Therefore, Boost customer representatives are the solution if you need to put your SIM card on another active Boost Mobile phone.


To wrap up, Boost Mobile is no doubt a favorite network for many Americans, thanks to its affordability and nationwide coverage. Also, the free cell phone program under BoostUP has enabled quite many to afford their dream high-end cell phones. And since the company doesn’t rely on a credit check, one can also apply with a low FICO score or even bad credit.

Sadly, however, Boost doesn’t have pop-and-swap SIM card functionality as most of the other wireless networks. If you’re to make the most of the service, you need a fully unlocked device that will accept all the features and functions included with your prepaid plan.

Therefore, as you pick a boost mobile phone to swap, make sure it has no network restrictions. And if you’re using a friend’s, don’t forget to ask him/ her the details of the account attached to it. Otherwise, the plan to put your Boost Mobile SIM card in the phone won’t come through as hoped.