Top 5 Stores for Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Mattress

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Since COVID-19 made us stay at home most of the time, a mattress is now becoming our new best friend. We use it every day to sleep or simply relax to maintain our good health. To get the best sleep and relaxing experience, a good quality mattress is mandatory. It has to be comfortable, durable and fits our needs. Unfortunately, the best ones cost a lot of money and some of us just can’t afford them. This can be frustrating. Luckily, there is a solution for that: financing.

We use to finance our daily needs such as mobile phones and cars. Why don’t we use one for mattresses, considering sleeping and resting are our primary needs? Like other financing options, they usually check our credit history. This may be an obstacle for whose have bad credit. To help with that, take a look at our recommendation of the best of buy now pay later no credit check mattress below.

History of Mattress

Humans on average have a total of 227,760 hours of sleep. That is equal to 26 years in a course of a lifetime which means we spend our time in life mostly on the bed. The oldest mattress was discovered by archeologists in South Africa and it’s approximately aged 77.000 years old. It is believed that before the homo-sapiens discovered fire, they sleep on the tree. They started to sleep on the ground since the fire would protect them from predators during the night. But hard materials might hurt them so they stacked the leaves and sleep on them. The instinct to get a good quality of sleep since back then make us can enjoy the modern mattress that we know now.

How to Choose The Right Mattress

Understandably, we try to find the best mattress for ourselves since the mattress is the first place where our day start and the last place to end up our day with. It means it has to be of good quality and suitable for us so we can have a good day. We don’t want to start a day by having back pain and end our day uncomfortably on a bad mattress. That’s why having the right type of mattress can be a sort of investment in our life. Let’s see what we need to consider before choosing the right mattress for ourselves:

  1. Do you have any specifics needs? Do you have a history of back pain or injury that makes you have a certain condition? If so, ask your local mattress store if it’s possible to customize a mattress that caters to your needs.
  2. Is your sleep often gets interrupted? It’s maybe a sign that your mattress is no longer suitable for you. It may not support your body in the right way and causing you to have a poor sleeping posture.
  3. Get to know what type of sleeper you are. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may need a mattress with a cool foam that makes you produce less sweat at night. If you are a cool sleeper, you can consider the mattress that keeps the heat on it to make you stay warm at night.
  4. What is your preference between the firm and soft mattress? You can choose a spring mattress that has a firm feel. Or choose the memory foam mattress for its softness and low motion transfer feature.

buy now pay later beds no credit check

Types of Mattresses

There are so many types of mattresses available in stores. Since a mattress is expensive, we don’t want to spend our money on the wrong one. Knowing the types of mattresses may help you to choose what’s best for you. Here are the main types of mattresses that are easily found on the market:

Innerspring Mattress

As its name suggests, an innerspring mattress is equipped with a spring underneath its foam. It is known as the classic type of mattress. The spring works as the core support for our body and is usually made of metals or coils. The good thing about this type of mattress it’s available at a wide range of prices. It also provides a firm feel and pressure point relief which makes it suitable for hot sleepers because of the air between its coils. The downside of this type is maybe not suitable for people who seek softness. It doesn’t absorb motion well and will spring back your motion all over the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress was invented nearly 40 years ago. Well-known as a mattress that fits snugly around our body. It’s designed to conform to the shape of the body when there is pressure or heat is applied. If softness is your main priority, a memory foam mattress can be an option. It has a slow-moving feature that memorizes the shape of pressure added. It will remain that shape for about a few seconds before come back to its normal shape. Since it memorizes the pressure, means it distributes the bodyweight evenly.

So that there will be no painful back or sleepless night. But the downward of this type of mattress is the heat. Some of it becomes warm at night which is miserable for hot sleepers. Some people also find that they feel stuck or sinking in the bed because of the slow-moving feature.

Air Mattress

Air mattress was made for a simple sleeping solution. It comes with the idea of an inflatable mattress that is easy to set up so you can use it anywhere you need. During the 12th century, beds were stuffed with straw or hays and now we only need air to fill up the mattress and it’s ready to sleep on. Air mattress made out of rubber or a special type of urethane plastic, which makes it elastic and comfortable.

Like other types of mattresses, it comes in different sizes but at a cheaper price. The price range is from under $50 to over $400. The only downward of this mattress is we need to keep away the mattress from sharp objects. It also usually comes with shorter warranties than other types of mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress easily becomes popular nowadays. It tends to have a combination of an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress. We get the bounce and support from the innerspring mattress and the softness from the memory foam. This mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers. Because the heat on memory foam is now reduced by the air from the spring inside the mattress. The bouncy mattress also reduces by the slow-moving feature from the memory foam. The only downwards of this mattress is it may come with a higher price than other types.

The Best of Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Mattress

With the many choices of a mattress, it can be difficult to choose the best one for us. Especially when we talk about the price. Various types and prices of mattresses are offered by the mattress store. When we found the best one, sometimes it just doesn’t fit our budget. It’s a common practice to finance a mattress purchase but it may be more difficult for some people because of their credit. If you are having bad credit but want to finance a mattress, we got your back. Let’s check our recommendation for the best of buy now pay later no credit check mattress here! Beside these, we also have top 10 websites with Buy Now Pay Later catalogues!


The first option that offers mattress financing is Nectar. Starting from $499, you can get a twin mattress that includes 2 pillows, a mattress protector, and a sheet set. Nectar provides free shipping & return, a lifetime warranty, and a 365-night home trial. Based on their survey, the Nectar mattress helps people reduce their back pain. Nectar’s mattresses are equipped with gel memory foam which makes them soft and airy during the night. Nectar offers to finance a mattress with interest-free and no credit check. It also claims that we can get the approval very quickly, only within 30 seconds.

You have the options to pay within 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments. The financing is using SplitIt and will only charge you monthly. It will hold the full amount on your available line of credit. You will also still receive full credit card benefits. such as points, miles, and cash-back benefits of your card without paying interest or late fees.

Brilliant Bed

The Brilliant Bed is offering mostly a hybrid and memory foam mattress. The range of price starts from $190 for its hybrid mattress to $1800 for its latex hybrids mattress. If you have bad credit, you don’t have to worry because Brilliant Bed got you covered. It offers financing through LendFirm with 0% of interest and no hidden fees. This means you will only pay for what’s written on the agreement with no hidden additional cost.

It also provides buy now pay later bedding no credit check for anyone who has bad credit or even no credit history. Brilliant will link up the payment to your active account so you will never miss the payment date. After applying for financing, you will get approval within 24 hours. Then you can enjoy your mattress for a 120-night trial with 20 years of warranty.

Sierra Mattress Company

Sierra Mattress Company is a local mattress store opens to residents of Nevada and California. It offers 9 types of mattresses, 9 types of mattress sizes, and 4 kinds of mattress comfort. It surely can provide what you’re looking for. The price starts from $349 for the twin-size mattress. Sierra Mattress provides a financing program through Preferred Lease. The program is called the lease-to-own program. This program allows you to fully pay in lease to own your brand new mattress.

There is also an option to early buy-out so that you can save up a lot of money. It has a no-credit-check program as well but requires a minimum of $600 in monthly income. The other requirement is to have an active bank account with at least 30 days of activation.

Mattress Firm

Next is Mattress Firm, a well-known mattress store that serves all across the nation. It offers so many sizes of mattresses from what you need in a crib to the Californian king size. It sells up to 8 different brands so there should be many options to choose from. Mattress Firm teams up with Progressive Leasing for their financing program which offers a no-credit-check option. You can choose the payment due by how often you get paid (weekly or monthly). But you need to pay a down payment which is equal to your first lease payment. Most lease term is only for 12 months, but you can get a maximum lease term at 15 months.

1800 Mattress

1800 Mattress is an online-based mattress store. It offers 10 brands with various types of mattresses. It provides a financing program with no credit check and instant approval. There is also a lease-to-own program with simple requirements. You only need to have an active bank account, source of income, and you have to be at least 18 years old. To make an initial payment, you can use either a credit or debit card. If your application is approved, 1800 mattress will assist you with a highly trained bedding consultant. This will help you to decide on the mattress that suits you best. The payment due is on your payday and can get a discount if you pay early on 90 days. The lease-to-own program is not available in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, and New Jersey.


Hope that you will find our picks of buy now pay later no credit check mattress useful! In case you need more info, read our guide on beds on finance here. Now, you can freely choose your dream mattress from the best places. Keep in mind that each place offers different services. Make sure to consider all the requirements and your payment plan before deciding your choice. After everything’s well-considered, you’re ready to get and enjoy the best deal for your brand-new mattress!