6 Best Places to Get Buy Here Pay Here with No Credit Check in Marietta, GA

The holiday season is coming! Give yourself the gift you deserve: a brand new (used) car. While buying one in cash does not seem to be a very practical idea, other alternatives are available. One of them is buy here pay here dealership. This type of financing becomes popular for its easy and almost-guaranteed-approval features. Those who have a bad credit history, or even those who do not have any record, actually have the chance to be approved. And that is what buy here Pay Here no credit check marietta GA is all about!

Why credit history matters

Before we get to the dealerships list, let’s talk about what your credit history means. Your credit history is essential to assess how you manage financial responsibilities. And it ensures your ability to obtain credit and the terms of credit granted. When you apply for a loan, insurance, phone service, or even a mortgage, providers want to know if you’re a good risk. So, they use credit scores to determine your credit risk and help them decide. Thus, you should check your credit reports first before you apply for new car financing.

Let say you have checked your credit reports and they are not looking good. It can be difficult for you to get car financing. That’s where the Buy Here Pay Here program comes into play. It provides those with bad credits the same chance to get financing as those with good credits. That said, it never hurts to try to improve your credit score for more financing options in the future.

How to improve your credit score

Whether or not you are getting a buy here pay here option, you may want to try rebuilding your credit. You can consider trying these steps to rebuild your credit score:

  • Try paying your bills and current lines of credit on time as possible as you can
  • Get a secured credit card because it’s typically good for people who want to rebuild their credit score. Generally, these cards require a deposit upfront.
  • It’s recommended to keep your credit no higher than 30% of the limit on your cards

List of Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Marietta GA Dealerships

Now that you have more info on Buy Here Pay Here, let’s take a look at your options. We handpicked 6 of the best dealerships in Marietta, GA that offer this special feature of purchase for its customers. In case you’re looking for one in Atlanta, check out our list of luxury buy here pay here in Atlanta instead.

Buy here Pay Here car with no credit check Marietta
buy here Pay Here no credit check marietta

Amigo Auto Sales

1941 S. Cobb Dr. SE
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 472-111

Amigo Auto Sales has two stores that are located in Newnan and Marrieta, GA. On their website, they mentioned that Amigo Auto Sales is providing the buy here pay here program for their customers. With their tagline “everyone is approved”, they guarantee 100% approval for those who want to use the buy here pay here program regardless of their credit history.

They offer 14.95% interest for anyone and are very open about all the payments. Rest assured that there are no additional hidden fees. While most dealers don’t report their customer payment history to the main consumer credit bureaus, this one does! Amigo Auto Sales reports it to Equifax (consumer credit reporting agency). This way, your payment history to them will reflect on the customer’s credit file.

National Auto Sales Inc

831 Cobb Pkwy N
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 973-8775

National Auto Sales Inc is one of the oldest dealerships in Marietta. They have been serving clients for three decades. Their best offer is the low-interest rate. The “4-Year Loans” policy means you won’t spend too much on monthly interest. This is great compared to others who offer up to 7 years of installments.

Besides, they have the “Drive Out For Less” option. With this option, you can pay any down payment over 500 USD with 200-400 USD less. For example, for the car you like, you need to pay 700 USD of down payment. With “Drive Out For Less”, you get to pay 300 USD only. The rest? Pay it next month.

No need to worry about the cars’ quality. All vehicles on display have been through inspection by their own professional technicians at the service center. On top of all, there’s also the company’s warranty.

SML Auto Sales

2265 Roswell Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062
(404) 581-9635

Another car dealer that provides the buy here pay here program is SML Auto Sales. Known for their great customer service, SML auto sales has been operating for about 10 years. They are promising the cleanest and the lowest mileage for all the cars that they sell. The buy here pay here program that they offer is called “Costumer Buyer Program”. It allows customers to shop directly from the auction with their assistance.

SML auto sales ensure that they will help customers to save their time and hassles with this program. However, it requires a small deposit before they look into which car you can get. In case you don’t find anything you like, they will return the deposit 100%.

Team One Motorcars

1750 Enterpriseway Southeast suite 114
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 455-0026

Looking for Maserati, Porsche, BMW, or Ferrari? With Team One Motorcars, you can. This dealer offers not ordinary cars, but luxurious ones. You can check out the inventory on their website or show up at their showroom. You’ll find a professional crew who is ready to help you.

The financing here is flexible according to the buyer. Before you come to their office, get yourself pre-approved. This process can be done online. This way, they will be ready with the best offer. Fill out the form and wait for their financing expert to contact you. You two can discuss the best deal. If you’re looking to sell your car, you can also apply for a quote online.

Atlanta Used Cars Marietta

1090 Industrial Park Dr
Marietta, GA 30062
(888) 839-7687

Even though the office is located in Lilburn, their branch in Marietta can assist you with what you need. Atlanta Used Cars Marietta has served its clients for 19 years. What they like is the laid-back and genuine shopping experience.

This is something to look forward to, especially for those who need more time browsing cars. This can also be done online. Search the car based on the specific brand or simply browse through their inventory. Guess what, they also have vans, trucks, SUVs, and even hybrid cars.

Interested in a Trade-In? Bring your old car here and exchange it for a new one. For your convenience, start the process online. Find the “Sell or Trade-In your Vehicle” form, fill it out, and wait for them to contact you. The same process goes to other financing options. Get yourself pre-approved online by filling out the form. Prepare your contact info and employment info. They will ask how much you earn monthly. And you need to provide your employer’s contact info as well.

Marietta Auto Sales

1666 Roswell Rd. #400
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 973-8077

Marietta Auto Sales accept trade-ins options. The financing program that Marietta Auto Sales offer is very special. The interest rate starts from as low as 6%. It depends on how long your credit installment is. This program also provides 2 years maintenance plan for free on every purchased vehicle. You can have 6 free visits for oil changes, air conditioner check, brake inspection, and other services. It’s all complimentary.

The financing process didn’t take a lot of time. You just need to fill out the document that is needed. And Marrieta Auto Sales will ensure that customers get what they want. One thing to note: depending on your select cars or profile, they may require a credit check.


Buy Here Pay Here, also known as BHPH, is a loan or in-house financing provided by the car dealership. This program aims to help those with bad credit ratings. These dealerships become “one place to go” for a buyer that needs financing. They are some of the best luxurious car dealerships with buy here pay here no credit check Marietta GA has to offer. They act as both sellers and lenders at the same time. On some occasions, this program could be a lifesaver for people in need.

Like most business models, there are things you need to consider. Despite the convenience BHPH offers, it may be categorized as a high-risk loan too. So it is better to do your own research before deciding to use the program. Always look for the best car dealerships with no credit check near you and learn about their policies first. Remember that they can be strict about the payment. For example, if you fail to make a payment for a couple of months in a row, they may try to repossess the car.