The 6 Best Bad Credit Jewelry Financing no Down Payment Companies

Have you ever come across a jewelry store but all you got was heartache and torment? Came across a Yellow Rolesor Rolex Datejust but your shallow pockets couldn’t help it? Well, today is that day you would wish happened a month ago. A day to share with you some of the most reputable jewelry stores that finance bad credit without even asking for a down payment. But before we have a look at these prestigious stores, what exactly is bad credit jewelry financing no down payment?

What Is Bad Credit Jewelry Financing No Down Payment?

First of all, Bad credit is when you have a low credit score due to the poor history of your bills payment. It’s when your creditors report show inconsistency in the payment of a loan you have received, of which sometimes couldn’t be by your will. No down payment, on the other hand, is when you get your most desired item without having to pay any initial payment.
So, bad credit jewelry financing no down payment is when you get your favorite precious jewel through an agreed installment payment plan. The ideal provider “loans” you the specific engagement ring or luxury watch for 100% of the purchase price with no money down or considering your bad credit history.

How Helpful Is Bad Credit Jewelry Financing?

When it comes to getting authentic jewelry, all pieces tend to have huge price tags attached. A good engagement ring rings up at around $4, 300 while a stylish luxury watch can cost you around $6,200. For an assistant accountant who earns $22/ hour, this price range can’t allow him to propose to her girl the way he would like. Considering the rental posh-like apartment and the BMW 1 Series he just completed paying, the lad might have difficulty paying the ring or watch in full.

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With a store which supports bad credit jewelry financing no down payment, nonetheless, acquiring the desired item is very easy. Some of the benefits the respective buyers get to enjoy include:

Quick Credit Approval:

With the jewelry stores which supports bad credit financing, getting your desired item is very easy. Just as with the other bad credit loans, the approval rate is very high, with some “lenders” playing it around 80-90%. The qualification requirements, nonetheless, vary across various providers, with a store like the Gage Diamonds requiring you to have at least a 3-month income history.

No Credit check:

one of the key features of bad credit financing companies is that they (most) don’t run a hard credit check. As long you have a sufficient income to pay your bills, they don’t bother if you have any pending loans or no credit history. This leaves the borrowing buyers without worries and even help improve their credit history.

Helps Improve Your Credit History:

while it may sound weird, jewelry stores that finance bad credit can help you improve your credit history. If you have a loan demanding for repayment, you can get a piece like the Rolex Datejust Lady from a store like the Walsons & Co. Then, you can resell it and pay off the outstanding loans. However, make sure you make timely payments of the borrowed item to help improve your credit score.

No Collateral and No Guarantor:

operating under Trust and reliability, some of the best jewelry stores that finance bad credit require no collateral (down payment) or guarantor. This ensures you don’t have to wait for so long to get your engagement ring or most desired luxury watch.

Get Lavish Jewels:

As long you got a steady income, the lender allows you to get a piece of jewel which even costs more than your credit card. The sufficiency of income helps assure the respective seller that you can be able to cover the monthly payments. Hence, paying off your loaned jewel on time.

Bad Credit Jewelry Financing no Down Payment

Best Credit Jewelry Financing no down payment Companies

#1. The Diamond Centre

Just as its name suggests, The Diamonds Centre is a store which gives you access to any diamond jewel you ever wished. This, nonetheless, doesn’t mean you won’t get items crafted with other precious materials. No. The company has various luxury watches as well, including elegant Bulova Men’s Classic that features a stainless steel case in gold finishing.

The Diamond Centre debuted in 1994 through the efforts of a team of experienced experts in both the jewelry and financial industries. The reason for this combination was to help ensure the brand’s customers get to enjoy the best accessories and an excellent payment plan. If you come across an item you would like to have but your wallet doesn’t allow, the store has The Diamonds My Way program for you.

To use the Diamonds My Way credit program, you don’t have to worry about your poor credit history, foreclosures, or bankruptcy. Using this in-store credit plan, you get to enjoy your loaned jewel at low payments and interest rates. This, alongside their outstanding customer service, has helped The Diamond Centre gain their customer’s loyalty and commitment to using their products.


  • Excellent in-store credit program with fast approval
  • No credit check
  • Budget-friendly payments plans
  • Low-interest rates
  • Provides the finest jewelry and includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

#2. Arizona Diamond Center

If you’re looking to shine your lifestyle, even after having undergone bankruptcy, the Arizona Diamond Center is a good alternative of the Diamond Centre. The two are different companies but which share some similarities on bad credit financing.

Arizona Diamond Center is a family-owned business which began in 1982 as a small store run by 4 members. At the time of their 35 anniversary, the prestigious company has expanded its team to have over 30 team members. It is a group ultimately dedicated to providing the best for their customers, hence, the inclusion of jewelry repair services. Some of these repairs include:

  • Ring sizing
  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing
  • Engraving and reproduction
  • Stone tightening and replacement
  • Pearl restringing

In ensuring you get the best accessories, Arizona Diamond Center offers a 5 Year Warranty on Breakage and 1 Year against Diamond Loss. The accessories come in a wide range of categories, including engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. For the latter, all the featured pieces come to share with you a sweet, love story in glittering 14k white gold and diamond.

In case you’re wondering if such a glorious company will serve you with your bad credit history, their comprehensive financing programs lets you enjoy:

  • Zero annual fee
  • No credit check
  • Interest free when you pay the balance in 30 or 90 days
  • Low monthly payments
  • No money down, etc.

#3. LutherSales

LutherSales Company is a world-class store which offers a wide range of products, ranging from luxury furniture to precious jewelry. The company began its operations in 1967, though, as a furniture business.

As for the jewelry, the LutherSales has a wide variety to choose from, including contemporary Apple watches and diamond bracelets. In case you’re looking for a fine engagement ring to surprise your queen of heart with, the American company also has a couple embedded with diamonds.

LutherSales store offers their jewelry through various financing options, with one being the “Buy Now pay later” Financing. The other means of payment is for those who have been unable to wear the jewel of their desire due to their low credit score. With their bad credit jewelry financing plan, nonetheless, the LutherSales allows you to apply without paying any setup or membership fees.

For you to buy from LutherSales on a loan, you necessarily don’t have to have a credit card. So, it doesn’t matter if you have another loan or no credit history. Once you have filed your application, the team gets to review your work history from which they can even approve on the very same day.

When it comes to payments, the LutherSale store offers a budget-friendly plan, which you can even take up to 36 months to pay.


  • Easy to apply and qualify
  • No credit card necessary
  • Low payments plan
  • Allows up to 36 months to pay

#4. Walsons & Co.

If you’re looking for vivid, exquisite merchandise to shine your lifestyle, Walsons & Co store should be on the top of your list. The company provides fine jewelry that makes sure your wedding vows and gift sharing is not just successful but memorable as well.

All the Walsons & Co jewelry collections come from world’s top crafters, thus, you get to enjoy smooth shopping experience. This includes a vast selection of certified Swiss timepieces like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Cartier. If it’s a piece to surprise your partner-to-be, the company has colorful gemstones and diamonds and platinum engagement rings. Once you’re ready to share your vows, the store then provides you with elegant gold wedding rings. In case you feel you want your items in a particular design, the company experts can help redesign and fit in your specific taste.

Amongst the best jewelry stores that finance bad credit, Walsons & Co has a 45 Day No Interest Payment Plan that doesn’t require a credit check. Other financing options offered by the jewelry company include Co-Signers Are Welcomed and the First Time Buyer Program (to help establish client credit history).


  • Affordable and flexible financing options
  • No money down
  • No credit check required
  • Minimum monthly payments
  • No interest if paid in full within 12 months

#5. Crown Jewelers

Crown Jewelers is an all type of consumers’ shop which offers a wide selection of jewels from as low as $50 to over $5,000. Since the initial debut in 1988, the online jeweler has managed to win the heart of thousands of consumers. This has been enhanced by their fine, high-quality products which their consumers feel get to serve their needs at hand aptly and effectively.

If you’re looking for precious rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or luxury watches, visit the Crown Jewelers store and select your shopping cart. The company offers remarkable online credit approvals, without considering your bad credit record or no credit history. Also, each of their buyers is guaranteed a 30-Day refund in case unsatisfied with the shipped product.

For your credit application to be approved, nonetheless, you have to be residing in the US and with a steady source of income.

Summary Features:

  • Simple to apply and shop securely
  • Fast credit approvals
  • No credit check
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free ground shipping

#6. Gage Diamonds

According to the Gage Diamonds team, “love shouldn’t have to wait” and we totally agree with them. Why should you wait for your savings to add up when you can easily get a lovely engagement ring for as low as $165/ month?

From Gage Diamonds Company, you’re allowed to pay for your piece over time, with 0% interest financing guaranteed for up to 24 months. The shopping plan is quick and easy to apply online, with yours even guaranteed to get approved within 24 hours. While doing all these, you need no credit or any other fees. You only pay what appears at your checkout cart and don’t forget the shipping is free.

Since the initial debut in 2015, Gage Diamonds has managed to retain its reputation as Chicago’s premier jewelry store through its outstanding services. The shop even allows free 30-day returns, as well as uncharged repairs for the first 6 months. To enjoy these features and their wide range of precious jewelry, nonetheless, you need to have at least a 3-month income history with current employer.


  • Quick and easy to apply online
  • Guaranteed fast approval (within 24 hours)
  • No credit needed
  • Features 0% interest for up to 24 months
  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-day returns and uncharged 6-month repairs

To Conclude

While it might be hard for you to get a second secured loan, bad credit jewelry financing no down payment services can truly save your day. Your credit application is not only guaranteed fast approval but also you get to enjoy lavish jewels without having to give collateral.

With the best jewelry stores that finance bad credit, like The Diamond Centre, you’ll even manage to improve your credit history. Hence, helping you plan on your finances more appropriately.