Absolutely Free Phone Deal If You Switch To T-Mobile Service

T-Mobile is one of the best options if you’re looking for a phone service that you could use at home and or business. Of course, some of us might have a different opinion, but it has reasonable pricing on phone plans and devices. As a new customer, you can even get a free phone when you switch to T-Mobile, including the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

Being the summer, however, the free-phone-switcher deals are with almost all carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). Like last week, we looked at the free phone when you switch to Boost Mobile, though, we saw the provider has only two phone models to give right now. Perhaps, this is because Boost mobile is under T-Mobile, which, as we shall see later, has over a dozen options to consider.

Regardless, you also get over dozen options of free phone when you switch to Metro, formerly called MetroPCS. So, this now raises the question, why should you choose T-Mobile over Metro or any other carrier for that matter?

Is a Switch to T-Mobile Worth it?

In truth, telecommunication is an industry like any other, with all the players fighting for survival. T-Mobile and Verizon and AT&T are the three major carriers remaining after Sprint pulled off the race to join T-Mobile. However, the major carriers and their MVNOs are all fighting for domination. And if you haven’t noticed, summers are mostly the month they’re playing the “I steal your customers” game with each other.

When it comes to T-Mobile, they have been more aggressive than before as they have to convince existing Sprint customers and those from other providers. Some of the benefits  and  perks they are offering right now  include:

  1. Affordable cell phone plans
  2. 5G coverage to all customers at no cost
  3. Free phone deals when you switch
  4. Free phone deals when you add a line
  5. Unlimited nationwide 4G data, calling, and texting
  6. Unlimited Mobile hotspot data at high and 3G speeds
  7. Up to 4K UHD free streaming on capable devices
  8. Regular discounts and free gifts with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app
  9. International texting and data in over 210 countries
  10. Reasonably priced plans for wearable (smartwatch)

Note: The T-Mobile cell phone plans are available for single and family plans. However, the cost of service gets cheaper as you add more lines to your account. The T-Mobile Magenta Max is the best of all, with Unlimited high-speed data with no cap, 4K streaming (up to 4screens), and more.

Comparing the Features of the Best Free Phone Deals with T-Mobile

Cell Phone BrandFull Retail PriceRelease YearKey Features
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G$999.99(Now $0)August 2021Android 11128GB Memory 12MP Dual Camera
Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB Black$180.00(Now $0)December 2020Android 1032GB Memory48MP Quad Camera
Apple iPhone 12 64GB$829.99(Now $0)October 2020iOS 1464GB Memory 12MP Dual Camera
Motorola Moto G Play$150.00(Now $0)January 2021Android 1032GB memory13MP Dual Camera
OnePlus Nord N200 5G$216.00(Now $0)June 2021Android 1164GB Memory13MP Triple Camera
Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB$729.99(Now $0)November 2020iOS 1464GB Memory 12MP Dual Camera
T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G$199.99(Now $0)July 2021Android 1164GB Memory16MP Triple Camera
Apple iPhone XR 64GB Black$499.99(Now $0)October 2018iOS 1264GB Memory 12MP Single Camera
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Awesome Black $282.00(Now $0)January 2021Android 1164GB Memory48MP Quad Camera
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G w/ 128GB$699.99(Now $0)August 2020Android 10128GB Memory 108MP Triple Camera
Apple iPhone 11 64GB/ 4GB RAM$599.99(Now $0)September 2019iOS 1364GB Memory12MP Dual Camera

Here’s a quick summary of our six favorite free phone deals when you switch to T-Mobile for 2023:

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is our best T-Mobile deal today, although it’s currently on backorder. Samsung is yet to release it (expected 27th August), which means you could be one of the lucky ones to have it for free.

According to the manufacturer and the leaked information, the Z Flip3 5G is an improvement of the original model that came out last year. Some features like the display, storage, and the camera system will remain the same, though the rear-mounted sensors are now vertically aligned.

But, anyway, the major upgrades the new Galaxy will bring include a slimmer profile, with tough IPX8 construction. The handset also has Snapdragon 888 5G processor, which is not only 5G capable but also delivers faster, smoother, and efficient operations.

How to get the free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

  1. Switch and purchase a new line of T-Mobile service
  2. Activate the line on an eligible cell phone plan
  3. Trade-in a qualified device, like Google Pixel 4 of Galaxy A71
  4. Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G on a monthly agreement
  5. Receive your $1000 rebate in full bill credits

2. Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB Black

The Galaxy A12 is one of the low-end smartphones that Samsung released late last year for its average consumer market. It’s a pretty nice phone if you’re not interested in 5G access or many bells and whistles. But again, that doesn’t mean the phone is only limited to calling and texting. No.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is on an upgradable Android 10 operating system and runs on MediaTek Helio P35. So, it can still deliver quick system performance and even manage heavy games like PUBG, though with a high risk of overheating.

If not gaming, the smartphone has a 6.5-inch HD screen for streaming on the go, and also a 48MP camera for crisp shots and recordings.

How to get the free Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB

  1. Switch to T-Mobile Service
  2. Activate your line on an eligible plan
  3. Purchase the Samsung Galaxy A12 on a monthly agreement
  4. Receive your $180 rebate in full bill credits

3. Apple iPhone 12 64GB

If you have always wanted to own an Apple device or upgrade your existing model, you can do it now at no cost. The iPhone 12 is the most recent smartphone line from the brand and the fastest in the market right now from the installed A14 Bionic Chip. It also comes pre-installed with iOS 14, but you could upgrade it to iOS 14.7 and maybe iOS 15 if that’s what the expected iPhone 13 will have.

Furthermore, the smartphone has a dual camera system that you can capture your memorable moments in great quality. You can even record vivid 4K at a frame rate of up to 60fps, 1080p@ 240fps, and Dolby Vision HDR at 30fps.

Moreover, iPhone 12 does have an NFC tag for contactless payments, plus you can charge wirelessly with Qi magnetic chargers.

How to get the free Apple iPhone 12 64GB

  1. Switch to T-Mobile with a new or your current number
  2. Activate the line on the Magenta Max unlimited plan
  3. Purchase a brand-new iPhone 12 64GB on a monthly Agreement
  4. Provide a qualified trade-in (iPhone/ Samsung/ Motorola/ One Plus)
  5. Receive your $830 rebate in full bill credits

4. Motorola Moto G Play

The Motorola Moto G Play is another excellent piece if you need a simple basic smartphone that’s also easy to win. It doesn’t require a trade-in of any kind, but you’ll still get a rebate in full bill credits at the end. But then, is the phone really worth it?

Indeed, it’s worth it for those of us who can’t manage to have iPhones or any other high-end smartphone. It has a wide 6.5” Max Vision HD+ display for a cinematic streaming experience or playing for a win. Then, the camera system is powerful enough to capture high-quality landscapes and memory sufficient for high storage requirements. Of course, the inbuilt memory is only 32GB, but then there’s a slot for up to 512GB MicroSD card.

How to get the free Motorola Moto G Play

  1. Switch to T-Mobile with your current or new number
  2. Activate the line on an eligible cell phone plan
  3. Purchase a brand-new Motorola Moto G Play on a monthly agreement
  4. Receive $150 rebate in full bill credits

5. OnePlus Nord N200 5G

If you would want to migrate to the speedy 5G service, T-Mobile is offering a free OnePlus Nord N200 5G at no trade-in required. The phone came out one month ago and most users (not all) are okay with it considering its price.

One of the notable features is the storage, whereby it has 64GB built-in memory and a dedicated slot that you can insert up to 256GB card. At the price, it also comes with 4GB RAM, which is relatively sufficient to multitask and minimize lagging during operations.

On top of that, the OnePlus smartphone has a 6.5-inch screen that brings you full HD entertainment and smooth gaming at a 90Hz refresh rate. It also has a pretty powerful 13MP triple camera system, and don’t forget the core processor is the recently-released Snapdragon 480 5G. So, you can access the 5G service in either of the supported regions.

How to get the free OnePlus Nord N200 5G

  1. Switch to T-Mobile service
  2. Activate a new line on an eligible cellphone plan
  3. Purchase the OnePlus Nord N200 5G on a monthly agreement
  4. Receive $216 rebate in full bill credits

Note: existing T-Mobile users can also get a free OnePlus Nord N200 5G without having to activate a new line. You only have to trade in any cell phone that’s functional and in good condition.

6. Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB

Last on our favorite list is the iPhone 12 Mini, which is also a recent device and a decent one. It’s supposedly a light version of the four iPhone 12 variations that Apple released in 2020, and at a slightly lower price.

Regardless, the mini share many features with the original model, including the A14 and iOS 14 operating system. So, it can as well handle billions of operations in a second, multitask, and process high-graphic games without breaking down.

The phone also has a 12MP dual camera that can record in vivid 4K quality, super-slow-motion at 1080p, and Dolby Vision HDR @30fps. You’ll also get 64GB of internal storage and the body of the phone is IP68 dust and water-resistant.

Even so, the iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4-inch display with a 1080 x 2340p resolution, which is slightly lower compared to that of the original model.

How to get the free phone when you switch to T-Mobile

  1. Switch to T-Mobile with a new or current number
  2. Activate the line on a Magenta Max cell phone plan
  3. Purchase a brand-new iPhone 12 Mini on a monthly agreement
  4. Trade-in an eligible iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy/ OnePlus/ LG/ Google Pixel device
  5. Receive a $730 rebate in full bill credits.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re planning to upgrade your current phone, service, or migrate to the 5G network, the month of August is usually the best to do it. Not only are there many phone releases at the time but amazing deals from different network providers.

In the article, we have highlighted the various options of the free phone when you switch to T-Mobile. All the devices included are decent series that you can even upgrade to if you feel your current technology is pretty old. Also, seven of the phones support 5G and they could be yours at $0 expense.

As we conclude, it’s worth mentioning that the bill credits from your free-phone-switcher deals will start showing by your second payment cycle. You must keep your voice/ data rate plan in go standing and shouldn’t cancel the wireless service when you still have an outstanding balance.