A Quick Guide on How to Get Free Smartphone Online

Is there something like a free smartphone? Well, the answer is yes! It’s very much possible to get a cell phone without paying. You may one of the people who would like to know how to get free smartphone online. It doesn’t matter what is the reason you need a new smartphone. You may need it to make calls and texts to stay connected with your family and friends. Or, you want to use the smartphone for your work or study. A free smartphone can absolutely help you save some cash. And the best place for you to get a free smartphone is online. There are some ways in which you can get lots of opportunities online and get a smartphone without spending money. In this article, we will give you helpful information on how to get these free smartphones.

What Is Free Smartphone Online?

Nowadays, cell phones or smartphones are important. But, we all know that for some, affording a cell phone might be difficult. So, the government formed the Federal Lifeline Assistance program in 1985. Lifeline provides free cell phones for low-income Americans who couldn’t afford to get one. It aims to give equal access to technology, so they can’t have access to the opportunity of work, study, and more. Free cell phones also help low-income citizens to stay connected with their family and friends. Plus, they will have access to the emergency.

To give free smartphones, the government collaborates with several communication providers. Some of them give free smartphones as well as the service plan. Meanwhile, others give discounted service plans. The lifeline program is available in forty-nine states across the US. It also includes Washington D.C and Puerto Rico.

These communication providers offer free smartphones online. So, those who might not be able to afford a new phone can actually get one. It’s recommended you check which providers give free smartphones in your area. You can go to Lifeline’s official website http://www.lifelinesupport.org to find out more information.

How to Get Free Smartphone Online?

Next, you may have a question on how to get a free Lifeline smartphone from the website? Actually, the process of getting a free smartphone online is very easy. First, you should be under the category of people who need a free smartphone by checking your eligibility.

If you’re eligible for the program, you can do some homework to compare the different companies which offer free smartphone online in your state. Plus, check what the requirements are needed. After finding a provider, then submit the application as well as the supporting required documents. Once you’ve submitted it, wait for the company to analyze your eligibility.

Once your application is approved, the provider company will offer you a free smartphone. They will also offer a service plan that indicates the number of text messages, calls, and data you can use in a month. Each company offers different types of devices, so you need to compare them and choose the best for you.

How to Get Free Smartphone Online

Who Qualify For Lifeline Program?

The government formed a Lifeline program for those who actually can’t afford a cell phone. Free cell phones are only for qualified Americans who earn less than the livable wage or rely on security checks. Thus, there are strict rules and qualification criteria. They may have few variations from one state to another. But, in general, people are eligible for the Lifeline program if they’re:

Individual or family who has an income at or below 135% Federal Poverty Guidelines
Following the government programs:

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation (FDPIR)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) / Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Public Housing Assistance
  • Veteran’s Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance (BIA)
  • Tribal Head Start
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • You should note that one person can get only one Lifeline program. Besides, the Lifeline program is not transferable.

Best Companies That Provides Free Smartphone Online

All states in the US take part in the Lifeline program. They provide free smartphones for eligible Americans. To find communication providers that collaborate with the government in your area, simply go to the Lifeline website. A provider company may still offer Lifeline even it’s not on the list. Please ask the service provider directly to check whether they offer Lifeline in your area.

Below is the list of some of the best communication companies that provide free smartphone online:

Assurance Wireless

As part of the Lifeline program, Assurance Wireless offers free cell phones and smartphones. It includes Alcatel OneTouch Cinch and Kyocera Jax. Plus, eligible customers get free monthly minutes and unlimited texts to enjoy communication. They will also get free monthly data. Need more minutes or data? You can easily add more data and minutes for as little as 5 USD. With nationwide coverage, you’ll get a reliable signal in over 40 states. Columbia, Georgia, and Mississippi are among the states. The number of free minutes, data, and texts may differ in each state.
Looking for a way to use Assurance Wireless sim card in another phone? Read the complete information here.

American Assistance

American Assistance is the answer to your question on how to get a free smartphone online. Just visit their website and get your free smartphone in easy steps. They will require proof of ID and proof of Federal Assistance participation. Go to their Online Application, complete the form and upload your proof of documents pictures. American Assistance serves customers in several states like California, Utah, and Colorado. California residents will get a free smartphone with a free monthly plan. It includes unlimited texts and calls, plus 6GB of data internet.

QLink Wireless

Q Link Wireless offers some of the best smartphones online and is famous in some states such as Maine, Vermont, Iowa, and Ohio. If you’re eligible, you’ll get free unlimited data, text messages, and calls. Also, the service includes access to Free 911 Call and 411 Directory Assistance. Plus, there are Call Waiting and Text & Picture Messaging. They also have the Refer-a-Friend program. It’s a program that will give you free minutes of a bonus if you refer friends.

Safe Link

Safe Link is one of the best known, oldest, and largest communication companies that give free smartphones. Residents in 40 states can qualify for the Lifeline program, including California. Along with the free phone, eligible customers also get free unlimited texts and 350 minutes of talk time.

Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless ensures the Lifeline customers have free cell phones and service plans to stay connected to loved ones, health care providers, and more. You will find it serves in some states, including Minnesota, Missouri, and Maryland. Getting a free smartphone online is easy. Go to their official website, fill out the application, upload your proof, and get your free phone! No more questions about how to get free smartphone online!

Infiniti Mobile

Infiniti Mobile is one of the best free government cell phone companies that provide free phones for those in need. Eligible participants will get a free smartphone. They also get free 1000 minutes, free 1GB of internet data, and free unlimited text messaging. It also includes Caller ID and access to Voicemail. Stay in touch and share your special moments with your loved ones!

Easy Wireless

You should not worry about how to get free smartphones online in the states of Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Residents in those states can qualify by income or by Federal Assistance programs. If you’re eligible for the Lifeline program, you can get a free or discounted smartphone from Easy Wireless. You also get unlimited text and talk, plus 4.5GB of internet data. The applying process is easy, by the simple online self-enroll process.

Service Plans For Free Smartphones

Another way of getting a free smartphone online is by availing of a service phone plan. Most network providers offer service phone plan bundles that come with a free smartphone. The providers will give you a free smartphone with text allowance, voice calls, and data.

There are two options having service plans for free smartphone, post-paid and prepaid plans. For a post-paid plan, you will need to sign a contract for phone plans that range from 12 months to 2 years. With prepaid plans, you will get unlocked phones that allow you to choose any carrier you like.

You may not get the latest smartphone models, but most of them are pretty decent. Without spending money upfront, you still get good devices. Among the cell phone carriers that offer phone plans with free smartphones are AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

You can also get a free cell phone service without paying with several providers. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy both the phone and the service for free?


Smartphones have undoubtedly become an important part of our everyday lives. But, some people may not be able to afford one. Thus, the government works with communication companies to provide free smartphones through the Lifeline program. Most of these companies offer an easy application process on their website. It’s the answer to the question of how to get free smartphone online. They can check which companies offer Lifeline in their area and get the information. It’s wise that you always check and compare different offers and promotions when looking for a free smartphone on the internet.

There may be many communication companies that are working together with the government to provide free smartphones to eligible people. But, they may not have the same offer. It’s why you should always do some research to get the best deal for yourself. Another way to get a free smartphone online is by getting service plans. Many providers offer service phone plans with the free smartphone.